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The Original is back, this time in Platinum Silicone!

The Platinum Original Vibrating is a remake of the Original from Doc Johnson, this time made from their new Platinum Silicone.The Platinum Original might not be the most realistic vibrator out there, but it will give you the general idea with the realistic head and the pronounced veins, but still giving you that whimsical feel of pearly pink silicone.
Silicone, easy to use twist dial, waterproof, rather powerful.
Rigid shaft, might be too long for some users.
Rating by reviewer:
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Platinum the original vibrating is a semi realistic vibrator that is suitable for vaginal usage and also safe to use anally. The original is best for those that prefer some girth to their toys. It is easily insertable since it is firm and rounded but beginners might find it to be a bit too much. This is especially true if used anally.

Since the shaft is firm and does not bend the Original is not a great choice for g-spot stimulation though for general vaginal stimulation it performs well.

The Platinum Original is waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower. Just be careful not to accidentally unscrew the battery cap. The battery cap and dial for the controls are right next to each other so it would be easy to accidentally unscrew the wrong one.

Material / Texture

The Platinum Original is made from Doc Johnson's new Platinum Silicone. The silicone is smooth and has virtually no smell. What smell it does have is simply from being new and once you wash the Platinum Original a few times that smell will go away. It is body safe and phthalates free and is a nice step up from the material that the Original was first made of back in the day. The silicone has a slight drag to it and is rather shiny, almost pearlescent. The silicone is firm but there is a slight amount of plushness that can be felt at the head of the shaft. The shaft of the Original is veined to give it a realistic appearance. These are mainly there for aesthetic reasons as the veined texture cannot be felt when using the toy.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The Platinum Original is a realistic style vibrator but since it's a bright pearly pink it's obviously not completely realistic looking. The shape of the shaft is realistic though both in the head and the veins on the shaft, although the veins are more pronounced than they are on the typical man.

One area where the realistic factor dramatically drops is when using the toy. There is no flexibility with the Platinum Original and so it does not give you that realistic feel. The vibe is actually a sleeve over top of a hard plastic traditional vibrator, which is what makes it so rigid. So while it looks somewhat realistic it performs more like a traditional style vibrator.

The removable vibrator is a nice touch for other reasons though. First and foremost this means that your Platinum Original should last you a lifetime as you could always replace the inner vibrator if and when the motor dies out. It also allows you to remove the sleeve to sterilize it. The first time you remove the sleeve it can be a bit hard, but once you have it off that first time it's easy to put back on and remove by adding a bit of lubricant. (Water based only since this is a silicone toy.)

The size will work out for most people, though some might find it too long to fully insert. This is dependent on the user's anatomy. With 7 1/2 inches of insertable length though, it would not be unusual for someone to not be able to fit all of it. The diameter of 1 1/2 inches will be suitable for most and with a bit of lubricant is easily inserted. Someone who is new to penetrative play might want to start off with a smaller toy, but for the average user it should not be too large.
    • Realistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Platinum Original has a simple twist dial control that allows you to choose just the right amount of vibration for you. It is not a power house of a vibrator but it should be adequate for most users, and pretty standard for vibrators that take 2 AA batteries. The vibrations carry well through the silicone, and the vibrations are rather deep and not the buzzy, surface type vibrations.

The control is easy to turn, just be sure you're turning the dial and not the battery cap itself. On these types of vibrators it's important to take the batteries out between uses so that they do not drain.

The noise factor is pretty average with this toy. It is not so discreet that you could use it in the same room as somebody and not be heard but it should not be heard through a closed door, except for maybe in the smallest of rooms or in the quietest. What noise there is could also easily be concealed with a radio on rather low.
    • Easy to use
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The Platinum Silicone is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. You could also use a toy cleaner on the toy. If you would like to sanitize your vibrator you can do so with a 10% bleach solution while the toy is intact or you can remove the sleeve for other sterilizing options. With the silicone sleeve removed you can either boil the toy in water for a few minutes or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

You should only use a water based lubricant with this toy. Silicone lubricants could react poorly with the material.

This silicone toy can be stored with other silicone toys or you could store it in the box that it comes in to ensure that it does not pick up lint or hair between uses. The silicone is a bit of a lint magnet so the original box or a plastic bag is a good idea.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

I personally found this toy to be a bit too rigid for my liking. I found the straight shaft to be a bit uncomfortable and it was hard to find a way to thrust it in a way that was comfortable for my hand and pleasurable for me. I actually had far more luck with the sleeve and the inner vibrator separate. With the sleeve removed the silicone can flex and move and feels a lot more realistic and the hard plastic vibrator makes a great clitoral stimulator. When I first saw this toy I thought that the flared base might allow me to get some clitoral stimulation from the toy while using it vaginally. Unfortunately my anatomy did not allow for that and about an inch and a half from the base I found I could not insert in any further.

When using the toy together as is intended I found it best to use with a partner. That allows for better positioning and maneuverability.

I do really like the silicone though, and I am glad to see that Doc Johnson is making toys from this material since it is much preferable and much safer than the old materials.
Follow-up commentary
I normally wait longer to write a follow up review. But, I just couldn't wait on this one. It turns out that now that I've gotten used to the size and the rigid shaft I absolutely LOVE this vibrator. While I still don't really like it for long thrusts, I have found it absolutely wonderful for quick short thrusts and for shaking back and forth. It's so filling and firm that it feels awesome and this is actually now one of my most go to toys. I think at this point I'd even raise the stars to 5, I just love it and apparently just had to give it a chance!!
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  • bzzingbee
    I was curious about these, thanks for the great review.
  • Airen Wolf
    So nice to see an old friend upgraded to a more body safe material!
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    Excellent review of a cute looking toy. Too bad it didn't work out as you'd hoped though.
  • Tuesday
    Could you use this if you took the vibrator out of it? Would it be too bendable?
  • Alicia
    Yep, in the Personal Comments section I touched on that a little bit. It's really bendable that way but it's still pretty easily insertable and it was pretty comfortable. The sleeve is pretty thick so it's like using a silicone dildo, though a hollow one. I even once stuck one of my corded bullets down the empty sleeve shaft and while it rattled around like crazy it did give a bit of vibration while still allowing it to be flexible since it was just the sleeve and then a tiny bullet inside. My favorite way actually is to use the sleeve inserted and then just use the inner vibrator as a clitoral stimulator. It literally is two toys in one!

    You just have to ignore the "pop/suck" noises that come from moving it because the sleeve will suction together and then pop apart.
  • Sammi
    I like this Platinum line quite a bit

    Great review!
  • mllebeauty
    Thanks for the review. Very helpful to know it's so firm...
  • lezergirl
    great review!!
  • haley730
    great review
  • Maiden
    I have the vaculock dildo of this type, and I LOVE how it feels. I might like to have one where I can find the perfect traditional vibe with enough power. I might have to try this!

    Thanks for the review!
  • ToriTastic
  • MK434
    Great review! I'm glad you have come to love it!
  • Alyona
    Thanks for the great review!
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