Latex stud multi-speed vibe - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Kitty Mow!

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Well Hung, Indeed!

While this toy didn't give me any epiphanies, or even make more angels sing for me when I came than usual, it was solid, dependable, and straightforward. I enjoyed it. It's quite large, which is just what a girl needs sometimes, energy efficient, and a lot of fun. If you can spring for a more realistic material, do so, but if you're financially strapped or just starting out, this is a great go-to toy for insertion combine with vibration.
Good vibrations, wonderful size, well-designed controls. Fairly quiet.
Latex can be a problem, takes forethought. Can be frustrating to keep clean.
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A former partner introduced me to a term: "Gazinta". ("Goes into", but I'm Californian, so we slur a lot. Now it's a cute little nickname.) Unbeknown to me, or him, at the time, this term would become invaluable, and no more so than with this toy.

I personally would use this guy for internal applications. Yes, it's a vibe, and so has a myriad other uses, but really, I found it to be best for internal use. I've only used it solo, but I imagine it would work better with a partner, to help with the thrusting. It does work fairly well if you straddle it, bracing the end against the mattress (or whatever surface you're enjoying yourself on), and ride off into the sunset.

Material / Texture

It's latex, so that should be known. If that's an issue for you, simply cover it with a non-latex condom, and be sure to use latex-friendly lube, which I recommend. I am not a woman who has issues with lubrication, ever, and I found myself desiring some. It felt almost like the latex *absorbed* some of the fluids.

I'd say the use of latex did make this vibe feel more realistic, in combination with the design of it. Sure, there are other materials that would probably feel more lifelike, such as Softskin, Cyberskin, or the others now on the market. However, soft latex is a *vast* improvement over possibilities such as jelly rubber. More lifelike materials are, however, generally considerably more expensive, so if you can handle latex, and you're looking for something that resembles the textures more often found in nature, that you can afford, this is a good choice.

One caveat: because it's latex, it tends to pick up dust and fibers easily. Be aware of this, and plan, clean, and store your toys accordingly.

Design / Shape / Size

I was in the market for a realistically-shaped vibrator/dildo combination, and this fit the bill perfectly.

It is awfully thick, enough that I was surprised by it. I like large penises, and was still startled by how hard it was to work it in, and how much I still felt it, even a few hours after finishing. This, by the way, is not a complaint! Just something that a person who is either unused to large insertables, or is uncomfortable with them, should be aware of. It was long enough that it consistently bumped my cervix, which is quite painful for many women. It works really well for me, and the vibrations were strong enough that when the head was pressed against my cervix, I felt it all the way through to my anus and tailbone. I approve. :)

I would not, due to its size, try to hide it. It looks exactly like what it is. If you do travel with it, be prepared to either own it and work it when you get stopped by security at the airport, or check it in your luggage.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Latex transmits vibrations well, so you feel it all the way through. It doesn't go through batteries particularly fast (I used it for an hour the first time, and longer than that the second, and there are still no signs of needing to replace the batteries. Impressive!)

Generally speaking, I prefer toys that don't have the dial on the base--it's too easy to screw with the settings when you're thrusting with it, or to turn it on accidentally while you're trying to clean it or store it, or whatever. However, this one wasn't bad, at all. The dial doesn't move very easily, so it stays where you put it. It is a long enough toy, that if you're by yourself, you might find it interesting to try to *change* those settings without removing it completely, but your mileage may, and probably will, vary. I've got short arms.

It's fairly quiet, especially for how strong the vibrations are. It's not waterproof. It does have an O-ring at the base, implying that it might be waterproof, but I wouldn't take the chance.

Care and Maintenance

Don't immerse it, don't use it in the shower, and please, take out the batteries when you're cleaning it with soap and water. Dry everything off, carefully. Store it with the batteries removed. And when you're drying it off, either air dry, or use a lint-free cloth. I'm fond of microfiber, or you might even just invest in some of the cleaning solutions you can get here on this website. Again, I reiterate, don't use an oil-based lube--they can break down the material, both destroying the toy in the long run, and increasing the chances of the toy harboring all kinds of nastiness in the short run. It's just not a good idea.

There are storage options you can get here at Eden, and you can also make your own storage bags, if that's something you prefer. I'd recommend plain cotton or linen, silk, or microfiber. All of those fabrics shed very few fibers, and that's a consideration you should keep in mind. I wouldn't use paper towels and a plastic baggie, which is usually a tried-and-true method, since the towel will shed fibers and the plastic will stick to the toy, frustrating you at an inopportune moment.


Basic clamshell, cheesy soft-porn packaging. I used a can opener to get through the plastic. There were enough instructions, including suggestions for cleaning and storage. I would, if I were giving this as a gift, be okay with leaving it in the plastic, but I'd wrap it, and I would never use the material for storage. It would be a good touch if you were to open it for the person you're giving it to: rigid plastic such as this came has a tendency to slice your fingers open, generally ruining the mood.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • ShadowKitten
    curious about how do-able this would be for an intermediate anal toy user (1.5" diameter plugs pop in with little difficulty) as I want a longer more phallic vibe for anal play but on a budget... have you tried using it as an anal vibe?
  • Kitty Mow!
    @ShadowKitten I haven't tried as an anal toy. It doesn't have a flange, so I wouldn't recommend it. It broadens very slightly at the base, but not enough that I'd risk the potential dangers.
  • ShadowKitten
    thanks for the quick response!
    I know it doesn't have a base really but thats not overly a concern for me as it's length is basically the same as the 'depth' I can currently take before I 'hit a wall'.
    I was hoping you had maybe tried it because I'm just a bit worried about being able to handle to the full girth of the toy. (your opinion in the review suggests it's quite big though as I said in my last comment plugs of the same size, well, at the widest point, haven't been a problem for me yet)

    Thanks for the review, it has eased me into thinking it's worth giving a try and if I can't fit it yet I will soon after some more stretching
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