Thrusting vibrator with suction cup

My Little Sex Machine!!!!

This is a very fun toy and would be great for singles and couples alike. I think this toy is worth it for the money. Definitely get it when it's on sale. It is easy to put together and figure out how to operate. This toy would be great for beginners and advanced users.
Wireless remote
Adjustable positioning with the suction cup
Warming feature
Not waterproof but splash-proof
Very loud with vibration on
Penis attachment is small
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

First impression

Spirit Sex Machine arrived like any other toys I have ordered from Eden Fantasys. In a plain brown box with no markings that might give away that there are fun new sex toys awaiting me inside. Inside the discreet shipping box was the Spirit Sex Machine inside its own big colorful box.

Upon opening the box, I pulled out the white plastic tray that has the parts to the sex machine inside it.

There is a suction cup piece that screws into the base of the machine, the penis attachment, the USB cord, instruction booklet, and the wireless remote.

On the base of the sex machine, there are 3 buttons: a heat button with a flame on it, a vibration button with lines on it almost like multiple parentheses, and a button to control the thrusting with multiple arrows on it. I was very excited to get this fun new toy assembled and try it out. The Instruction booklet is very descriptive and helpful when assembling the toy for the first time.

After tinkering with the sex machine and figuring out how to get it all put together, I decided to see how all the buttons work. When you press the flame button, it starts to heat up the Penis attachment. It takes some time for it to heat up, but it does get to 100 degrees. When you press the vibration button, it vibrates in 7 different modes. When you press the arrow button, it starts thrusting. Caution - the thrusting feature is very very loud. Once I figured out the buttons, I put it on the charger and washed the penis attachment. I then went to clean up the house to keep my self busy while waiting for the toy to charge.

First Use

After patiently waiting for the Spirit Sex Machine to charge, I finally got to test out my exciting new toy. I didn't wait for my other half to get home, I wanted to try this out the first time solo. I decided that since it was only splash-proof that I would test it out by suctioning it on the mirror in our master bathroom. I placed the suction base on the mirror and slid the little tab to secure it. I positioned the machine to the right angle and pressed the flame button to start the warming feature. I then bent over and inserted the penis attachment inside me. I pressed the button on the remote and started the thrusting first to see how it feels with just the thrusting. It is super loud; you want to do this when there is nobody else around if you are trying to be discreet. It felt great the warming feature turned me on even more. Once I started to really get hot and bothered, I turned on the vibration mode. It only took a couple of minutes to achieve my first orgasm; it felt amazing! I could not get myself to squirt with it the first time for some reason.. When my pussy tightens around the shaft, it stops the attachment completely. I didn't think my pelvic muscles were that strong, but I guess they are. I enjoyed the first experience with this toy; it may be really loud, but it does bring the orgasms for sure. I couldn't wait to try it out with my man later that night.

Further Experience

After more time getting to know Spirit Sex Machine, I have only found more fun things to do with it. I love the warming feature, I do wish that the suction cup was a bit more heavy-duty. It will come off the surface, it is suctioned to not extremely easy, but it's not hard to either. The remote is a great bonus. You can use the sex machine with or without the remote. The size of the attachment is gonna be small for size queens. It left me wondering if they plan to sell larger compatible attachments. I finally got to use the sex machine with my man, and it was amazing! He came home from work, and I had the toy attached to the dining room floor wearing his favorite little outfit, I had also moved his recliner into the dining room. I told him it was time to relax that he had worked hard all week, it was time to be treated. I took off his pants and shirt said "now it's time to get comfortable, please sit down" with a huge grin on my face. I handed him the remote to the toy and said, "this is all under your control, my love". He smiled and said, " I like this" smiling ear to ear. I turned the music on and proceeded to slowly strip my outfit off piece by piece giving him a good show. Once all my clothes were off, I climbed onto his lap and made out with him slipping his large erection inside me just to tease and show him how wet I was. After teasing him for a few minutes, I slowly dismounted his huge cock and made my way down onto the floor, kissing parts of his body slowly on the way down. I inserted the attachment of the sex machine inside me and took his erection in my hands, kissing it all over, then teasing his head with light suckling. He turned on the vibration, and I moaned, sliding his cock into my mouth as far as I could, slowly coming back up. He let out a moan. I continued to slowly suck his large cock, making him moan more. He pushed the button on the remote, turning on the thrusting. I let out a loud moan. The machine was set up perfectly; it hit my g-spot with every thrust turning me on even more. I started to suck his cock faster, making his toes curl. He started to squirm from all the excitement. I grabbed onto his balls and gave them a good couple tugs, and within minutes he started to cum in my mouth, making me have one more orgasm from all the fun. Needless to say, we have lots of fun with the Spirit Sex Machine. I can't wait to find more places to play with this toy!!

Vibration Map

The vibration in this machine is in the penis attachment. This toy has very strong vibration. It is very loud with the vibration on. It is powerful enough to make me squirt, but not every time. I have only used this toy vaginally. I am sure it could be used anally, though.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I would rate my orgasms with this toy as a 9 out of 10. I really enjoy using this toy as an add on to foreplay or during blow jobs with my man. It's also a very fun toy to use solo. This is a toy that is most fun if you let it help you find new places to have fun, which is anywhere you can get some privacy and a place to suction it to.
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