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Take One And See Me In The Morning

Probably the most affordable and pleasurable medical care you will find Dr. Feel Horny should be your practitioner of choice for whatever ails you. Book an appointment, and soon your symptoms will disappear with this prescription for orgasm!
Realistic size and shape. Silicone construction. Good power and controls.
Overdone veins. Power centered at the head of the toy.
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extremely useful review

First impression

As always, it's exciting to open up a box containing a new sex toy, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. The 'Doctor is in' I thought. Or at least he would be quite soon. Nestled in the box was just the prescription that I needed to clear up what was ailing me. No having to wait in a clinic, no lineup at the pharmacy, no worries about medical coverage. All I needed to feel better was right there in the box!
Dr. Feel Horny was a delicious looking sight, and I was looking forward to a complete physical for the first time in my life.


First Use

Normally I'm pretty nervous in the presence of a medical professional. This time was different. I was confident, excited, and eager to be in the company of Dr. Feel Horny. Quickly stripping down and generously applying some water-based examination lubricant it was time for my internal. Lying on my back (no feet in the stirrups) in my comfortable bed (no cold table) this wonderfully silky soft vibrator easily slipped inside and felt wonderful. Deftly my finders worked through the 7 vibration patterns until I found a nice rhythm. My favorite was one that started slow and increased all the way to maximum intensity over and over again. The base was easy to grasp and gave excellent control as I stroked the toy in and out of my lady parts. This almost turned out to be the quickest medical exam of my life, but I decided to savor this visit for the first time ever and got close to orgasm several times before giving in to Dr. Feel Horny.
Far better than any speculum this toy gave me a great orgasm right out of the box with very little effort. The Doctor definitely did make me feel frisky, and I don't have any concerns about his medical qualifications.

Further Experience

I always try to wait a couple of weeks after writing a review for Eden because sometimes the novelty of a product wears off. I'm still very pleased with the vibe, and it's become a mainstay during our still brief time together. I was surprised to count that he's given me a checkup 8 times in the last two weeks! I'm starting to think I'm not just fond of my Doctor but maybe have a crush on him. Completely unprofessional but I won't be filling a malpractice suit any time soon.
The design is near perfect for my body and just fits me the right way. I love the texture of the shaft (although the veining is a little overdone to be realistic) and the size is very similar to what my husband usually spoils me with. Firm but soft is the best way to describe the luxurious silicone construction which doesn't attract lint and is a breeze to cleanup with soap and water.
Power comes from two AA's, and I've already had to change them out once but that was after about 2 hours of total run time, so I'd say that's a pretty good life.
Also on the list for a followup review is a session in the hot tub as the description of the product mentions it is waterproof.


Vibration Map

As with most vibrators, the bulk of the intensity comes from the head of the toy. I'm not complaining, but it would be nice if someone made a vibe with two motors, one at the tip and another at the base. Maybe they are out there, but we don't have one in our collection yet. Unlike quite a few women I'm lucky enough to be able to achieve orgasms internally, and the slight curve hits the g-spot just right for me especially if I use some upward pressure while thrusting. The vibrations feel great directly on my clitoris as well so if that's your go-to way of climaxing Dr. Feel Horny should leave you satisfied.
I've tried all 7 of the vibration patterns, and my favorite by far is one that builds up slowly from low to high speed. Maximum power is great too, but I like a little tease. The easy push button cycles through all the speeds with little effort.

  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Dr. Feel Horny has never left me feeling horny. Orgasms are consistently achieved easily, and I find that I enjoy edging with this vibrator more than with most as it's just so comfortable while still being filling. I won't say that my toes curl and neighbors hear me screaming, but my climaxes are solid and satisfying. The longer the Dr. visits the stronger the orgasm. What could be better!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Leil@
    Thank you for the fantastic review! I like your allusion to the real doctor's appointment! It is great!

    As I know, there are not many vibrators with 2 motors in the shaft. Usually, rabbit vibrators have 2 motors - one in the shaft, another in the clitoral attachment.

    But we have the vibrator you are looking for with a motor at the base and at the tip

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