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Bouncing for Orgasms?

This Bouncing Vibrator is a ton of fun and so different from the typical toy experience. It is sturdy well made, and the attached dildo is a bit lengthier. I would not recommend this toy for beginners, and I would caution those with shorter legs, but if you’re willing to try out multiple positions and not feel defeated, this can definitely spice things up!
Sturdy, Strong Vibrations, Decent Insertable Length, Easy to Clean
Requires 2 AA Batteries, Control Pack is Attached
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First impression

The first impression right out of the shipping box, I honestly laughed when I pulled this toy out. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a white box with hot pink bubble letters and a naked woman riding the toy on the front of it. If you live with others or you set out the recycling, you may need to find a creative method for being discreet with disposing of this packaging. I folded the box inside out and placed it between other recycling, and I’m hoping it goes unnoticed, but if it doesn’t…my roommate is well aware that I review adult products and wouldn’t be surprised to find it.

Once out of the box and plastic packaging, this reminds me of that blow-up furniture everyone had in the early 2000s; I’m pretty sure I had a footstool that came with a blow-up chair that was almost the exact same size. If you do not have a pump, it does take a bit to blow this one up, and there is some noise, so be mindful that you may want to have some background noise going while you’re getting this one ready. Additionally, when it’s time to put this one away if you need to deflate it, there is not a quick deflate option, and you will need to squeeze the mouthpiece used to inflate and put pressure on it to release the air…which again, makes some noise so you’ll maybe want some background noise.

The dildo attachment is on the larger side, with 6 1/2 insertable inches, and it is very sturdy without much bend to it. Because of the length/girth and the fact that the dildo portion does not have much bend, I would recommend this toy more for someone who considers themselves more intermediate to advanced with adult toys. Not to say that a beginner wouldn’t enjoy their experience, but there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve with this toy. The dildo attachment has some texture to it, not necessarily a realistic texture, but it does provide some extra stimulation while riding. It has an attached remote which requires 2 AA batteries, and there are also 2 handles - one on each side to grip while using this toy. Since this is made of PVC, you can use either a silicone or water-based lubricant. It is easy to clean and deflate after use, and the inflatable portion can be folded over the dildo attachment and control pack when stored.

First Use

Once I recovered from blowing this up, I grabbed a silicone-based lubricant for some extra glide and decided to try this one out on the floor, it was probably the best choice for my first time. I wasn’t intimidated by the size of the dildo attachment, I’ve used toys of similar size or bigger and knew that I was more than capable of accommodating this toy as long as I was already warmed up and ready to go.

What I didn’t anticipate was that the toy from the bottom of the blow-up portion to the tip of the dildo would be too high for me to comfortably crouch, kneel or sit on. I’m a shorter girl, and I have very short legs, so I spent almost an hour trying to find a comfortable way to mount and ride this toy. Eventually, I settled on inserting the dildo portion while standing and leaning slightly forward and then crouching down onto my shins/knees and propping the inflated portion in place with my heels while holding the handles and kind of doing a back and forth rocking motion. In this position, though, I didn’t feel like I was getting the intended experience, and I set out to find another method that might work. I tried setting the toy on the side of the bathtub and on a coffee table, both lower surfaces that might have allowed me to be in more of a natural sitting position, but I had trouble due to my feet not touching the ground once I had the dildo portion inserted. I went back into the bedroom and tried inserting the dildo from a doggy style position, and then placing the inflatable portion against the headboard and using the handles to thrust the toy in and out, which again worked…but I was really hoping to get the riding experience from this toy.

The PVC, the inflatable portion is made of, is sturdy, so I got to work deflating it a bit, hoping that if I could get it slightly lower to the ground, I would be able to squat, crouch, or kneel to ride this toy as intended. Unfortunately, with it deflated, I ran into some issues with staying balanced and felt like I was putting in a ton of effort to bounce up and down on this toy when in reality, I wasn’t moving a whole lot since I’d deflated a portion. Because I was not able to get into a good position with this toy, I was not able to get off with it, although the couple times I was able to “ride it,” it did feel good.

Overall, I was disappointed with my first experience, but I don’t believe it was any real fault of the toy and more that it just might not be the right toy for someone my height. The length and girth of the dildo portion, with the added texture and vibrations, I think would have been enough to get me to orgasm if I were able to properly ride the toy. The vibrations were quite nice, and you can feel them throughout the length of the dildo attachment. My decision to review this toy earlier than I normally would is simply due to the fact that I just don’t think this is the right toy for me, based on my body size. All things considered, I think if my legs were a bit longer and I was able to comfortably squat or kneel, riding this toy would have been very enjoyable.

Further Experience

I don’t like to feel defeated by a toy, so I did try a few more times over the next couple of days to see if I could comfortably mount and ride this bouncing vibrator as intended. I tried inserting the toy while standing and then trying to get into other positions from there, but my biggest issue every time was simply that my legs were just not long enough to actually ride this toy.

I was able to find a comfortable position inserting the dildo from behind and then propping it against the bed to stimulate being penetrated from behind while standing, and the handles really helped to get a bit more of the riding feel that I was hoping for. From this position, I was able to get myself to orgasm, but it took quite a while, and I did need to bring in a small bullet for some extra clitoral stimulation; when using the bullet, I needed to use more of a grinding motion than in and out since I needed to take one hand off the handles. Once I started to feel like I was getting close, I went back to using just the bouncing vibrator and had a weak orgasm but was able to get there.

While this might not be the toy for me to use as intended solo, I plan to keep trying. One thing that I was able to do was take a few quick pictures “riding” the toy to send to my partner while he was out, which he loved and said was a huge turn-on. We talked about my struggles trying to use this toy on my own and plan to try to use this together while I am giving him a blow job; maybe with a little extra support, I might be able to stay up and have a bit more of a “riding” experience.

Overall, it is a good toy that is well constructed for the price. Based on the size of the dildo attachment, I think it’s probably more for intermediate to advanced users vs. a beginner. Additionally, if your legs are on the shorter side…you may experience some of the same struggles that I did. The PVC seems durable, the dildo attachment is sturdy, and it provides some decent vibrations. All in all, even with the difficulties I experienced, it was a fun toy to try out, and I enjoyed the experience because it’s so different from everything I have previously used.

Vibration Map

I was actually quite impressed with the vibration intensity of this toy. I typically use silicone toys and have less experience with other materials, but the vibrations could be felt throughout the toy. The attached control pad had a round dial to slide to increase the intensity, and even on the lower settings, the vibration intensity was more than I was expecting. Overall, I felt the majority of the vibrations were felt from the tip of the dildo through mid-shaft.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Orgasm intensity was lacking with the bouncing vibrator, which I truly don’t feel was a fault of the toy but rather that it just wasn’t the right size for me. I struggled to mount and ride the toy from several positions and was really only able to use it effectively from a standing position with the dildo attachment inserted from behind. Because of the position, I didn’t get enough of the stimulation I needed to climax, and I needed to use a bullet to get me closer but ultimately had a very weak orgasm. Again, I don’t believe this was the fault of the toy - it just wasn’t right for me.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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    Thank you for the well thought out honest review.
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    Of course! I’m happy to share and plan to keep trying this one to see if I’m able to make it work for me - I’m optimistic
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