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A Rose For Your Bud

Look no further for a small, cordless clitoral stimulator that suits a budget conscious shopper! This vibrating rose bud toy is perfect for a beginner: safe and not overwhelmingly powerful. Advanced users may enjoy this toy also, especially if they are prone to easily induced orgasms even at a low intensity setting.
Somewhat quiet
Uses watch batteries
Not very strong
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Emma's Passion "Rose Bud" is a petite & discreet vibrator that is feminine and gentle on delicate areas, which makes it perfect for a beginner. Had it not be "clipped" so soon, perhaps it could have "blossomed" in to something greater, specifically more powerful. Other than that, it's a pretty toy, but it's probably not going to be attractive enough for a discriminate toy expert who demands strong vibrations.

Its intended to tease EXTERNAL erogenous zones, such as the nipples, etc., but it can also induce a clitoral orgasm for the right individual; however its diminutive size makes it impossible to use for thrusting and it shouldn't be used anally. The user can, however, use it to stimulate the outer anus and perineum with no potentially dangerous repercussions.

It's also waterproof, which makes it a fun addition to water play!

Material / Texture

Aside from the inner bullet and plastic control knob, the main portion of the toy is covered in a translucent red TPE Silicone Sleeve. Essentially, it's just another name for TPR, which is a very flexible polymer blend containing silicone. However, because it is semi-porous, it only receives a safety rating of 6. Its small size would be swallowed by a condom, but if you do plan on sharing, a condom is recommended for this type of material. This is, however, a more personal type of solo toy to be used ONLY on your privates, but your partner could certainly rub it around on you, just preferably not on themselves.

The texture is rubbery-feeling and sticky. Even new out of the package, I can already see dust particles adhering to the surface, so this is a toy that must be cleaned off before and after each use. I really like the feel of the TPR because it's somewhat squishy and gives a little when I press it hard against my clitoris. The majority of the pleasurable texture is located at the center of the flower, on the tip of the stimulator (see design) where a multitude of little nubs form a tight cluster.

No smell or taste was noted.

Design / Shape / Size

The Rose Bud is palm-sized and lightweight, roughly 3 inches long, with 2.5 inches of that being the covered bullet portion. The diameter of the plastic control knob is close to that of a dime and the largest diameter of the toy itself is 1-inch wide with a circumference of 3.5 inches.

The red TPR sleeve is available in either red or purple, both of which are semi-transluscent. The thickness of it is about an 1/8 of an inch around the bottom portion and thickens up toward the top of the bud. It's meant to resemble a tightly closed rose bud, with visible petals and all. The tip is a bit thicker/padded and has a small textured area at the center that looks like the pistil of a flower (where all the pollen is). Just imagine several closely packed nubs in a circle, which give it some bumpy texture.

If you wish to remove the sleeve to use the bullet alone or in conjunction with another toy, for example a cock ring, it's pretty easy to manipulate the sleeve to come off, without tearing it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The packaging includes two sets of four-#76 Alkaline batteries, but only four are needed to operate the toy. These are inserted by twisting off the black cap and stacking them in the battery cavity. I'd recommend leaving the paper in there that shows you how to insert them, as it will also keep the batteries in there snugly.

Function-wise, the toy doesn't do much. A simple twist of the dial increases the speed of the toy from low to high, but the levels don't sound drastically different and high felt more like a medium setting to me, so it left me feeling unimpressed in that department. To turn it off, you just turn the dial in the opposite direction back down to low, and then off. It isn't very loud, which compliments the discretionary appeal of this little bud.

There was no gap once the battery cap was tightly threaded on and the clear waterproof gasket was tightly, so there's really little to no risk of water getting in there during shower or bath play.

Care and Maintenance

Because it does attract some lint, it's best to clean it before and after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. A good spray-on, antibacterial toy cleaner is good to have on hand for touch-ups. Only use a water-based lubricant with TPE/TPR silicone toys.

Because of it's small size, it can be stowed away just about anywhere and kept safely from prying eyes!

Personal comments

I really like the design of the toy and the sleeve, but it's lacking the amount of power I prefer to have for my clitoral stimulators. I'm used to warp speed bullets that, when on the highest setting, are almost intolerably ticklish. The vibrations on this toy were dull to me. But, the overall quality still deserves a solid 4-stars. It's certainly a worthy addition to a beginner's toybox.


I started playing with this toy and really enjoyed the texture of the little nubs against my clitoris, but eventually I became bored with the highest setting, which wasn't quite strong enough for me, so I switched to one of my powerhouse bullets to get the job done. It's a personal sensitivity issue and no way a reflection of the toy's quality.
Follow-up commentary
Another one bites the dust......I don't even remember owning this one, until I saw that I needed to write a follow-up on it. Obviously, it wasn't notable enough to keep, but compared to some of the pricier $90+ ones that I have recently tried, this one will do the trick just as well, but without the fancy looks.
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