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Je t'aime cinq

Traditional vibrator by Icon Brands

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Je T'aime had me fooled - all the noise it was spouting had me thinking this was one strong vibrator. Turns out, all that noise was just noise. There's only one vibration setting offered and it's not a very powerful one. There are five pattern options for those that like that. Sadly, I'm not one of those people. The shape and size were perfect, but the hard to operate control and lack of power just lost me.
Smaller size
Handle allows for easy use
Satiny finish
Weak vibration with a lot of noise
No variation in power settings
Hard to operate button control
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Je T'aime Cinq (or "I Love You Five") is a smaller traditional vibrator by Icon Brands. Its small size means this can comfortably be used internally and externally. While the base does flare, providing a handle and a saftey net for anal use, I would caution that the battery compartment twists before the handle. This just means you should take caution that it doesn't untwist during use and become lost internally.

Je T'aime can be used alone or with a partner. It's not quite so small that it's ideal in size for use during sex, but it can be used that way if you're in a pinch. It's also waterproof for shower or bath time fun.

Material / Texture

Je T'aime is made of plastic. This puts it at an 8 on the saftey scale. The plastic featured on Je T'aime has a satin finish. It is smooth and hard but feels slightly less unforgiving to me than some other plastics. It's not as soft as a plastic with a coating to it, but the satin finish does seem to soften the plastic blow to some extent. This might just be a case of mind over matter and me thinking that satiny looking things clearly should be softer than metal looking things. Don't misunderstand - it is plastic and it IS hard. There's no give to be found here. It's just a little softer of a finish than a regular gloss plastic or metal coated plastic.

There is no overwhelming plastic smell to Je T'aime. In fact, there's no plastic smell at all. There is a plastic taste, but that's to be expected with a plastic toy.

There's no added texture to Je T'aime. No bumps, ridges, or nubs to be found here. Those who like texture should look elsewhere. Otherwise, beginners and advanced users should like the satiny feel to be found on Je T'aime.

Design / Shape / Size

Je T'aime Cinq is so named (I'm guessing) because of it's close to five inch length size. I got a different measurement than the product page on one thing. Keep in mind I'm not always the best with measurements, so take mine with a grain of salt.

I'm getting a total length of 5.75 inches of which about 4 is insertable. The product page says 5.75 inches long total and 4.25 inches insertable. We both agree on 1 inch in diameter. The handle is 1.75 inches wide.

Je T'aime fits nicely in my hand. If I hold it to the tip of my middle finger it doesn't quite make it down to my wrist.

Since I like my vibrators on the smaller side, I really liked both the length and width of Je T'aime. It worked well for multiple uses for me from thrusting to rotating to simply leaving it inserted and pairing it up with a clit vibe. Those that prefer smaller vibrators, like me, may well also the size of Je T'aime. Size queens will likely be disappointed and left wanting more by this little vibe, however. This would also be a good starter size vibrator as it's not overly intimidating.

Je T'aime looks pretty much like a vibrator and isn't very discreet. It's shaped very traditionally. I wouldn't leave this one out if you don't want guests knowing what you're doing. Luckily, it's small size means it's easy to hide away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

One button on the handle of the vibrator controls the functions of Je T'aime. Let me start by saying this button is my least favorite thing on Je T'aime. I thought it had repeating patterns for a long time because I couldn't get the hang of how to change to the next one. If you press quickly it stops the pattern for a second making you think you've moved to the next one but doesn't actually move unless you hold the button down for a second. It took me a good few days to get the hang of doing it right and not think I was going nuts every time I tried to use it. Anyway, pressing and holding for about one second will change to the next setting. Holding for about three seconds will turn it off. I had no problems hitting this button during use because the handle offered me somewhere to grip that was no where near the button.

A strange thing about Je T'aime is that it starts on a pattern, not a steady vibration. The steady vibration is an option, but it's a few options in. I found that a bit odd. Usually the steady vibration mode is first. I've always assumed that was what most people used and thus why it was the first option. If that's the reason why, I'm guessing having to scroll through some patterns might annoy a few people. I know it annoyed me.

The first pattern goes through three pulse speeds - slow, medium, and fast. The next pattern pulses and then vibrates steadily. The pulse is a moderate speed. The third is super rapid pulses that feel almost like a steady vibration. The fourth is actually the steady vibration setting. The fifth is two pulses - moderate then fast - and then what feels like a surge where it goes from mid to higher strength.

You'll notice there was no mention of change in power level. That's because there's only one power level offered. Before I get into that power level, I'd like to discuss the noise level. This is a louder vibrator. I can hear it audibly through covers and hear a muffled version of it through a closed door. I wanted to mention this first because for a while, the noise really had me fooled. I would hear it and think "wow this thing packs a punch!" Then I would use it and I wasn't orgasming as hard internally as I wanted to and I couldn't orgasm at all externally. I was super confused because I was just sure it was powerful given all the noise it was producing. The noise is deceiving and really the power level is just moderate. I'd say it comes in at a mid level three vroom level, if not a low level three. I'm not sure why it makes all that noise, but it sure did have me fooled for a few days. Tricksy vibrator.

