Inflatable realistic vibrator

To swell is to be swollen

This toy really broadened my horizons and showed me sensations I never knew existed! That being said, there is still room for improvement, and things I wish it did differently. But that's not to say this isn't a great toy, it absolutely is! It's so close to being perfect!
Decent size, feels amazing, realistic feel
Inflation distribution, light vibrations
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I was so excited to get this toy in the mail! It was delivered right on time, as is everything I order off of Eden. Aside from the plain inconspicuous brown shipping box, the toy was wrapped in a simple clear bag. My first impression was that it had a very realistic and pliable feel to it, which I really like. There is a 16-inch black hose that comes from the base of the toys testicles that leads to the hand pump. On the pump is a quick-release button that deflates the toy instantly. There is also a thin wire coming from the top of the suction cup that goes to the dial controlled battery pack.
The vibrations of this toy are pretty soft compared to many other toys I've tried. It seems to only have 2 vibration settings, with 1 being just a little stronger than the other. The vibrations are also different as most of the vibration seems to originate from the base, with it almost echoing up thru it, making it feel very mild.

It's made from polyurethane-coated plastic, is hypoallergenic and latex-free. Which is great for those who, like myself, suffer from latex sensitivity. Clean up is also a breeze, as a simple toy cleaner can be used for convenience. Or if you prefer soap and water clean up, the hose and cord placement make that easy to accomplish with minimal hassle. And keep in mind that you'll only want to use a water-based lubricant with this toy.

My first experience with this toy blew my mind! I can honestly say that I've never felt a sensation like it in my life! After squeezing the pump 2 times, I was hooked! My absolute favorite thing to do with this is to feel it grow inside me and quickly deflate. Around 6 pumps and I'm in heaven. I took the liberty of measuring the circumference to see the growth. At 2 pumps it goes from 5 1/4" to 6". At 4 pumps it's at 6 3/4". At 6 pumps it's 7 3/8". At 8 pumps it's at 8 1/8". It appears to max out at the 10 pump mark making it a whopping 9 1/8" circumference! Any more than that and I fear it may damage either the toy or the person using it.

I've had this toy for a couple of months now, and while I still like it a lot, there's one part of it that I wish I could change. That being where it inflates at. I really wish it inflated more towards the head of the toy as opposed to the middle and base inflating. Not only does it start to resemble a full-term pregnant woman when it's fully inflated, but I also fear that using this too much will just ruin my lady bits. Aside from that, I'd say this is a great toy and would 100% recommend it to anyone!
Follow-up commentary
This toy has caused a small amount of discomfort when inflated too much. I really wish the part of it that inflated was more at the head, as opposed to the base and center. I feel like it would be more pleasurable if it didn't have to stretch the opening of my vagina and the inflated feeling was more internal. I would still call this a great toy, though! Especially if you've never experienced that inflation feeling before. I'm definitely going to try the swell rabbit next, as it seems to be more geared toward the sensation I'm seeking.
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  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Excellent review. Very helpful to include the size accordingly to the number of pumps. Some pictures would have been nice, although the video does exhibit how it performs.
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