Remote control dual panty vibrator

Dual Penetration Pleaser

The Dual Igniter will please everyone from couples to solo users. It was an added bonus during anal play. The 10 vibrating patterns get a jolt of energy added when using the lightning bolt feature; however, I wish it lasted longer. Flip the toy around to add a tickle to your backside, then grab your favorite clitoral stimulator. Also, this could be used as a butt plug too! Silky smooth & rechargeable makes this toy inviting and now one of my favorites!
Powerful Vibration
10 patterns
The remote (For me at least)
The strongest vibration was not continuous.
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First impression

I was VERY impressed when I first even opened the initial cardboard shipping box. It opened to a very sleek and sexy design packaging. The information covering slipped off to introduce you to another black box. Very clean and inviting. The toy and the remote sits in its own foam-cushioned space. There was a pull tag on the battery section of the remote, which was removed by me, to activate the battery. The feel of the toy brought me even more excitement. Smooth and silky bright purple silicone really topped off the feel of this toy. I couldn't wait to try this one out!
The one downfall is that the toy wasn't wrapped in plastic or had a protective case that came with it. Silicone attacks dust, lint, etc. The toy came delivered a little dusty (I'm assuming from the foam), so I just cleaned before I used it. That should always happen anyway. I highly suggest you save all the original toy packaging for storage use.

First Use

My excitement for the Dual Igniter continued when it was time to use it. I did struggle a little bit with the on/off and "how to use" part of the toy. The literature that came with the box is printed on the back of the slip-off cover. Under the vibrations section of the review I go over what I found about "how to use" in detail.
Once I figured out my best mode for usage, I was on my way. I am lucky enough to know my body and what I like to do to reach an amazing orgasm. I'm not a woman who likes vibrating patterns modes. I prefer a strong constant vibration, which I thought this toy had. I call this mode the "powerful vibration mode" in my vibration description. The lightning bolt on the remote signifies this mode very clearly; however, it's not what I expected.
I used this toy solo my first time, and I must say I was a little upset. I'm also not an internal toy user, but I started the way the toy is made. I inserted the bulb section of the toy into my vaginal - it was a GREAT feeling. It felt very filling and did not slip out with position changes. Once I pressed the power button on the remote, I went right to the lightning bolt. I thought this was going to be strong, powerful vibrations continuously, but it wasn't. It lasts about 90 seconds, and it is just a jolt of power added to the vibration pattern you are on, then it goes back to whatever mode you were set to. This was very upsetting for me. I ended up moving the top upside down, so my perineum and anal area were getting the vibrations my clitoris was originally getting. I then added a clitoral stimulator to reach my "O".

Further Experience

As I continued my adventure with the Dual Igniter and having a little disappointment in my solo play. Be aware that this is my needs/liking. I truly believe someone who likes vibration mode/pattern toys and internal stimuli would love this toy.
For my next trick I used this toy during partner play, which is were I THRIVED. My husband and I really enjoyed it in different positions along with different sexual acts (double penetration DP). This was the MOST exciting for me. Again the toy fits comfortably and does not move. We used it for DP, and now I forever want to use this toy when I receive anal. Which then brought me to think that this toy could be inserted for anal play since it does have a good base. ONLY ADVANCED anal play users I would recommend this to. I personally did not use it as an anal toy, but I always look outside the box on things. I'm not the most advanced in anal toys, but I know people who are, and I wouldn't shy away from this toy to be used as one if you are EXPERIENCED.

Vibration Map

I am really impressed by the vibrations of this toy. The tips on the bulb-shaped end and the "L" shaped end had the strongest vibrations. These ends will reach the most sensitive areas when using them. As an advanced user, they were powerful enough for me to be able to reach my "O". I usually struggle because I need quite a strong toy. I was happy that the Dual Igniter was so successful.
Power is brought to the toy by pressing the power button on either the remote or the toy. You can choose to use the toy with or without the remote. The vibrations are remote-controlled by clicking the "wave" button. That brought you through all the 10 vibrations. The bolt button puts the toy in a continuous powerful vibrating mode for approx. 90 seconds. This mode is the strongest out off all the 10 patterns. By pressing the bolt on the remote, it will take you right into that powerful vibration more no matter what another pattern you might be in. Once the time is up, it will bring you back to whatever pattern you left off in.
If you choose to use the toy withOUT the remote, just power it on and click the power button to move through the 10 vibrations. If you want to use the powerful vibration mode, then you HAVE TO use the remote.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

From the moment I received the Dual Igniter, I had very high hopes for solo play. Having to add another toy to enhance my clitoral stimulation was a little upsetting, but AGAIN, that's me. I think if the powerful vibrations were just continuous, I do believe I would have reached my "O". When it came to partner play (DP), this is where this toy shined for me! Do whatever makes you receive your "O"!
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  • Contributor: Leil@
    Great review and wonderful pictures! Thanks for a great job!
  • Contributor: Perspicace mais érotique
    Thanks for the tips! I might consider this one for its 'alternative' uses that you described!! I really like outside of the box!!!
  • Contributor: LivvieR
    This toy is really different looking but it sounds like it would be fun!
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