Trojan ultra pleasure spermicidal lubricated - male condom by Church and Dwight - review by Oggins

Trojan ultra pleasure spermicidal lubricated

Male condom by Church and Dwight


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Trojan ultra pleasure spermicidal lubricated review

So far these are the best condoms we have found on our search for the "perfect" condom. They are thin enough for me to feel warmth and texture from my husband and they also have a reservoir tip for added safety as well as nonoxynol-9 added into the lube for even more added safety. They don't have any fancy nubbys or ridges but, these didn't seem to have much effect on us anyway. I highly recommend these for anyone looking for a good condom to use for birth control!
Thin. Lubricant isn't tacky and also contains nonoxynol-9. Reservoir tip for added safety.
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Well, since being on depo provera for the last two years and deciding that I needed to take a break from this form of birth control, I went in search of a pleasurable condom for both myself and my husband. We tried lubricated and un-lubricated types by various brands and they just always left us wanting something more than what we were getting. Of all the previous ones we tried, there were a few lubricated ones that seemed tacky and unpleasant. This led to us trying some un-lubricated brands which we were not all that pleased with either. Basically, they made my husbands cock feel kind of cool and unnatural. I felt totally disconnected from him but, please keep in mind we were accustomed to unprotected sex due to the depo provera injections! We had almost given up hope until we ran across the Trojan ultra pleasure spermicidal lubricated condoms|Male condom.

Don’t get me wrong, these are still condoms but, if you have to use condoms, these are about the best we have found so far! They have a smooth texture so they don’t have any fancy nubbys or ridges but, just to be honest, I have found that the ridges and nubbys on similar condoms really had no effect on either one of us. These also seem to be the most effective condoms for sensations for both of us. These condoms seem quite thin and warm quickly after my husband puts one on so, I get the feeling of warmth from him that I was lacking in other condom brands. They are also thin enough that I can feel my husbands natural textures like veins, etc.

The lubricant used on these condoms doesn't seem nearly as sticky or tacky as others we have tried and it also contains an added bonus of Nonoxynol-9 spermicide which helps to increase your protection against pregnancy. We are not wanting any more children at this point so I see this as a fantastic feature!

Another feature these condoms have is a reservoir tip for added comfort and safety. This tip will collect the ejaculate from your partner but, just make sure to pinch the tip to make sure the air is squeezed out prior to putting it on.

These are regular size, unflavored latex condoms so, if you have an allergy to latex or you are wanting something flavored, these probably will not work for you.
Follow-up commentary
We still use these condoms on a regular basis and they haven’t failed us yet! We have not encountered any breakage or anything either. We also have not wound up with an unexpected pregnancy. Granted, that wouldn't be such a bad thing for us, just a bit complicating right now.

I’ve learned that these are not a good choice to use anally because they contain nonoxynol-9. This is something that you should never use in your rectum because the nonoxynol-9 can actually increase the risk of contracting HIV or STIs. You should look at other options if you are looking for a good condom for anal sex! We prefer to use a non-lubricated condom for anal. That way, it’s easy to lube it up with Maximus, our favorite lube for anal sex!

If you are looking for a good condom for pregnancy prevention, these are fantastic! That’s the main reason that we currently use them and we've had absolutely no problems at all! They may not be the perfect condom for everything but they've definitely kept us pregnancy free!
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  • Dame Demi
    I'm taking a break from chemical birth control myself, so I might give these a try.  Have you tried Crown Skinless Skins?  They've been our favorite condoms so far, but the Trojans will be much easier to get locally.
  • Oggins
    I actually have not tried those yet but, I am definitly willing to give them a try!  I am always on the look out for a better option!  Thanks!
  • Cock Wrangler
    These condoms sound good! Just a note, though- nonoxynol-9 has actually been linked with an increase in STI transmission and UTI's. For some people (those with only one sex partner who use condoms only for pregnancy prevention) this is not such an issue, but definitely something to pay attention to! Also, it is not a good idea to use condoms with non.-9 anally.
  • Oggins
    You are exactly right Cock Wrangler!  Thank you so much for sharing your comments and suggestions!  :)
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
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