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The Basix Rubber Works 9" Vibrating Dong is about as close to perfect as I have seen a rubber dong get. It's soft and supple to follow your body's natural curves comfortably but it does have a strange scent that lingers even after being washed. That's really its only downfall for me because I love the way it feels and the fact that it vibrates is a wonderful bonus. To placate my fears, I just throw a condom over it and it's ready to go!
Multi-speed, comfortable for partner play, phthalate-free and realistic.
Weird scent that affects the taste, cord could be longer.
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The Basix Rubber Works 9" Vibrating Dong surpassed my expectations and allowed me to experience what all rubber dongs should be like. It's soft and supple, yet firm so it mimics a real cock about as closely as rubber can. It's definitely more realistic than I had anticipated but trust me, it's not perfect!

Its plastic packaging is simple and to the point while still being easy to open which means that you shouldn't need a box cutter to get at this one. It also contains very little paper that will just end up in the trash. There's only a small 5 1/2"x 3" card. The card states the name of the product along with telling you that it's made in the USA, latex-free, nontoxic and phthalates-free. The card goes on further with a statement from Pipedream that says, "Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber made in the USA. Our American-made rubber is 100% phthalates and latex-free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. We hope you enjoy using this product as much as we like making it!"

My initial impression was not a good one though. I picked up this rubber dong and loved how it felt but it had a strange smell. It wasn't as bad as others I've tried and it actually smelled like baby powder to me. It also felt like it may have been dusted with baby powder. As most of you already know, baby powder is not a good thing for the vagina because talc has been linked to cervical cancer so for my own peace of mind, the first thing I did was head to the bathroom to wash it off. Rubber can be cleaned with either antibacterial soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. I used both, several times, but the baby powder scent remained. I even aired it out for a few days and it still retained the scent. Again, it's not a bad scent and I kind of like it, I just don't like my toys scented. Due to the scent and the fact that rubber is a porous material, I decided to use a condom over this one. Definitely make sure to use a condom if you plan on sharing though.

Unfortunately, this one tastes just like it smells. Like baby powder. So I definitely won't be recommend this one to practice your oral skills on. I have washed this one several times now and can honestly say that I have no idea how to get rid of the taste or smell. If you have a suggestion, let me know! But while it may not taste very good, it is fairly quiet and I couldn't hear it through a closed bedroom door.

There were no instructions included with this one but it is pretty basic. There is a control pack that holds 2 AA batteries with a 23" long cord that extends to the dong itself. There appears to be a full size egg vibrator molded inside of the dong to provide the vibration. The battery cover slides off of the back of the controller and goes back on pretty securely so I had no problems with it popping off during use. There's also a twist dial control so that you can adjust the vibrations to suit your mood. There are only steady vibrations with this one so you won't get any patterns or pulsations though.

The Basix vibrating dong is not a rigid material. Instead, it's flexible and has some "give" to it if you squeeze it in your hand. That allows it to follow your bodies natural curves quite easily and also makes it perfect for partner play. It also has ample length at 9" total with 7 ½" of that being insertable. It's a bit on the girthy side though with an approximate diameter of 2" so make sure you know your body and what it can handle if you're thinking about getting this one.

All in all, I really had fun with this toy but Pipedream should really cut back on the scent that taints the taste of this one. That's really my only major complaint with it. If it weren't for that, this could quite possibly be the perfect rubber dildo that vibrates. Since it is rubber, you should only use water or silicone based lubes with it to protect the material. I used a condom and will more than likely continue to do that, not only to protect the material, but I am a bit leery of that scent. At least it makes clean up that much easier for me too.
I really loved the way that this one felt inside of me. It's just the right diameter and length for those nights that hubby crosses the finish line before I do. It's just a bit too thick for me to start off with but it's fantastic for the final act! I did find myself wishing that it was slightly curved or maybe a bit more rigid because while it did rub against my g-spot, it was more of a tease than anything.

The vibrations aren't anything out of this world but they do transmit well through the rubber material and can be felt in the tip, even though the egg is situated in the lower half of the dong. I've also decided that even if the egg inside of this dildo burns out, I will probably just cut the wire going into the dong and use it as a dildo instead because it feels that good!

The balls on this one were useful as a handle but I thought they might work out well as a clitoral stimulator too. Unfortunately I was unable to take in enough of the length to test that theory. Perhaps I will eventually be able to work up to it so we'll see.

I really wasn't able to feel many of the textures down the shaft internally but the head was very pronounced. I could feel it clearly rubbing against my vaginal walls and it was amazing! It was definitely a great sensation that I felt I should mention.

Once again, the scent that interferes with the taste of this one is its only downfall for me. I realize that not everyone is bothered by scented toys even though I am so, I'm not going to take away from it for that. This is one that I will be using pretty regularly regardless of the scent but I will continue to cover it with a condom even though Pipedream has plastered how safe it is all over the little card that's included. It just concerns me, especially since the baby powder smell has a tendency to spread to whatever it touches. My hands even have that baby powder smell as I sit here and write this review but at least it doesn't smell like chemicals. I'll make sure to post a follow up in the event that the scent changes in the future. Until then, happy playing!
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  • Sammi
    If only they could make these not smell.
    Great review!
  • Oggins
    Thanks Sammi and your definitely right! The smell is really the only thing that bugs me about this one. It would be great if they fixed that.
  • Nashville
    I love everything about these rubber works toys except for the smell!!!
  • Oggins
    You know SD, I'm the same way. That smell just bugs me too! I can't get it to go away either. I guess I'll just have to be happy with throwing a condom over it for now. Other than that, it's great! Tongue out
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