Adam's cock 7X vibrating - realistic vibrator by Topco Sales - review by Lara

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I'll be your Eve, baby

The Adam's Cock takes its perfect proportions and combines them with moderate vibrations and a convenient control pack. The width is very filling without being painful and the length allows for luxuriously long penetration. Waterproof seals make the toy as good in the bathroom as it is in the bedroom. The Adam's Cock isn't for everyone, but if you like them large it's an excellent choice.
excellent proportions for those who like their cocks large.
material quality on battery case can be erratic.
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The Adam’s Cock is described by Topco as being firm but flexible. It is, but that oxymoron bears further explanation.

Pleasureskin feels an awful lot like a very dense, firm plastic. There’s definitely some give when you squeeze on it, but it also has its limits. Think of squeezing a small plastic ball – you can indent it slightly, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to stay a ball. Replace the word “ball” with “cock” and the same applies to the Adam’s Cock.

The shaft can be bent at up to a 90-degree angle from the balls and you can twist and bend any part of the dildo (with the exception of the very solid testicles). The only real hardness comes from the vibrating bullet located about halfway up the shaft.

Pleasureskin does not conduct vibrations as well as some other materials (like silicone). That means the vibrations stay in one place on the shaft. Because of the location of the vibrating bullet, it’s up to the user to determine what the vibrations stimulate – whether it be the vaginal entrance or somewhere deeper inside the vaginal canal.

It’s unlikely that the Adam’s Cock’s vibrator will stimulate the g-spot. There are no discernible vibrations in the head of the shaft and, even with full penetration, the vibrating bullet sits too low to reach the g-spot.

The vibrations themselves are varied and functional. The control panel operates through a two button system. The top button switches the control panel on and off. The lower button cycles the vibrations through seven different cycles, ranging from a steady hum to a completely random set of patterns.

Whether or not women using this vibrator are able to grind against the Adam’s Cock’s testicles while riding it is completely dependent on the length of their vaginal canal. For those on the longer end of the spectrum, it’s entirely possible to have full penetration with enough left over for some additional thrusting and squirming. Those at the shorter end of things might find that they need to keep their penetration shallow.

The toy’s 2-inch diameter is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but it’s also not in the least bit daunting for those who enjoy larger cocks. It’s filling without being painful. Because it is so filling, however, those interested in exploring double penetration (with two dildos or a partner and a dildo) might be better served by looking at a smaller dildo and/or vibrator. The same cautionary note applies when thinking about using the Adam’s Cock with a butt plug. It takes up quite a bit of valuable vaginal real estate and there’s not really enough room on the block for other tenants.

The suction cup has its limits and, in the right circumstances, too much enthusiasm might be enough to unhinge the Adam’s Cock. On hard plastic and ceramic, it sticks beautifully. Not so much on painted surfaces. When used upright (on the toilet seat, for example), the Adam’s cock stays attached like a dream. Vertically, like on the shower wall, the angles and pressure tend to release the suction cup’s hold.

Although the suction cup makes the Adam’s Cock theoretically appropriate for use with a harness, the vibrators weight and size made that impossible (only for me!) to explore further. The same applies for anal use. It’s something that can certainly be possible, but it’s also possible that your delicate little tush may say, “No thank you, sir/ma’am.”

The cord connecting the control pack to the shaft is long enough to allow a solid range of movement. It’s long enough for a partner to use and can rest comfortably in your hand while riding it. When using it for penetration by thrusting (read: without sticking the suction cup to something), the cord does have a tendency to get in the way, but that can be worked around by wrapping the control pack in the palm of the hand that is doing the thrusting.

Pleasureskin is compatible with all lubricants and lubricants adhere to it much like they do any other plastic. Generosity with lubricants is always a good idea and that bears remembering when using the Adam’s Cock.

The Adam’s Cock is waterproof, making clean-up very easy. The battery pack and the cock itself can both be fully submerged and washed with soap and water or toy cleaner.

Pleasureskin may be soft and flexible, but it’s also porous. If you’re sharing this toy, be sure to play it safe and use a condom.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    I like this one too...and it's waterproof.
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