Aria's vibrating bigboy - realistic vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Crystal_Rose

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This is an aria that will have even the opera haters hitting high notes over!

I have to be in a very particular mood to enjoy this large of a dildo. But when I am, it has proven to be capable of providing some of the most INTENSE sensations I've ever had with a toy. It has pushed the limits of what I thought I was capable of handling...
Beautiful design, incredible price, provides a very intense experience!
Nothing, nada, zilch.
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Best I can tell the Aria's vibrating Big Boy is the middle child of a line featuring the slightly larger Devinn Lane's Reflective Emperor (same measurements as the Aria, with only a 1/4 of an inch increase in circumference), and the smaller Stormy's Favorite (which has a 5 inch circumference and a 1 3/4 inch diameter). Initially I was interested in the Emperor, but since it was already chock-full of reviews, I decided to pick the Aria as my assignment last month and let me tell you, it has proven to be one of the most interesting assignments I've gotten lately.

First off let me just say that I'm actually glad the Emperor was unavailable for assignment, because if that toy is larger than the Aria, then I probably would have chickened out like I'd strongly considered doing after seeing the Aria in person. This dildo is HUGE! By far the largest thing I've ever tried. It is so NOT a toy for beginners, or even some intermediate. I knew it was going to be large after reading the dimensions, and seeing the actual size pics, but I still wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been for what came out of that box!

After getting over the considerable shock of what a six inch circumference (and 2 inch diameter) actually looks like, the next impression I received was just how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing this toy looks. I can honestly say (and without any sense of crudeness or suggestiveness) that I took my time examining my recent addition to the toy box. For the price, you can't beat the realistic casting, from the testicles to the veins running up the shaft to the shape of the head. The color is quite lovely, and the strawberry fragrance was a nice surprise. Even three weeks later the scent is still strong and an enjoyable side benefit.

I found the controls easy to use and the length of the cord just right. The suction cup works GREAT on a flat surface and the vibes are decent for a realistic vibrator running off of AAs. The price is amazing for such a high quality item. I've tried toys much more expensive than this one that were absolute crap in comparison. It's easy to clean, even though you have to watch out for the cord and be careful when cleaning the testicles that you don't accidentally get water somewhere you don't want it. Keep in mind that it is jelly, so you need to use condoms with it, if you plan on sharing it or using it both vaginally or anally.

At first I thought it might not be hard enough. Your first impression may be that it's not as stiff as some other dildos, but I actually found that this is a good thing. Besides feeling more realistic (real men aren't made from plastic or metal! Lol!) you can also ride it pretty hard without having to worry about damaging yourself internally, and with a dildo this large, that's definitely something worth considering. I found I had to hold the tip of it firmly when guiding it in (usually I can just sit on a dildo or hold it at the base and it pops right in) but once I had the tip in, it wasn't going anywhere and it felt absolutely incredible sliding in!
As far as using this dildo vaginally, that's not why I selected this toy. Although I have no doubts as to its performance capability in that regard, so long as one is experienced enough to handle a toy with this large of a girth. I was looking for something to use as an anal toy and boy, did I ever find one that fits the bill! First off due to the design of the base, it's perfectly safe for that. If the size wouldn't stop you from bottoming out, then the testicles would. There's no chance of losing this one.

Second, I discovered something very interesting about this toy that I wasn't expecting; it's thicker around the internal bullet than it is further down the shaft. As the bullet is at the tip of the dildo, this provides a shape kind of similar to that of a butt plug. The tip of the toy expands to a flared ridge, before narrowing past that point into the general shape of the staff. I don't know if this was an intentional side benefit of the design or not, but as a result, this has become the most intense toy I've used in anal play; and that's saying something.

The thicker part around the bullet stretches the sphincter muscle further than you might think you can handle (and I'm fairly advanced in that area so I'm not saying that lightly). Then just when you don't think you take it anymore, it slides in on an amazing wave of sensation/endorphin high. It then settles comfortably into place just like a large butt plug would. But rather than locking into place with very little give the way a butt plug would, this toy has a long shaft that you can ride and thrust in and out while still having that flared portion settled deep inside you.

I've used some of the largest anal toys on the market, and I've never had one fill me up to the max the way this dildo does. It rides a fine line between pleasure and pain, and can be quite overwhelming, even to the experienced player. And if you can take the dildo balls deep, then you will find that the sensation of the testicles against your skin adds an interesting effect too. They aren't just for looks! Lol!

So, to recap, I'm absolutely thrilled with my latest addition. This is a toy that if it broke, I would replace it as fast as I possibly could. It has earned a permanent place in my list of favorites. Again, I would not recommend this toy to newbies, I'd tell them to start smaller. But if you are experienced enough, or enjoy a little bit of bite with your pleasure, then this realistic vibrator will rock your world! ;)
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  • Mamastoys
    It is supposed to smell like strawberries?? That is odd...
    Is there one bullet or more than one? Can it/they be removed?
    Is there one setting or more and how do you adjust the setting?
    Glad you enjoyed it and could find several uses for it.
  • Crystal_Rose
    Yes, its supposed to smell like strawberries. It's scented. Smile There is only one bullet and it cannot be removed. The dial is just a typical roll dial. How far you roll it determines how strong the vibes are. There are no preset speeds. Hope this helps!
  • Mamastoys
    Thanks for the answers! Smile
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