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The Lily is a wonderfully designed vibrator (which is what we have all come to expect from Lelo). I would have liked her to be a little more powerful, but as she is, she's great for using in conjunction with an internal toy or for discreet travel. That, and she's rechargeable.
Well-designed, elegant, almost silent, made of body-friendly material
I was hoping for a little more power.
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Lelo products obviously need no introduction from me. They are, as a rule, high quality toys made of bodysafe materials, and the Lily is no exception. The basics: Lily is made from ABS plastic and has a velvety coating (unlike her sister toy, the Nea, which has a smooth texture). She is rechargeable (with charger included). Lily also comes with a satin storage pouch and a one year warranty. It's a pretty attractive package, both literally (the box is beautiful, sturdy, and reusable) and figuratively.

Lily herself is very elegant. She's small enough to fit in my palm. She's got a very gentle curve that fits right over the labia. There are two buttons on the underside of the curve, a off/- button and an on/+ button. Both buttons light up when either one is pressed. The vibrator itself is housed in the narrow tip: this is the focus point of all the vibrations, although they do travel nicely throughout the entire length of the Lily.

Lily generally takes about two hours to charge from a drained battery. Lelo's user's manual states that she will hold a charge for seven hours. I usually cheat and charge her after every couple of uses, so I cannot attest to how long the charge lasts. She's never died on me, though. When the Lily is charging, the lights behind the buttons blink. You'll know when she's fully charged when the lights remain steadily on rather than blinking. The Lily should be used at least once every 90 days to keep the battery in good working order.

Cleanup is pretty easy (soap and water, toy wipes, or toy cleaner), but I have one warning: be sure not to get water into the hole for the charger at the base of the Lily. Baaaaaad things will happen, namely a very expensive broken vibrator. Plastic cannot be fully sterilized, so be cautious if sharing.
When I use the Lily, I'm a little underwhelmed by the strength of the vibrations. It takes me longer to come with the Lily than it does in general with other small clitoral vibrators like Fun Factory's LayaSpot. She is, however, nearly silent, which I suppose is the positive tradeoff for less power. There are five vibration modes: the first is a continuous vibration, which you can increase by either pressing or holding down the + button. Once you reach the highest continuous setting, pressing the + button again will take you into the first pulsation pattern (the long pulse). Press + again and you get a slightly faster pluse setting. Press + again for the really fast pulses. Press + a final time for a continuous increading/decreasing pulse. From there, pressing the – button takes you back down to the first, continuous mode, from which you can decrease the speed until the vibrator switches off.

Honestly, I have a hard time telling the difference in power between the Lily and Lelo's Mia. Lily is definitely not as powerful as the LayaSpot, which will probably remain my go-to clitoral vibrator (I also find that it covers a larger surface area than the Lily, which I like). Lily would be an excellent travel vibe because of size and her lovely portable packaging. Despite the fact that she's lacking a little in the power department, I definitely enjoy using her in conjunction with another toy or if I'm in no hurry and want to enjoy the ride a little. Lelo bills the Lily/Nea and the Ella as companion toys, and that's where the Lily really shines, in my opinion.

Another aspect of the Lily that ought to be mentioned is that since she is so small and unintimidating, she'd work great during partner sex. And as I said above, she does work really nicely when coupled with another form of stimulation. She would definitely add nice, unobtrusive clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

All in all, I'd say that if you're looking for a strong vibrator that will get the job quickly and on its own, this may not be the vibe for you. However, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly, quiet, discreet, elegant, well-made toy with middle-of-the-road power, the Lily is perfect.
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  • Miss KissThis
    Thanks for mentioning where the vibrations are concentrated. Nice review and comparisons Smile
  • Epiphora
    Yes! Comparisons to other toys! That is the most useful thing to me.
  • Airlia
    Wow great and really informative review! I tend to like longer sessions and don't want it to die, so hopefully the 7 hour thing is accurate Smile
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the review. Smile I have the Nea, though am kicking myself in the Ass for not getting a Lily.
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm glad comparisons to other toys are useful!
  • Scarlet's Letter
    I agree that Lily isn't as powerful as it could be. I love a lot of power in my clitoral vibes, but other than that, I adore the Lily. Glad you like it also! Thanks for the lovely review.
  • Victoria
    The shape, rechargeable aspect and portability make this toy stand out to me. Good suggestions of ways to pair it with other toys / a partner. Thanks!
  • Backseat Boohoo
    I want a Lily or a Nea, but I don't know if I can bring myself to spend that kind of money on something that isn't super-powerful.
  • Mae Baby
    I agree with Backseat, for something over $100 I would want a little more power. However, the almost silent part intrigues me and that this might be a nice toy to use so I don't wake up hubby in the middle of the night.
  • Renewing Desire
    I agree with the power as well. Another intensity or two would do it for me, so it's close in the power department. My Lily is louder than nearly silent though, especially past the first 2 or 3 speed levels. Do you think I just got a slightly noisy one...?

    It is a super cute toy though. I think it's my favorite, design wise. If only it had a bit more kick it would be perfect.
  • Minxy
    Hi Toygirl2,
    I'm contemplating purchasing the Lily but I'm concerned about the power. Is the lily as strong as a standard bullet vibe? If not, is it a high buzz or a lower frequency vibration? I'm really loving all the great properties of this toy, I'm just afraid after reading several reviews that I wont be able to reach orgasm with her.
  • PuplePleasures
    Amazing review, thanks
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    Nice review thank you.
  • AlaskanBeauty
    Great review!
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    Thanks for the review.
  • PirateofPenance
    thank you!
  • Kissy
    Sorry it wasn't more powerful, but I appreciate that, cause I don't like a lot of power!
  • Yoga
    Thanks for review.
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    Thanks for the review
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