Elisium: n. "an ideal state of blissful euphoria."

Elisium is a heavenly vibrator that works wonders externally, especially for use on the clit. It has some delicious, deep rumbly vibration patterns and a wide head to distribute the vibrations. It can be a bit awkward when inserted vaginally because of its short length and wide girth.
Body-Safe Silicone,
Nice Rumbly Vibrations
Strange Shape,
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Elisium a vibrator that is quite short and wide. It can be inserted vaginally, but truly does its best work as an external vibrator. I am somebody that truly appreciates deep, rumbly vibrations on my clit. I've found that this toy provides that.

In my opinion, the size and shape of Elisium don't lend themselves to vaginal use. It's just too short to hit any sweet spots. Also, I had some difficulty getting a good enough grip on it to do much maneuvering or thrusting.

Danger, danger: please don't try to use Elisium anally. Because it's so short, it would be really easy to lose it up there. There is no flared base, ring, or anything at all to prevent Elisium from being sucked up and lost forever.

I have dildos very similar in design to this toy that are waterproof and great for shower play. Elisium is NOT waterproof. The charging port at the bottom of the toy is slightly more open and as such, could let water into the toy. This will not only ruin your beautiful vibrator, but also potentially harm you!

When having sex with a partner, I usually need to use a vibrator on my clit to have an orgasm. I've used Elisium in this role a few times, but still found it to be a bit larger than I would like. I still find myself choosing it over a smaller vibrator because of the wonderful, rumbly quality of its vibrations.
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Material / Texture

If given the choice, I will nearly always pick a silicone sex toy over any other material. It is a surprisingly versatile material that it safe to use on and in your body. It's easy to clean and environmentally sound. A silicone toy is always a good decision.

I'm not so crazy about the feel of the silicone on Elisium. It's the sort of silicone that is almost sticky and has a lot of drag to it. It attracts a lot of dirt, lint and especially cat hair! It isn't the dreamy silky smooth silicone that some of Eden's toys have. Still, it had no smell or taste when it arrived and is super body-safe.

Because Elisium is such a short toy, it is not flexible at all. The silicone has a tiny bit of squish to it, especially on the head.

The shaft is made up of five ridges that end in a rounded head. The head has a similar appearance to the glans of a penis. The ridges aren't too deep and only provide a small amount of stimulation when inserted vaginally.
    • Bumpy
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I've never used a toy with a shape quite like Elisium; it is very uniquely short and fat. The girth of this vibrator seems disporportionate to its short length. It was fun to play around with inserting it vaginally, but it really didn't get me off. The clit is where this little guy works its true magic.

The petite size could be nice for travel because it is fairly easy to conceal. If you do decide to travel with Elisium, please be aware that it doesn't feature any sort of travel lock. It is sooooo easy to accidentally turn this vibrator on.

The other day I left Elisium out on my bed to dry. My curious kitten decided to investigate what this strange, purple newcomer was all about. While sniffing around, he accidentally nudged the button and Elisium started in on some wild vibration pattern! My cat jumped at least a foot in the air and was probably traumatized for life. Just a silly but true story to illustrate how easily this toy turns on.

Elisium is insertable for anyone with a vagina, but be sure to use lube. I have some toys that I can always get away with using only my own natural lubrication. This is not one of them. The combination of the wide girth and drag from the material make adding lube a necessity. See the Care and Maintenance section below for more info on Elisium and lube.

This is Elisium next to Eden's Provibe.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I have at least one other toy with this same vibration chip. While the vibes are strong and have a nice quality, I find the patterns to be a little silly. Like a car alarm or a very annoying bird. I honestly only use the solid settings.

When I reach for Elisium, it's because I'm craving a delicious, deep, rumbly vibration. In a sea of maddeningly numbing, buzzy vibrators, Elisium stands out as something different. The quality of the solid medium and low settings are especially pleasant.

If you aren't sure that I mean about buzzy or rumbly vibrations, I really recommend doing a Google search for "Buzzy vs. Rumbly Vibrations". There are some fantastic blog posts out there on this topic. I feel that any user of sex toys would benefit by arming themselves with this info. It could change your life!

Just to touch on the topic here, think of a buzzy vibrator as one that is very superficial, with only surface level vibrations. They tend to make a higher frequency sound, sort of like the buzzing of a bee (hence the name). Often a buzzy vibrator will make the hand holding the toy tingle and probably cause your clit to go numb before you've got anywhere near an orgasm.

Rumbly vibrations tend to be lower, deeper, and more penetrating. You will often feel the vibration through your body in the most delicious way. A rumbly vibrator may sound less like a bee and more like a purring cat.

These are terms that you may see used throughout the sex toy community. They describe the quality of vibrations that the toy produces. These terms don't speak for the intensity or volume of a toy, only the feel that the vibration has. These aren't hard and fast rules, some people genuinely prefer a buzzier vibe. I personally am a rumbly gal.

There is an LED light behind the button that indicates power, charge and vibration.

    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Caring for a silicone toy is one of the easiest things in the world. When you receive your new silicone toy, be sure to give it a good rinse before inserting it. After you're done playing, just clean up with soap and water. Be sure to pay special attention to the ridges, juices can get trapped there and eventually create bacteria and other ickyness.

Because Elisium is not a waterproof toy, be careful while cleaning. Take care around the button and make sure that no water gets in the charging port at the bottom. This toy can't be boiled to sanitize because of the mechanical components.

If you are sharing Elisium with others, either use a condom or sanitize with a solution of water and 10% bleach. If you do sanitize with bleach, make sure that all of the bleach has been rinsed away before use. That's one of those things you really don't want on your lady parts. Ouch!

As a silicone toy, Elisium does its best work when used with water-based lube. Oil and silicone based lubes have the potential to react with the silicone of the toy and degrade it over time.

I store all of my silicone toys in individual drawstring bags to prevent too much silicone-on-silicone snuggling. The same way that silicone lube can degrade a silicone toy over time, storing your silicone toys together can cause them to react badly to each other.

Think of your silicone toys like territorial cats: as wonderful as they are on their own, they can be awful when they come in contact with each other.

These questions of material compatibility are mostly just precautions. With a very pure silicone toy and very clean silicone lube, you are very unlikely to experience any sort of a reaction. Still, it's always best to be safe.

Charging Port
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
Follow-up commentary
This is honestly the best vibrator I've ever had. I use it almost exclusively. The quality of the vibrations is just mouthwatering. I truly recommend it to anybody who enjoys deep, rumbly vibrations. It is the best!
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  • Contributor: BlackOrchid
    Thanks for the fantastic review. I love that these are so rumbly, I own the Elysium G-Spot and it's great and rumbly as well.
  • Contributor: MrClark
    Thanks for the review!!
  • Contributor: CharlotteNicole
    BlackOrchid, thanks! It sounds like I should give the Elysium G-Spot a try! I really loved this little guy, but its tiny shape was so weird. The G-Spot seems like an all around great toy.
  • Contributor: CharlotteNicole
    And, Mr. Clark, always a pleasure.
  • Contributor: Lisset Finnien
    “Sucked up and lost there forever?!?” I had to smile at that, wouldnt want that to happen Rumbling instead of buzzy? I know exactly what you’re talking about...I’m into anal play and there is NO worse feeling then having my bum hole tickled by a buzzer— horrible...lol...You just made this toy jump way up on the list of clit teasers I’m looking at...trying to decide which one to get .....thank you for the review!
    Also thank you for the pic of you holding it...gives its actual size and shape , fat little sucker!
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