Bendable G-spot vibrator

Flexible and fun

This is a great toy for solo use or couples play. The way it bends is fantastic. It's also waterproof and travel-friendly. My husband and I both enjoy this toy a lot.
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First impression

This had arrived in a tiny, discreet brown box in the mail. Inside, this was I'm a clear plastic bag. The bag had a small slit to open it at, which made it easy to rip open. Inside, was the Flexio, along with the USB charger and the black see-through mesh storage bag.

When I pulled this out my first, thought was how smooth and velvety soft the Flexio felt. It has small ridge lines on the inside, I'm assuming for added pleasure. On the outside was the power button. It didn't come with instructions, but looked simple enough to figure it out. In the center is where it bends at. It's super flexible in the bending, yet felt stiff enough where it would stay how you wanted it. I only bent it the one way, where the power button stays on the outside. (I'm assuming that's the way it's meant to be bent) So when I use, it that's the only way I'll bend it.

So my first impression was a good one and I couldn't wait to actually try this out. It felt super smooth and also flexible which seemed to be some great features for me.

First Use

First thing was getting this on the charger. Once I plugged it in, it already lit up red, so I'm assuming it was pre-charged. So I unplugged it and held the power button in for 3-4 seconds to turn this on so I could go through the functions. I quickly realized there were two separate motors in the Flexio. As I was going through the 12 different settings, the opposite ends vibrated separately. They vibrated in sync with 2 of the settings that were only a continuous vibration. Otherwise, it seemed like one side would do a pattern then the other side would or one side would vibrate as the other side would pulsate and so on. It was actually really interesting to me how the patterns were set up. Also, when you turn this on, it is on the last pattern you used, which is nice.

I then washed this with soap and water after exploring all the functions. The vibrations and patterns were intriguing and felt like they ranged from medium to strong. Now I was hoping my first use would be with my husband as he saw how excited I was looking at it and playing with the functions. He thought it looked neat also and wanted to give it a try, but he obviously wasn't as excited as me and pushed it off for the time being.

So my first use was the day I got it, I then waited for my husband to be at work and pulled this out. I first bent this into the straight position and used it on my clit. So, it was a little different because you hold onto the middle or the other end that also vibrates, but it also wasn't too different than a toy that you can feel the vibrations all the way through with. I was laying in missionary position rubbing this on my clit for a good 4 or 5 minutes and really felt like I was about to have my orgasm, so I bent this into the c-shape and put the other end into my vagina. I realized it's a little tough to bend when it's already in you. (Yes, I inserted it before bending it first) this lined up decently with my clit, and I played around with it for several more minutes until I achieved my orgasm.

Further Experience

The next time I used this was also solo, instead of bending this straight, I bent it more into a 90-degree angle as I laid in missionary position and rubbed it on my clit. I didn't know why I didn't try that way the first time! It made it super easy to hold onto and also rubbed my clit perfectly. So, honestly, I got a bit carried away rubbing my clit and had a very quick orgasm. I was definitely pleased, although I did realize I had that tingly feeling in my hand for about a minute afterwards due to the vibration. It wasn't as bad as some other toys I've used though.

Further use of this was with my husband. We tried it out during intercourse. So it's best to put a good amount of lube on toys like this if you want to use it during intercourse so everything goes smooth. Since this is silicone, it's best to use a water-based lubricant on it. Since this is more flexible, you can adjust it to what suits you and your partner during sex. Like I mentioned above, it is stiff enough to keep its form when you use it, so it never bent differently for us during use unless we bent it on purpose. This was extremely awesome during sex. It give you that extra stimulation, I could feel it rubbing my g-spot perfectly. This also was snug on my clit. My husband also thought the vibrations felt great during sex. We both enjoyed it very much.

I also have the c-shape vibrator called Passion. This one is pretty similar in how it works. Although Passion comes with a controller that you can use. Now, this one is nice that it's very flexible. Both Passion and Flexio are great in their own ways. I prefer Flexio during intercourse as it rubs on my clit better. Vibration intensity wise they are almost the same. Passion is also bigger than the Flexio.

My measurements differed slightly from the site. The total length of this is 6 3/4" with an insertable length of 3 1/2. The circumference of this is 3 1/4" with a diameter of 1". This is waterproof, so you could use this in the shower. This being silicone it's rating is a 10/10 on the safety scale. This is also non-porous, so it doesn't harbor bacteria. The Flexio is hypo-allergenic, latex, and phthalates free.

Pictured above with Flexio is the Passion.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are strongest at the bulbous parts of this toy. So both ends seemed to carry out a good amount of vibration. Although it depends on which pattern you have it on as one side could be stronger. I had put the setting to continuous vibration and felt both ends, and they felt very even although the bottom one did seem just a little stronger. The center part where it bends carries vibrations too but not as strong.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This toy has given me some awesome orgasms. I love how you can bend it to certain angles which helps. This toy has given me great orgasms solo and with my husband.
Follow-up commentary
My husband and I love this toy! We use it together quite often. It seems to work great and is one of our go-to toys.
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