Shane's World college stud - realistic vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by wetone123

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I am really torn on this toy. On one hand the looks, feel, and textures of this toy are really phenomenal and do feel "Better Than Real." On the other hand, he is hard to care for and the rippling of the delicate veins plus other pleasing textures can not be felt while inserted. This Stud is for someone who enjoys size and realism, perfect for a Young, Hard Dick enthusiast.
Erotic texturing
Feels like a real dick
Questionable materials
Hard to clean
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I was highly excited when The College Stud came in the mail. I have to tell you, I ripped open that box in a hurry. I have never had a "real feel" vibrator/dildo, much less a "Better-Than-Real" one, so When I saw it I was amazed. It is not often that I get aroused just looking at a toy, but this beautiful cock was the exception.
When I had him in my hands I almost swooned and it actually took my breath away, it really does feel better than real! Before I actually got around to using him, I stroked and rubbed, examined and explored all of the textures and life like workmanship of this beautiful cock, I spent a few hours just getting to know him, stroking his silky smooth skin, and squeezing his supple head and balls. Oh what a feeling, I love it.

The College Stud is a "Better Than Real" material, realistic vibrator/dildo, that not only looks real, but feels real. He is used vaginally for thrusting, with or without the vibrations, he's a whole lot of lovin'.
Not recommended for anal play, as there is no flared base.

This is a large toy, so I only recommend this for those who are used to and like a larger sized toy.
Or for someone wanting to explore their limitations with a large toy.
The best occasion to use this toy would be any time you would like to feel a large, young cock thrusting inside of you. He's very enthusiastic and willing to please!
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    • Everyone
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    • On a bed only
    • Tub/shower/pool without batteries
    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Better than real material
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    • Anal
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    • Vaginal

Material / Texture

The College Stud is made with "Better Than Real" material, which is a trademarked name for this line of toys. Although the actual proprietary blend of "Better Than Real" is unknown, it is, basically, Latex rubber and PVC. Rubber is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that occurs naturally as a sap from various plants, but it is also synthetically produced. Rubber can contain phthalates, however it depends on the type of rubber. In this case PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) and Elastomers are compounded to resemble actual flesh.
Rubber is very porous. Rubber also contains latex, which is an allergen for some people.
In any case, it is highly recommended to use a condom at all times with this product.
When this toy first came out, California Exotics kept the propietary blend of "Better than Real" materials under wrap, but The California Exotics website has recently stated that The College Stud is made with TPR, so I am confused as to what this toy is actually made of, and have written California Exotics to find out exactly what the materials are in this toy, and hope to hear from them soon.
If made of TPR, it's a grouping of similar materials but not a specific material, so it depends on the particular manufacturer.

Phthalates are not the only point of confusion in the adult toy world; the sex toy industry is fraught with a lack of info regarding the materials used in its products. Some companies don't really know what materials their contracted manufacturers are using. From what I learned researching this toy; it is not unheard of to go to an overseas manufacturer and ask to know the ingredients of the materials it is using and be told that they can't tell, because it's a proprietary secret.
Other companies are well aware of what goes into their toys, but are keeping their proprietary blends under wraps.

The smell of this toy gave it away. While the smell was not a horrid chemical smell, it smelled of latex rubber when I first got it, but not too badly. The smell is very faint now, since I have washed it many times. Nevertheless, it's best to use a condom with it.

Having said that, I also have to say that the texture and feel of this toy is incredible. It feels amazingly real. Even Better Than Real. There are delicate veins in the shaft that ripple as you stroke them, so erotic it makes me wet to feel them.
There is a long membrane on the underside of the shaft that goes from top to bottom which is also sensual to touch.
The shaft itself is somewhat firm with a rubbery layer to it that you can squeeze into about 2" deep. Plus, this silky soft boner has a blushing pink head, which is endowed with an exaggerated ridge all the way around it. The pleasure I have received from just touching this magnificent cock both shocks and excites me.

You can also bend and flex this Stud to suit your anatomy. Just bend it to where it feels good and it will stay in that position until you re-adjust it another way. You can even twist it all the way around if you
This unique feature helped me quite a bit upon inserting.
    • Flexible
    • Porous
    • Light odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design of College Stud is realistic, both in form and feel. I love the design! It's just like having a real dick at your disposal 24/7/365. It is a realistic beige/caramel color. The shape is perfect. Just right for thrusting. I would recommend this toy for anyone who appreciates realism, along with length and girth.


