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The Lady & The "Champ"

This is like if Lelo's Mona had a baby with Doc Johnson's Marc Wallice. The length and girth fill me up very nicely while the powerful vibrations worship my G-spot. If it was permanently attached to a man, I'd have to seriously consider marrying him. Just pressing it against my undies at the lowest speed gets me excited. I'm REALLY glad that I got one & I suggest you do too. Lemme know if you have any questions.
Big, rigid, veiny, quiet, inexpensive & has a wide variety of speeds.
Doesn't stimulate my clitoris.
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I think that the "Champ Flex" is best for people like myself who are interested in using a G-spot vibrator but still want to feel the full penetration that only a realistic dildo can provide. This is the best of both worlds because the length and girth fill me up very nicely while the powerful vibrations worship my G-spot. It's like if Mona had a baby with Marc Wallice, minus the balls and bendiness.

Material / Texture

This is definitely not made from the same type of jelly as my worthless "Night Moves Fondle." This kind doesn't stink or feel weird & squishy. This isn't the type of jelly that I'm afraid will give me cancer or some sort of infection.

The texture is great. Very veiny, just how I like it. Similar to my "Gyrating Penis" but the veins, mushroom head and foreskin are even more raised. And Oh Boy, how that adds stimulation! I think the texture caters to people who like their vibes bumpy and somewhat realistic rather than to someone who is or isn't experienced.

Design / Shape / Size

Not having access to a real penis that I can play with, I love that this is shaped like one so I don't feel like I'm missing out. I'm glad it's not bendy at all Plus the way it curves up and rubs my g-spot is absolutely heavenly.

This is bigger than I expected it to be. I wouldn't recommend it to sex toy virgins or anyone with a hymen. Since I'm neither of those, the size is absolutely perfect for me. I love the feeling of it stretching my muscles and having it pressed inside me as deep as it can go.

Maybe my measuring tape is wonky but mine is bigger than the size that's advertised.
Overview length: 7"
my length: 9"
Overview insertable length: 6"
my insertable length: 8"
Overview circumference: 4.75"
My circumference: 5.5" average
Whatever the numerical statistics are, it's pretty big.

The cap is a little unusual in the way that it screws on and it took me a few tries to close it correctly in order for the cap not to move when I turn the dial.

Because of the size, it's not really easy to hide. Because of the design and shape, it is anything but discreet. Visually it screams "I'M A SEX TOY!"

Functions / Performance / Controls

When they say multiple speeds, they really mean it. This isn't like other vibes labeled as multi-speed that actually have one or two settings, maybe three if you're lucky. Approximately on the vroom scale, the lowest speed is three and the highest speed is five, while the vast array of those in between are around four. I've only used it twice so I don't have a favorite yet.

The majority of the vibrations are concentrated at the base and fairly well distributed up the shaft, though much less powerful at the tip. It feels kind of nice when used externally but is overall pretty useless in the orgasm department. When used internally however, it's nothing sort of amazing. My advice for the most effective G-spot/p-spot stimulation with this is "the deeper the better."

The standard dial-base is very convenient and easy to use. I was grinding myself against some pillows and the dial didn't turn one single bit as I know it would have on my last vibrator.

This is surprisingly quiet. It's literally silent under the covers when it's all the way inside me, on a low or medium speed. Even when it's out in the open it's not loud at all. Although when it's turned up all the way, the motor is definitely audible. Also at full speed it sort of rattles if you don't have a good grip on it.

BTW, it's not waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

Unlike Crystalessence and stinky jellies, this doesn't pick up anything like hair, lint or dust. It seems to be much less porous and therefore much easier to clean. I think I'm going to keep it in the tray that it came in. I was pretty excited about trying this so I didn't need or use any lube with it but it's compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Same as always: clean with warm water & toy cleaner, keep out of direct sunlight, use condoms when sharing.


Comes in a fairly long box with a generic-looking "hot chick" on the front and the sides. On the back are pictures of the other vibes (see Similar Products) in Doc Johnson's line of International Super Cock. The instructions are six languages, two of which are English and German. They tell you the basic stuff: use lube, don't mix new batteries with old ones, turn it off if it overheats, yada yada. Inside the box, the vibrator itself comes in a nice plastic tray that I will most likely be storing it in.

Personal comments

I think I'm going to name it Clive, after Clive Owen. I've never seen his "international" cock but I assume (or at least hope) that it would make me feel as good as this thing does, maybe even better. If only my own personal Clive had the same seductive accent and deep voice as its namesake does . . .


The only thing that could make this better is having some sort of clitoral attachment and the ability to go to the grocery store for me. I'll probably get one of those vibrating cock rings and write a follow-up review on how it feels paired up with my Champ.
Follow-up commentary
Clive and I have been together for about two weeks now and I don't know about him but I'm still quite madly in love. He's sexy, strong, reliable and always willing to try new things. Our only problem seems to be that sometimes when he's really turned on, he gets kind of loud but it's usually okay. Also, I put a Beyond Seven condom on him and it broke so we might need to get some Magnums. We're still looking for a good strong clit vibe so if you know anyone we might like, don't hesitate to give us their number.
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