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The chubby rotator feels so a-f*cking-mazing; I think it makes it well worth the few cons of TPR. I would especially recommend it if you're looking for something to replicate the sensation of fingering, but honestly, I feel anyone would enjoy this toy. Try something new and take it for a spin!
Smooth motions similar to rhythmic fingering and detailed sculpting make this toy feel incredible.
Cleaning can be tricky. TPR is not long-lasting and requires careful storage.
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First impression

First thing, I was initially very impressed with the realism of this toy. Aside from a healthy helping of veins--because who doesn't love veins--it has a very detailed rolled back foreskin, and tons of tiny grooves along the shaft and head, to better mimic the texture of real skin. To be completely honest, I even thought it looked better in person than online! The shininess of the toy isn't as much in real life as in the listing images, and personally, I really liked that. However, it is still a little too sleek to come anywhere near mimicking real skin. The "Skin-like material for realistic sensations" mentioned in the description is definitely exactly as described, pertaining specifically to sensation over look. The pictures are very upfront about the texture of this toy, so I wasn't upset about this.

Closeup to show details!

Here's an image for better detail! As you can see, there are tons of tiny notches all over it. This means you have to be thorough when cleaning, a worthy sacrifice for how great this toy feels. I'll detail my cleaning process under further use.

I also noticed that the size is exactly what I imagined from the dimensions given. It's a fair medium, not too big, not too small. This toy doesn't really need to be any bigger anyways, as the texture and vibrations provide more than enough stimulation, while the medium length allows it to better target your g-spot. Here's a comparison with some of my other toys for reference.

Top view, this one shows you the width well.

From the side, this one shows you the length and shape very well.

At the top, you have the Chubby Rotator! It's 5.75 inches long, with a circumference of 3.75 inches.
The brown one is called the Mars Cock from an unknown manufacturer. It's 8.2 inches long, and the circumference is approximately 4 inches.

Looking powerful in pink is the Champion, available right here on EdenFantasys. It's a whopping 9.5 inches long, with a circumference of 6 inches at its widest point, and approximately 5 inches where it thins out.

As you can see, the motor inside keeps the Chubby Rotator standing proud and erect, which assists it in finding your g-spot.

First Use

My boyfriend was so excited when I showed it to him, and I ended up using it almost instantly... Although I completely wanted to f*ck myself for him, I didn't take time to get fully aroused before, which I think would've made my first ride much better.

Vaginally speaking, when one becomes aroused, the vaginal canal actually gets much wider and deeper, while the blood rushing to the genitals makes the inner walls become nice and filled out, which increases sensitivity. There is, of course, also added lubrication, which everyone knows. Still following me? I'm getting to the point now--I believe the fact I wasn't properly aroused before my first go really limited the range of motion of the toy, and I didn't get to feel much of that lovely rotating.

It still felt amazing before I turned it on, though. I was worried this toy would be too small for me to feel much, but I was thrilled with the sheet-gripping sensation I found as I lay on my back and began thrusting it into me. The various ridges on this toy provide a tinglingly thrilling sensation as they rub up against you; I imagine it could be enough to make me cum without even turning it on.

So, take away from it that this toy can and will feel incredible, but you ought to make sure you're properly aroused first if you want to turn on the rotation!

Further Experience

On my next trip around the block, that rotating function was finally able to work its wonders on me. By the way, let me just say, I was worried I'd find the rotation a bit odd as I'd never tried anything like this, but even just watching it is S.E.X.Y.! (Wait, I guess that makes it an acronym, huh? Uh.. Swirling Excellence, for XXX.. Yum? Whatever, anyways...)

The rotation is not a stiff circular spin like I was afraid, but instead, it moves in a very naturalistic way, the motion twirling with a deep scooping lowest point and a high arching highest point that really rolls against your G-spot. It's very similar to the way someone might massage you with their fingers, and I would definitely recommend this toy for people wanting to replicate that experience.

Not only is there the sensual rotation, but clear as day vibrations to double the fun. It's worth mentioning that the rotating and vibrations can't be controlled independently--speeding one function up means speeding up the other. I didn't mind this at all, but some people may.

Needless to say, I enjoyed all my other romps with this toy much more than my first. I like to pair it with a wand massager most often and sometimes bring along a larger dildo to tag team in. Water-based lube also helps a lot with the Chubby Rotator's range of motion... For that same reason, I've decided I won't be using a butt plug with this one, since plugs make space in your pussy more limited as they press against the wall between your two holes.

As far as preferred position, I like to lie on my back missionary style or face-down-ass-up on the bed and grip it by the suction cup to thrust it into me.

I've tried using the suction cup too. It has an extremely stiff consistency, so it can be a bit hard to get it to spread and stick to your desired surface, but once that baby's on, IT IS ON! I still find I like to move it using my hand, though. Not only does it allow me to better angle it against my g-spot, but also, you need to hold the base firmly for the right portion of the dildo to be the one spinning.

Because of the firmness of the cup and the anchoring you need to keep it working properly, I don't think this dildo would be your best choice for a strap-on harness.

While I've noticed, it seems cum clings less to the Chubby Rotator's TPR in comparison to my silicone toys, that doesn't make cleaning any less tricky or important. Like I mentioned in first impressions, there are tons of tiny little notches all over this toy, which means a lot of places for bacteria to live. Right now, I've been cleaning it by very carefully getting it under some warm water and gently scrubbing it with a damp washcloth and some antibacterial soap, then rinsing it off again. This is very nerve-wracking, though, as the toy has a wire and a connected battery remote that I would hate to get wet.

So, what I'm going to be switching to once the supplies arrive--and what I recommend you do--is using antibacterial toy cleaner and a small amount of water on a soft, old toothbrush. I'll be scrubbing gently to avoid damaging the material.

Vibration Map

The main star of this show will always be the titular rotating for me, but the vibration is very pleasant. A nice, rumbly buzzing that makes me bite my lip and roll my head back, which is easily felt but not so intense it makes me scream. This toy's moderate power level could make it a very relaxing experience, like when you want to fire off a fast one to relieve anxiety, cheer up, or help you sleep. It'll bring you to a strong orgasm with ease; without being so intense, you end up more stressed out than before you started.

The vibrations carry pretty evenly throughout the shaft of the toy and even make their mild way into the balls. If you end up preferring to use this toy vaginally, try riding it reverse style, and those vibrating balls could provide an extra little cherry on top of your stimulation. Whenever you come down on it or grind, they'll be pressed nicely into your clit.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I'd liken the powerful orgasms the Chubby Rotator gives me to the feeling of a rubber band snapping. One of those ones where you can feel your muscles reel back and double over themselves before the tension breaks into a throbbing orgasm. In other words, a lot of contractions lead to great relaxation. It makes me cum fast and hard with ease.
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    Some of you may notice you've seen this review before... Had to resubmit due to some changes, if you were wondering.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Such a great review. When the reviewer makes you want to buy one you knows she did a great job
  • Contributor: godot
    I'm glad you enjoyed OH&W!! And if you get a chubby rotator after all, I hope you'll enjoy that too.
  • Contributor: abee
    Thanks for the wonderfully thorough review! TPR has been a big no for me based on past experiences with toys but this one sounds so good I might give it a go - or at least keep my eyes open for another rotator.
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