Length 8 1/2"
Insertable length 7"
Circumference 5 3/4"
Diameter 1 3/4"

This toy is definately not discreet! It looks almost exactly like a man's cock, so do not leave it out.
Someone may get the idea that you had performed a Bobbit. Just kidding!
    • Firm yet supple
    • Realistic
    • Veined

Functions / Performance / Controls

The College Stud can be flexed and bent to your favorite position, and will stay there until you reposition it. This is a great asset I have never had the pleasure of having in a toy. I used that asset to it's full potential while getting him inside me. His supple balls felt exquisite bouncing on my perineum while thrusting.

The Stud has 3 steady, continuously increasing speeds: low, medium and high, which are achieved by twisting the dial on the very bottom of the battery cap. The vibration carries well all over the toy from the very top to the very bottom of the shaft and even somewhat in the balls. I would rate the vrooms as 3 out of 5. A medium strength, but this toy makes up for this in other areas, such as size and appearance.
The Stud is not overly loud on any speed and will not be heard behind closed doors.
The Stud uses 3 AAA batteries, which are inserted into the 1 1/2" black battery compartment located underneath the balls.
The cap is somewhat difficult to open and close, as it is not a regular twist on top, but a notched assembly that you have to line up with another notch, much like those tops on child proof medicine bottles.
There is no rubber O ring to ensure a water tight seal, so I would not say this toy is actually waterproof, but splash proof.
The manufacturer claims that the Stud is absolutely 100% waterproof, but I say please do not immerse in water, especially while the batteries are in use for vibration.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Smooth

Care and Maintenance

To clean your College Stud, use warm water and mild soap. Remember, the "Better Than Real" material requires special care if you want to use it safely and make the toy last. It must be cleaned and
dried carefully with a lint free cloth, then lightly dusted with a cornstarch based powder, (NOT TALC) in order to maintain it's longevity. Rub a small amount of cornstarch in palms of hands, then rub onto toy all over.
Wash before each use to remove cornstarch residue from toy.

Do not submerge in water as there is a vibrator in this toy. There is no rubber O ring gasket to ensure that it is sealed and water WILL enter battery compartment. Although the packaging states it is waterproof, it is, at best, splash proof.

Rubber is porous, therefore it can harbor bacteria and can not be sterilized. It is recommended that you use a condom with rubber toys.

Use a water based lube so as not to damage and break down the material.

Better Than Real materials should be stored in a storage/separation bag or wrapped in thin material, as the porous surface can absorb any odors it comes in contact with. Also, toys made of rubber may melt if they come in contact with other toys of it's kind or toys of another material. It's a chemical reaction ordeal. It may also ruin your other toys, so store this one to itself.
If this toy is in fact TPR, same advice goes. Best to be safe than sorry.
    • Difficult to store
    • Hard to clean
    • High maintenance


Shane's World College Stud comes in a clear plastic shell, showing the vibrator off to maximum effect. Mine seemed to be pre opened as it popped right open before being taken from the brown delivery box. Or maybe he was just glad to see me! There is a picture of a young co-ed smiling while beginning to pull off her panties. "PERFECT FOR GETTIN' WET" it says. WATERPROOF. BENDABLE. PLIABLE. MULTISPEED. BEND IT ANY WAY YOU WANT. Has the material "BETTER THAN REAL" DILDO on the label. There is a small leaflet inside packaging explaining where and how to insert the batteries. In many languages as this Stud, obviously, is an international playboy!

This is always amazing to me. The packaging is made in Hong Kong, the actual toy is made in Canada. My first toy from Canada to date.

This packaging cannot be used to store The Stud. It is made of plastic and, The Stud, being made of rubber, can not be stored in a plastic environment, as it may melt. Also this toy does not play well with other toys. It will melt, or may melt other toys, if stored in contact with toys of it's kind or toys made of other materials. This is due to chemical reactions breaking down the materials of each toy stored with rubber toys. If stored with toys such as silicone, plastic, or jelly the chemical reaction will ruin your toys.
The best way to store The Stud is to itself in a cool, dry place, wrapped in a thin cotton material.
Yes, this Stud can be a danger to itself and others in the toy world, but if stored correctly, there will be no problems whatsoever.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Packaging not good for storage

