Lifestyles classic collection 12 pack - male condom by Ansell - review by Jul!a

A Taste Of Texture

Lifestyles has offered you a chance to try three of their staples all in one convenient box. You'll get their Ultra Sensitive, Studded, and Ribbed condoms. They might not blow you out of the water, but they're an affordable way to try out different kinds of texture.
Multiple styles/textures, Low smells
Textures might be too much for sensitive vaginas, Not for very long or thick guys
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Overview: This set of condoms from Lifestyles is an affordable way to try out multiple versions of their condoms all in one convenient box! It features 3 different varieties; a studded condom, a ribbed condom, and an ultra sensitive condom.

The general info: The "average" condom is about 7.5" long, 2" wide at the base and along the shaft and in the head, and .0027" thick. That being said, it's really less about statistics (in most cases) and more about design.

The Ultra Sensitive condom: Stats for this one vary. All seem to agree that it's generally fairly average though. It's also about 2" wide at the base, but the head flares out to about 2.6". It's on par with the average condom for thickness, so the extra sensitivity and sensations you get are all with the design. The design will be hit or miss though. For some folks, it really will boost sensitivity, but for others it won't feel any different from a regular condom. The lube was adequate enough if you don't normally need extra lube to get things started, and there wasn't a really noticeable latex smell when we were using it.

The Studded condom: This condom is a bit shorter, wider, and thicker than the average condom with stats of 7.3" long, 2.08" wide at the base and along the shaft, and .0039" thick. Like the Ribbed condom, the design of this one is aimed pretty much entirely at female pleasure with hundreds of latex studs along the shaft. They're not very tall and at a glance aren't very noticeable, but if you look carefully you can see them all. They can easily be felt under the fingertips, although a vagina is really only going to feel that there is texture and not really anything specific. Really sensitive vaginas might have a problem with these since they do feel a bit intense, at least at first. The more lube you have the less intense they feel, but they're still noticeable. They don't have a strong smell, and while there was lube on the condom it's not a bad idea to add more because of the texture.

The Ribbed condom: This one is also shorter, wider, and thicker than the average condom, coming in at 7.4" long, 2.12" wide at the base and along the shaft, and .0031" thick. The design of this one is aimed pretty much entirely at female pleasure, with little ribs lining most of the shaft. The ribs aren't raised a whole lot and can easily be felt with a finger. To a vagina it feels less like individual ribs and more like a whole bunch of texture. It may be overwhelming for really sensitive vaginas, but for those who can't feel subtle texture you'll be able to feel these. There was some lube on there, but it didn't seem like enough for most women unless you're already pretty lubricated to begin with. I'd suggest adding some extra lube to this one, especially since it can kind of get stuck between the ribs rather than coating the whole condom. This one did have a bit of a latex smell to it, but it wasn't terribly distracting. I could smell it for the first minute or two we were having sex, but after that not really.

The Safety Stuff: Ok, real quick let's talk about things you should and shouldn't do with condoms. Do add more lube if you feel like you're drying out. Lack of lube can cause increase friction and cause the condom to break. Don't add an oil based product for lube. The oil base can degrade the latex and also cause breakage. Use a water or silicone based lube instead. Do keep your condoms in a cool, dry location. Don't keep them in your glove box, in the wallet you sit on all day, and at the bottom of your purse are not good places for condoms. In the purse it could get punctured, and being in all that heat can also degrade the latex which is again, not good.
I've had experience with all of these types of condoms before, but I wanted to see how Lifestyles did it. After getting a chance to test out all 3 condoms in this package, I'm not disappointed. Not blown out of the water, but not disappointed either. Out of these 3, I think my favorite would have to be the ribbed ones. With them I could definitely feel that there was texture, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. With the studded ones it took a little while before I could really enjoy them. And the Ultra Sensitive ones for us, weren't all that special. He could still feel me pretty well through all of the condoms although because they were textured, he wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary.

While these condoms didn't blow either of us out of the water, we did still enjoy using them and would definitely recommend them to anybody who's wanting a chance to try out multiple styles all in one convenient box.
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