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Discreet massager by Smile

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Good Addition to my Bag of Tricks

This vibe would be great for someone who is searching for their first g-spot toy. The shape is ergonomic The silicone material and small and non-intimidating size make it great for beginners to internal vibrators. It gets the job done well but the lack of variety in vibration and small size may be a turn off to more experienced users. I think this toy is definitely worth giving a try.
-Silicone material
-Gives great g-spot stimulation
-Picks up lint easily
-Buzzy vibrations
-No easy 'Off' button
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The Smile Trick will work well for people who prefer toys with smaller girth and would also be a great buy for people who are new to, or curious about g-spot stimulation. The vibrations are buzzy but still fairly strong. It probably won't be a good buy for size queens and power queens. It is slightly loud but not extremely so. It's not waterproof so it will be best suited for bed or couch use rather than in the shower or tub.

The Smile Trick is marketed for internal G-spot stimulation and the angled head and squishier material also makes it handy for external use on the clitoris, labia, nipples, or perineum. It's the perfect size for beginners. If you're looking for an anal toy, this is not a good choice because the lack of a flared base means there's no good way to retrieve it if it gets lost up there. Avoid an embarrassing doctors visit and don't stick it in your butt!
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Silicone is a great material and one of the safest out there because of its nonporous properties and ability to be easily sanitized. It's body-safe and free of bad chemicals like phthalates. All in all, a good choice for a toy material.

I noticed soon after taking it out of the packaging that this one is a lint catcher! The silicone does attract bits of lint and hair. With silicone being a non-porous material, this could be a non-issue as long as you wash before and after use and take care with storage. The material does have some drag, so I would recommend using a bit of water-based lube. The toy is all silicone except for the hard plastic cap over the battery compartment. There were no noticeable smells when taking the toy out of the package, which is always a good thing.

Texture-wise, the Trick is smooth at the top and halfway down the there are some vertical waves near the base. Personally I did not find the waves to be especially stimulating. The texture is very non-threatening for beginners and I think the waves may add some pleasant stimulation for those who are more internally sensitive than I am. There is one seam running vertical through the middle of the toy but it is not noticeable. The Trick is light and easy to hold in the hand. The head of the toy is squishy to the touch while the body is firmer. The base is fairly rigid while the head has a bit more give.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Aesthetically, the design is cute but nothing special. The Trick is certainly not tricked out, but it gets the job done. The toy is light pink and I do wish there were more color options. The 3 1/2 inch insertable, and 1 inch diameter size is rather small and great for beginners or those who like toys with a smaller girth and length. The Smile Trick is very lightweight and comfortable to hold.

The box states that the small size makes it great to throw in your handbag to take along with you when you go out. I agree with the size part, but this would not be my first pick for an on-the-go toy because it will catch lint from your bag and it's very easy to accidentally turn on and difficult to turn off quickly. Taking out the one AA battery that powers it would solve that problem but I am planning to leave this for an "at home" toy. It looks like a vibrator and airport security probably wouldn't have a doubt about what you're packing, but I think it would be a good choice for a travel toy if you put it in a small bag to keep the lint away.

size comparison to iPod and a crazy haired shadow reflection
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the Smile Trick had patterns in vibration. I thought from reading the box and item description that there were 7 steady levels. Instead, I found that there were three steady levels and four patterns. I do kind of wish there were more steady levels for slower escalation.

The first of the four patterns is the "steady climb to the highest vibration" setting. I kind of thought the toy was dying when I got to this one because the climb pattern is that jerky. That sounds like a bad thing but this one was actually my favorite pattern when using internally. I enjoyed it much more than the others.
The second pattern is a slower pulsation of the highest setting.
The third pattern is a fast pulsation.
The fourth pattern is 3 slower pulsations and one long pulsation.

The vibrations are primarily felt in the tip which is nice because it is a G-Spot vibe. Your hands won't get numb using it, also a bonus. I wish the vibrations were a bit stronger and this definitely isn't a toy for a power queen.

It is controlled by one button on the bottom and you press it to cycle through the vibrations. You have to cycle through all seven settings if you want to go down a notch. The button is kind of easy to accidentally bump but it's not a big deal. The instructions in the manual and on the box weren't too clear because after I turned it on for the first time I couldn't figure out how to turn the damn thing off! I found out after cycling through a few times and trying to hold down the buttons that the only way to turn it off is to twist off the battery cap. The lack of an emergency "I've been caught with my pants down!" shutoff feature makes this a less suitable for discreteness in a roommate or family living situation.

The Smile Trick runs on one AA battery. At first I was kind of skeptical about the strength of the toy running on only one battery but it works for the toy's small size. The vibrations are rather buzzy and I found it to be uncomfortable on my clit, but nicer internally. I didn't find it to be a battery guzzler and it seemed to last a long time.
    • Easy to use
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

Never use silicone based lube with this toy! Silicone and silicone don't mix and it could hurt the materials your new vibrator. Water based lube is your best bet here. Don't store your silicone toys together.

I wash my Trick with antibacterial soap and hot water, let it air dry or dry it off with a cloth, and store it in a plastic bag inside my toybox. I do this because the plastic bag will keep it from collecting dust and lint and I won't have to worry about it touching my other toys. If you're planning on sharing your silicone vibrator, you should clean with rubbing alcohol. This toy is not waterproof so take care with not getting any water into the battery compartment while cleaning. Obviously, because of the motor, you shouldn't boil it or throw it in the dishwasher to clean. You should clean the toy before the first use and every time after using.
    • Easy to clean


The box is made of cardboard and has a flimsy plastic insert inside. I would not use it for storage. The box has a picture of the vibrator on the front and has a flap you can open with a clear plastic window inside. This box is NOT discrete! The topless German lady on the inside of the flap really nailed the "extremely indiscreet" rating. And the fact that there is a health-class reproductive system style diagram of a women's vaginal canal on the back, the clear plastic window, and picture of the toy with "G-SPOT VIBE' written all over the box. I would not find this box suitable as a gift.

the inside flap of the box
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

The toy did a good job of hitting my g-spot and it was enjoyable. I wish the vibrations were a bit stronger and rumblier instead of buzzy. I found myself pleasantly surprised with how nice the toy actually was. I feel like I won't use as much as my g-spot toy collection grows but I am enjoying it a lot in the meantime. It's quick, easy, made of a great material, and gets the job done. I had a great orgasm while using this toy in combination with a clitoral vibrator. I think this one could be numbing for external use if you're like me and have a sensitive clit.
Follow-up commentary
After buying more g-spot toys, I don't use the Trick at all anymore. The color of the drawer I stored it in has bled into the silicone, which does not impact use, but is slightly unappealing-looking. It is still fully functional, but I don't reach for it when I have better options available. I think that this is great for someone who is newer to toys, but more advanced users will not appreciate this as much as people with a small collection.
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