The vibrations are in between buzzy and rumbly with a bit of a lean toward the buzzy side. They're not overly buzzy or numbing, but they certainly aren't rumbly either. They're just about average in type.

The vibrations are strongest near the head and lower shaft of the vibrator. This means the full force of the vibrations will be felt better internally than externally. As mentioned, I wasn't able to orgasm at all from this externally. I couldn't feel much of anything externally, actually. Internally, I could feel it, it just wasn't what I would prefer in terms of power.

Je T'aime takes 2 AAA batteries, not included. The handle unscrews and the batteries are placed inside the shaft of the vibrator. Again, if you do decide to use this anally, do be careful that this doesn't unscrew during use as then the base no longer applies.

This is a waterproof vibrator. It passed a submersion test with no issues. It has an O ring that protects the battery compartment from getting water in it.

Care and Maintenance

Care of Je T'aime is simple since it's waterproof. Simply wash off with soap and water or toy cleaner. I use my toy spray to clean mine.

You can store this in its original packaging or in a pouch. It's plastic, so there are no concerns about this interacting with other materials.

You can use any lube you'd like with this vibrator. Water, oil, and silicone lubes are all okay with plastic material.


Je T'aime comes in a square box that has a Louis Vuitton-esque motif design on the sides and back. The front is clear and the sides are solid white with the Louis Vuitton-y pattern on it. It's held together with a pink wrapper than can be slid down and slid back on if you want to keep the original packaging in tact. The wrapper says "Je T'aime Cinq 5 Function Petite Vibrator Designed In France." So between that and the fact that it's clear, not very discreet. The back has a blurb about being designed in Paris and some info about the features of the vibrator. There are no instructions included, but the back does say "for off depress for 3 seconds" so that you know how to do that.

I think the packaging is cute, but that might be because I like things that look like Louis Vuitton patterns. I'm keeping this to store it in. It's different than other packaging and looks like makeup or something might come in it. I'm not sure I'd call it gift worthy or anything, but it's better than a half naked woman.

Personal comments

The lack of vibration power options and the hard to work button make it hard for me to give this vibrator my recommendation. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have it. I don't have a ton of traditionally shaped vibrators so it's nice to have this one, even if it's weaker than I'd like. The size and shape worked really well for me and I'm sure would for many others as well. It's just the power and usability is lacking in a serious way. While my traditional vibrator collection isn't all that great, I'm betting you can find one that doesn't have a difficult button and a few more power options. If you're an experienced user looking for a moderate power level and the specific patterns listed - then go for it. Otherwise, maybe keep looking.


I swear, the noise level had me fooled for almost a week. No lie. For almost a week I was ready to call this at four vrooms and say my tolerance must have gone up because I couldn't cum from this. I must have been having an extra dingy week this week. No, my tolerance level didn't go up. The power on this just didn't go up either.

Now, this does feel nice in terms of shape and size. It's just the size I like and I enjoyed thrusting this and rotating it around. When I paired this with a clit vibe, I was able to get okay results with it. I was left wondering why they weren't spectacular until I finally realized this tricksy vibrator was all bark and no bite. As a stand alone internal vibrator, it feels nice but can't finish the job.

Externally, I might as well be standing and hoping the air will get me off. I need at least a mid level four vroom to get me to an orgasm and this was at least one full power level below what I needed. I tried a few times and got frustrated even attempting to use this externally. Externally, the vibrations cannot be felt as strongly as internally and I would say it almost felt more like two vrooms when used that way as opposed to the three I felt inside.

I'm sad about the lack of power on this because I really like the shape and size. I also really like the handle because it makes moving this around when I'm also muti-tasking with other toys a lot easier. This could be a great toy if it had just a little bit more kick to it.

The button also was a major point loss for me since it had me confused for about the same amount of time as the noise did. Like I said, dingy week this week.

Overall, I'm giving this a three. I don't hate it. I actually kinda like it. I'm glad I have it and I do think I'll reach for it now and again. I just don't see it making a regular rotation.
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  • Ryuson
    Thanks for the review! Sorry to hear that this one didn't turn out as well as you had hoped! The noise level on this isn't for me.
  • Eva Schwaltz
    At first I was thinking this would be a good toy to carry around with me, but it sounds like it's too noisy and weak. Think I'll just stick to my We vibe Tango for that purpose.
  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. I agree that it's strange that the vibrations start with a pattern.
  • - Kira -
    @Ryuson - you're welcome! It's a bit loud for me, too. I don't really have to have quiet toys but loud ones seem to distract me.

    @Schwaltze - I think it's probably a little big for carry around purposes as well. It's small for a vibrator, but not that small. I have a huge purse and I can't see myself bringing this around with me. I usually keep a bullet or smaller on me.

    @Ivy Wilde - You're welcome! I don't think I've ever had one do that before. And then the contant is four in so it's not even the second one. Weird.
  • P'Gell
    Good review, Kira.

    Sorry the power is weak and it's so loud. I have to do the DR for this one, and now I'm not looking forward to it, much. I hate loud vibrators, as we have children. And, weak vibes won't work for me either.

    Now, I have to find some nice, objective things to say about it.
  • married with children
    great review, thanks for sharing.
  • Do emu
    It's super pretty. Thanks for sharing!
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