Personal comments

Believe it or not, before I got this toy, I had never heard of Shane's World porno movies. I just saw the big dick and ordered it. Since then, I have found out the history of Shane's World.
Shane is the stage name of Shannon Hewitt, pornographic actress and director known for creating the Shane's World series of adult videos and Shane's World Studios in 1996. It is one of the first companies to pioneer the reality style porno movies.
Shane sold the company in 1999, but still lent her name to the business after leaving the adult industry.
Shane's World movies revolved around taking porn stars out of their element on trips to exotic or interesting locations and filming everything that happened in documentary style. In 2003 Shane's World gained mainstream notoriety with the release of Shane's World 32: Campus Invasion. Due to the movies success, they decided that college campuses were an untapped market, and so The College Invasion series began. These movies involve bringing porn stars to college campuses to party with students. Starting with volume 3, the students participated and had sex with the porn stars. The series hit it's 11th volume in March 2007.
Episodes started out with keg parties full of alcoholics that yelled and scream way too much, but then chicken out on the sex. Later, this would change, and it was free for all of rounchy sexcapades! Winning weird but fun games the porn stars had them play, like stringing strawberries on their cocks and swinging them into the girls mouths or guessing what the girls put on their dicks while blindfolded. Even later, the studio was flooded with written requests from students asking them to come to their college so they too would get to lay a real porn star! Just like young studs, right?
Kind of a combination of Animal House, Girls Gone Wild and What Would You Do To Fuck A Porn Star?
(Just seeing if you were paying attention)! All with drunken hardcore sex. They even had a boy lose his virginity in one episode. The company has been criticized for exploiting drunken college students, (who were more than happy to be having sex on camera with sexy porn sluts)!

Anyhoo, in August 2007, Shane's World released it's first College Invasion Male title. A series that sees male porn stars visit gay college parties. For all I know, they may have moved on to even more decadent themes. Are they still making these movies? I have no idea.
Now that you have the background behind the College Stud, I will move on to more delicious topics, such as how this big stud came to be! Evidently, some of those students had big, young rigid hard-ons, which caught the eyes of someone at Shane's World Studios and persuaded them to market a line of adult play toys through California Exotics, who now owns the rights to and manufactures the toys. The College Stud is just one of many vibrators, dildos, dongs, vaginas, penis sleeves and pumps available for purchase.

As I said, I didn't know a thing about the history behind this beautifully realistic hunk of hot flesh-like feeling penis. I must have been hiding out in a cave somewhere to have missed all this. Nevertheless, I found it interesting to know that a horney frat boy somewhere out there inspired this realistic work of art!

So now you know ...
    • Young hot penis


Oh my! This College Stud REALLY lived up to it's name. I lubed this whopper up and found that it was hard for me to insert, even as aroused as I was. I finally took advantage of the flexibility feature, and it took some time for me to find and bend it to a position that helped me to insert it. When that was accomplished, I very slowly slid the shaft in, bending it along the way to help with conforming it to my body. I have to tell you, the length and girth of this toy was a lot for me to handle.
In fact this is the biggest thing I've had inside me in nearly 10 years.
When I finally got him all inside me, it felt as if I was a virgin again and had gotten my cherry popped!
I had to stop and lie back for a moment just to appreciate that feeling. Just remember how that felt. Then I decided to turn on the vibrator part. WOW! I nearly jumped out of my skin! Loosening up a bit, and getting used to the Stud's generous size, I started thrusting, again very slowly.
It took me a little time, but eventually I thrust faster and faster until I was weak and dizzy feeling. I had to stop.
I have tried with the Stud 3 more times since that first encounter, and it has not gotten any easier to get used to the size. I could not orgasm with this Stud. He has proved to be too much for me.

If I may, can I share a past experience with you? 10 years ago, I had a boyfriend who was huge! The first few months we were together I had the very same difficulty as I have had with the Stud. I simply could not cum! He could not understand what was wrong and neither could I. In the end though, after being with him for some time, I started having some of the VERY best orgasms I had ever experienced. The size just took some getting used to. We were both patient with each other and it worked itself out. However, there was a real man attached to that particular penis, and I was willing to keep trying.

The College Stud will not get that same consideration. I did give him 1 more chance than I usually give a toy. Usually it's 3 strikes and you're out! He got that extra chance because he is a beautiful cock, and I so wanted him to work out, plus he had given me that freshly popped feeling that I thought I would never feel again.

The moral of the story? If you are used to having a large cock, or are willing to work with this toy, you will do alright with him. I, however am not.

On another note, the delicate veins and textures I had so admired on the Stud while fondling him could not be felt at all while inserted, even without a condom. That, above all was disappointing to me.

I'm sure that from time to time, I will take the Stud out of hiding just to touch those exquisite veins and textures, and admire his young, realistic beauty, but that is all the action this College Stud will be getting from me. Poor thing!
    • Large
    • Wide
Follow-up commentary
Shanes world college stud was my 1st large and girthy toy after my lengthly self imposed sex break. What a beautiful cock this is too. I remember when I recieved the Stud how realistic and real skin like he was. I truly was infatuated! However, the core of the toy was kinda hard for me and I quit using him.

The Stud has been passed on to someone whom I love who fell for this toy in a hard way. I could not refuse her this beauty. She has informed me that she still loves The Stud, and I am rating it "I still like it" based on her love for him. And she does still like it and uses him weekly. So the Stud is getting plenty afterall!

My new love is Max [] and I believe I will never ever tire of him. He is everything I want in a realistic cock.
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