Futurotic veined - realistic dildo vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Darling Dove

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A Diamond in the Rough

Great for someone new to realistic toys, or someone looking for a new good quality, realistic toy, it surpassed all my expectations and was great where it counted!
Realistic feel, good vibes, soft and smooth.
A bit maintenance intensive.
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extremely useful review
This toy completely surprised me. I have heard mixed reviews of the Futurotic material, and I have to say, it completely surprised me. In fact, the difficulty in finding good realistic toys without breaking the budget is the main reason for my title. While Futurotic seems to be consistently less expensive than the other realistic materials, it actually stands up in this iteration, very well - and I mean VERY well. It's also a lot easier to clean up, since cloth fibers don't stick to it as much when you wipe it down - thus eliminating the need to leave your toys out to air dry, or agonizingly patting them down.

The packaging was typical, I'll admit. It had a techno-inspired tight-clothed starlet showcasing the toy, some default toy disclaimers, and a set of default vibrator instructions (in fact, the sheet simply said 'Vibrator' on it, no mention of the real product). The company includes a bottle of powder (Talc-free by the way), presumably cornstarch, to aid in keeping your toy. While I opt for the standard (cornstarch) I keep in my little 'kit' for dusting realistic toys down, its still very thoughtful and would be a great way to take the powder on a trip if you did not feel like taking a box of cornstarch on trips with you.

There was a small plastic sleeve in the battery compartment, telling you which way to put the batteries in, and there is a sticker on the cap saying to keep the toy closed tightly - presumably for the waterproof aspects.

Now, what I cant get over is the feel of this toy. I mean, while it is softer than a real cock, the vibrator core does provide apt stiffness, and the texture of the Futurotic 'skin' is divine. It feels velvety and smooth as long as you keep it powdered, soft and supple, perhaps not as varied as the real thing, but overall, I love it. I love it for the same reason I love all good realistic toys - it truly does feel real, or at least close enough to the real thing to tide me over when a regular vibrator just wont do.

It does have downsides - I'm sure not everyone wants to spend a few minutes washing and powdering their toys, but its not very hard if you get in the routine of it, and of course this toy has a typical rubber scent, but its far from overpowering and you really have to sniff the toy to smell it.

All these downsides are easily combated by the feel of it. The bulge in the toy just brushes against my g spot perfectly, and coupled with the vibration, or even without it, its enough to easily send me over the edge.

As far as vibration, this toy is good enough without it - but the feature matches the quality of the toy. It runs on two AAAs and I am not sure how long they'll last, but it gets some decent power out of them, at a medium-high frequency. Deep enough to make you notice the difference if you turn them on inside of you, and surprisingly quiet at lower levels- in fact if you just barely turn it on, you can't hear it under covers. At it's highest- it's more audible, but I doubt you can hear it behind a door. It's a good all-around vibe, coupled with a deliciously realistic exterior, velvety finish, soft and squeezable... It's really a wonderful toy, and right near the top of my favorites list.
Some of you may be wondering about the toy cleaning 'kit' I mentioned. It makes things a lot easier, and it's very easy to set one up yourself. I took a cube-shaped box (I actually got it from Eden last month), a small bag of cornstarch, and a large, soft bristled brush. You could use a spare blush brush or a large art brush (I had a spare, so this is what I use), or anything.
Simply hold the toy inside the box, dip the brush ever so slightly in cornstarch (a little goes a long way) and dab it on different spots on the toy - then brush it over the rest of the toy. You'll soon see why I do this in a box.. I didn't use one before, but found the massive resulting layer of cornstarch to be more tedious to clean than the toy. In a box, the cornstarch will be mostly contained.

Serious notes: This is a realistic toy, you should use a condom with it. I choose not to, and I'm not dead yet - but consider the health risks of realistic toys before doing this. At the very least, clean the toy well and do not share it. It cannot be sterilized, and you should be careful of the lubricants you use with it since some realistic toys aren't compatible with silicone lube. This toy requires special care. It will break down, have a sticky texture, etc, if you do not powder it. It is absolutely necessary to preserve the integrity and feel of the toy.

It has a standard dial-style vibration, no functions or programs with it, just variable speed. This toy claims to be waterproof - due to the material and how it joins to the vibrator, I would not submerge it. Water may become trapped inside the toy between the vibrator and the Futurotic covering. Because the Futurotic material is not removable, any water that did become trapped could potentially ruin the toy. I would consider it more 'splash proof' or shower-safe than safe for wholly submerged use- regardless of if it will work underwater or not, I wouldn't want a toy ruined for something so silly.
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