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Discreet massager by Big Teaze Toys

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Cute little vibromasseur <3

A fine masseur, a good external sex toy, and an overall cute and sophisticated design. I like the depth and strength of the vibrations, but it's not super duper strong. It's a shame it's so loud, I'd use it more often simply because it's so very relaxing to use.
Attractive, easy to clean, strong, ergonomic.
On the loud side, vibrations are a little diffuse.
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extremely useful review
The orb looked so attractive...it looked cute and sexy. I knew this it wasn’t quite what I was looking for – but I liked looking at it. Yeah, looks matter to me. I like pretty things. And, I think I was also searching for an excuse to buy it, just so I could own something pretty and cute (as if that wasn’t a good enough reason!).

And then, one day, I was daydreaming of an upcoming vacation. I began to think of sore muscles and long flights, and wondered how I could sneak toys into my luggage, when it hit me. I felt brilliant. Granted, it was a simple idea, but I’ll let myself feel brilliant where I can...

I could get a Tuyo, after all it’s the “Vibromasseur”, right? Its perfectly innocent shape could easily pass through security, and on the jets I could help cure restless legs with it and no one would bat an eye... alright, they might bat an eye, but they could only speculate the naughty nature of the spherical massager|Tuyo. Safely at my hotel, it could double up by helping me masturbate.

Satisfied that my reason was perfectly logical, I bought my Tuyo.

When it arrived, it was as cute and sexy as it was in pictures. It has its own little box, and a bed of satin. I kept the box, it’s far too heavy duty to toss. It helps keep the Vibromasseur in place, yes, but without it the Tuyo will not roll away. The button on top is a little flat, so it will rarely roll away from you so long as you set it carefully.

The batteries are notoriously tricky to insert, and I had to take a minute or two to figure out it. It isn’t so much that it’s hard to turn, for me, it’s more that it turns so subtly on its track that it feels like it has not moved at all, and so you twist at it and twist at it like a stubborn pickle jar. In reality, it doesn’t thread on like most vibrators, it’s got a little quarter-turn lock, so it doesn’t need to travel very far at all before the top lifts away.

I inserted the batteries and fired it up. The noise it kicked out surprised me, I hadn’t been expecting it to be quite so loud. I had the vague impression that it was actually echoing on my bedroom walls. It could easily be heard from the hallway outside my bedroom without background noise or a thick blanket. Luckily, I was home alone, so I applied it to my then-sore legs, and then on my crotch through my jeans. Impressive! But not great. Comfortably strong. I like the frequency it uses, it has just enough depth and energy. I knew I could get off with it if I felt like it.

The patterns are fun, too. My favorite is ‘heartbeat’, because I can easily differentiate the rhythm, and it is also the quietest setting next to ‘low’.

While the toy is splash-proof, I have never put it in contact with water. Since I primarily use my Tuyo as a body massager (with optional happy-ending), I mostly use jojoba oil with it. So I generally only use toy cleaner on it. However, if I ever discontinued that practice, soap and water wouldn’t hurt it at all.

Holding the Tuyo is more comfortable than I thought it’d be, I’d say that it is reasonably ergonomic. The Tuyo is on the lighter side, so your wrists and hands will not fatigue too quickly during use. Its round shape is perfectly hand-size for me. The vibrations actually feel quite nice on my hands, as I tend to hold my tension there.

I like my Tuyo, but it’s not my favorite toy. It’s a good multitasker. It provides me with a comfortable body massage in the places it can reach – I wish I were more flexible! It can also be quite fun at sexy-time, too, because the vibrations are quite enthusiastic. It’s also really impressively good on batteries, I’ve owned the Tuyo for three months now, and it’s batteries are still good.
My typical Tuyo session goes as follows: I drip a little jojoba oil|Good clean love on my tired legs and rub briskly so that my skin becomes a little warm from friction. I then rub the Tuyo back and forth, in a long deep stroke up and down my legs, allowing the jojoba oil to slowly absorb into my skin. I rub them all over, slow and hard, while watching TV. I rub jojoba oil on my feet and press the Tuyo deeply into my arch, into the curve at my toes. I go very slowly and use great pressure, and I don’t stop until the oil is totally absorbed into my skin. This usually takes about 20 minutes.

Then, I do the other side. Afterward, my feet and legs are both buzzy and relaxed. And then repeat the same process on my arms.

And then I roll back and feel relaxed.

If I feel like it, I rest it on my mons and just roll it about, without adding any oil or lube. While I *have* finished off using it, I rarely do. It just doesn’t do it for me, not usually. It’s a good, diffuse vibe, and diffuse isn’t typically my thing. However, it does heat me up and relax me, and make me feel good and sensual and glowy.

My Optional Happy-Ending: Grab dildo, fuck myself, and fall asleep. *laugh* By now, I'm ready for it.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Would you be able to set it on a bed and roll around with it under your back? Or would that probably turn it off? Hm.
    Most personal massagers (that are sold as such, not as vibes) come with warnings about not using on calf pain... just throwing it out there.
  • Spiking Glue
    I think I read in another review that someone was able to pull it off comfortably. I forgot to mention I tried that, it didn't turn off. The button is recessed a little inside the ball and covered in silicone, so you have to press into the silicone to reach the button. I didn't find it very comfortable, though, and it was pretty loud. That said, it did feel nice on my lower back, briefly, before I got tired of balancing myself on it. *laugh*

    I hadn't ever heard that, actually. How interesting! I read my manual for the Tuyo, too, and it didn't mention not using it on calf pain, either. It always feels very nice when I use it. I wonder what the reasoning is?
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I know this one! Being a student pays off some times. Calf pain can be an indicator of a DVT (deep vein thrombosis). If you would use a vibrator on it, it could cause the DVT to dislodge and end up somewhere much more unfavorable (Brain, lungs, heart) and possible end in death. Lovely, right?
    I assume your relatively health, see a doctor, and are physically active. So I wouldn't worry too much. Calf massages are my personal favorite right after my lower back.

    Too bad this is so loud! I'm sure it got some looks on the plane.
  • Spiking Glue
    Ah hah! That does explain it. I suppose it's a case of company CYA (cover your ass) to say not to use it, since I'm fairly sure that vibrations & exercises are recommended to prevent DVT -- which is one of the actual reasons why I got it. When you're stuck on a jet for a very long time, the risk of DVT does tend to raise. While I am a healthy, younger person, I am also someone who watches way, way too much Discovery Health.

    Yeah. :/ I know I was bummed when I first heard it. Makes it hard to give myself a discrete massage while hosting my family. Ah, well.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    There are actually a ton of very odd warnings on the bottom of one of my toy boxes. I can't seem to find it, but if I do, I will be sure to post them! In this day, everyone has to CYA.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Nice review. It's too bad this toy couldn't quite hit all the points. Massage on a long flight is an interesting concept. I never fly enough to make it worthwhile, but unless the vibe was really quiet, you would only be able to do it during loud times (takeoff and landing) or if you sat really close to the engines.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    This really seems like a very luxurious toy. Glad you enjoyed it but too bad it's so loud
  • Dame Demi
    I, too, could tell the Tuyo wouldn't be the most effective sex toy in the world, but it does work very well as a a massager and is SOOO pretty! Good review!
  • Red Riding Hood
    This is a beautiful toy and it seems like it would be very unique! Thanks for the review!
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for this review!
  • Ash1141
  • SexyStuff
  • Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the great review
  • flyingpenguin
    thanks for the review
  • Rey
    thx for the great review
  • SexySoundLab
  • captainsgirl
    thank u
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