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Azura's Review on "Delilah"

This item was well worth the money spent on it! The handle and head are designed very well, and it is a great vibrator for the money! Better for a first time user because of its mild vibrations. But this toy is a great piece for any collection, or for those of us looking for a little more reach when your body is at an odd angle!
Very nice design
Longer Handle
The vibrations could be considerably stronger
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This is a wonderful vibrator all in all, and I'm about to tell you why!

Delilah has a flat head that curves out for great clitoral stimulation. And because the toy is 7 1/2" in length, you have a really easy time laying back and relaxing while having a little play time as well. The flat head is really great for pinpointing certain areas that are the most sensitive. The head is large enough to not only excite the clit, but also get into the surrounding areas down south.

This toy is intended for clitoral and labial stimulation, as well as being able to get into the vaginal entrance. If you are going to insert this toy, you will only be able to do so up to 2 1/2". Although the toy is 7 1/2", there is a silver ridge 2 1/2" down from the head that is intended to be a stopper point.

Personally, I like to turn the toy sideways, and use the scoop edge of the toy for pinpointing certain areas. It seems like the vibrations are more intense around the edges, and therefore more pleasing.

When using this toy internally, I find it easier to be using it from a sitting up position. It is really nice to stroke up and down inside the vaginal area, and also twisting and turning the head around for extra sensations.

And what makes it even better is that this toy is waterproof! I have not tried submerging it underwater, because I don't have a bathtub, but it works great in the shower.

This toy is great for using alone in bed or in the shower, for having your partner use it on you, or anytime and any way during sex. It is really nice that the toy is a little longer, so it gives you a great reach when your intertwined in different positions!

This is a great vibrator for anyone. Beginners or advanced users alike.

The only point that I would like to make about this vibrator, is that it is a very mild vibrator. All in all it is wonderful, and a great buy, but this toy will not send you to the moon and back! The vibrations are strong and steady, but to achieve orgasm with this toy alone, you better clear your afternoon schedule and get to work! So I guess to sum this toy up, I would say that it is exactly how it looks. Pretty average! Nothing over the top or intimidating about Delilah, but then again nothing bad!

Material / Texture

Delilah is a lavender colored toy made out of plastic. The toy is hard, smooth, and does not have a taste or smell. Because it is plastic, it does not bend or move in any way. It is also non-porous. The hard and smooth texture doesn't really add any extra stimulation, but it also does not take away from the toy either. It has really nice, strong vibrations so would be great for beginners or more experienced users!

Design / Shape / Size

Delilah is 7 1/2" in overall length. At the bottom of the toy you will find the battery compartment, and the twist dial for turning it on, and up. The top of the toy curves over into a scoop. It kind of reminds me of a slightly flattened out spoon that vibrates. I really love that the head folds slightly over and fans out, so you can stimulate a larger area. This toy has a nice long handle on it, so you get a better and easier reach.

The scooped head of the toy is designed to pinpoint the clit, which it does do effectively, but keep in mind that the vibrations of this toy are quite mild. Overall, the design of this toy is a great idea, and it does feel very nice. The size of the scoop is just big enough to arouse those sensitive areas, and having the long handle is such a nice benefit.

The toy weighs .2lbs and is 7 1/2" long. So it is a longer toy, but pretty small around. It is a durable toy, so you could easily throw it in your suitcase for travel, but not the best idea to have in your purse. Its just a little too long! Probably better to just leave this one at home.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy has a small dial at the base that you simply twist to turn on, and continue twisting to progress through the vibration intensities. It is one steady vibe all the time, the intensity is the only thing that varies. When you turn it on, the entire toy vibrates, but it the strongest at the head. When I first tried this toy, I tried just using it at its lowest setting, and realized very quickly that you really need to crank this baby up to get the full effect. I guess it is just a very basic and mild vibrator. It is a very simple and easy to use design. I wouldn't say that this toy was a disappointment at all, but could definately use just a little more "umph" under its ass.

When the toy is at its lowest intensity it is not all that loud, but could be heard from across a quiet room if its not buried in blankets. When you get it to the highest setting its still not as loud as "rabbit" toys, but not the quietest of toys.

This toy is waterproof. It works great in the shower, and most certainly holds up. I will never get the chance to submerge it in water because I don't have a bathtub, but from what I read in other reviews, it must be pretty sturdy. I love waterproof toys, and this met my expectations when we got in the shower together!

Care and Maintenance

Delilah is made out of plastic, so she is very easy to clean and care for. You can clean it with hot water and soap, or an antibacterial wipe. It is also waterproof, so you dont have to worry as much about water getting into places that could ruin the toy. It is highly recommended that you clean this toy after every use, just like you would mostly all other toys!

I store it in the small purple mesh bag that came along with the toy. And i usually throw it all inside of a dark drawer where I store most of my other toys! Yay for toy boxes!

Delilah can be used with oil, water, or silicone based lubes.

She can also be used along with another toy for added stimulation. You can have Delilah working on the clit while using another toy for vaginal stimulation. Whatever works for you i guess! But I would imagine that you would need a partner if your going to be using this toy and another at the same time.


Delilah came packaged in a nice purple box. Not really anything special by any means, so I will end up throwing the box away after this review! The face of the box opens up by Velcro to reveal a few paragraphs of instructions and other toys that are also available from the brand. Inside of the box was my new toy, and also a wonderful purple see-through storing bag! I love how Delilah looks, and how she looks inside of this cute bag. They also packaged the toy with a small battery diagram, just in case you couldn't figure it out on your own!

Now I would just like to make a point of this, but when I buy a new toy, I would like them to come looking new as well. And as strange as this may sound, this toy almost looked used when I got it. It was sealed up in airtight plastic, and also in an unopened box, but when I looked at it under the light there were already scratches and dings on the flat head of the toy. A little strange right?
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  • Kayla
    Thanks for the review. Smile
  • Alan & Michele
    That is strange about the scratches, but we've gotten a factory sealed toy or two like that ourselves before. I guess maybe they just aren't always real careful when they're tossing these things down the conveyor belt... or wherever it is that they toss them (lol).
    Nice review!
  • ......
    Catchy title. Nice review, thanks!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • Sammi
    Too bad it's weak.
    Nice review!
  • azurapril1
    Ya it was pretty wierd, I've never had something like that happen. But I guess thats just how it goes sometimes! Ha

    And thank you everyone for the great feedback!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review
  • lamira
    Thanks for the great review!!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
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    great review
  • sixfootsex
    Thanks for the review! I like the sound of the vibrations intensified around the ridges.
  • MrGoodTool
    Thanks for the review!
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