Pinpoint clit stimulator

A lovely tease!

I’d really recommend this toy for introducing into sex since it’s small and versatile. Can also be good for warming yourself up, or for following through to the end if you have steady hands!
-Nice and small
-very versatile
-no storage for extra tips
-vibes weaken with pressure
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First impression

The first thing I noticed about the clit love was how petite it is! That’s a good thing in my book; I like toys that are small since they are generally much easier to hold and feel a little more intimate than, say, a Magic Wand. The silicone is super soft and smooth, as is true of all Eden toys I’ve tried so far; I ended up fidgeting with the ice cream scoop-shaped attachment for a while after opening it…

First Use

As usual, I tried this out in the shower for the first time. I like to test out vibes there to get a feel for the functions without actually trying to make myself finish, so I know what to expect.

Right away, I liked the previously mentioned “ice cream scoop” attachment the best. The rabbit-eared one is okay but a bit small for my anatomy. I definitely didn’t like the other spiky tips much; Not for any particular reason, just personal preference, I guess.

One thing I found myself liking was the button placement. A lot of toys have a button on the side, which makes them easy to reach, but almost TOO easy… I end up accidentally pressing them sometimes and have to cycle back to the setting I was on, which throws off my rhythm a lot! But on this toy, it’s on the very back, so it’s easy to press when you need it, but not right where your fingers rest while naturally holding the toy.

Further Experience

I’ve found this is a really nice “warm-up” toy. It’s not overly powerful, so it takes a long time to reach orgasm for me (around 30-40 minutes). Mainly the intensity isn’t the problem, and it’s just that you have to get it in just the right spot and keep it there, and I am quite… twitchy. For some reason, when I’m being sexually stimulated in any way, it seems my muscles progressively forget how to function in a reasonable manner as time goes on! But that’s just my problem; Having a partner or just better hand control would probably eliminate any issue.

I’ve found myself getting the clit love out mostly for those times I want to really take my time and enjoy myself; It’s nice to tease with for a while before switching to a more powerful toy. I can imagine it would be super nice during foreplay with a partner, especially since it could be used on a penis or nipples if you’re looking to tease.

Overall it’s not my favorite toy, but not my least favorite, either. I think if I had a partner, though, that would be different since it works best for foreplay for me. I also require pretty strong vibrations to get off, so if you’re more sensitive than that, don’t let me scare you away from trying it even if you don’t have a partner!

Vibration Map

Since this guy is quite small, the vibrations aren’t crazy intense and do diffuse throughout the whole toy. That’s the price you have to pay with smaller toys. The higher settings are still quite strong, though, so for the average person, they’re more than enough.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I have made myself cum a few times with the clit love; None have been the best since I have trouble keeping the thing in contact with my body throughout the orgasm due to my aforementioned trembling. It is quite fun to tease with it when you’re right on the edge, though, since it’s so pinpointed!
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