Waterproof silicone softees Pink - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Lithaewyn

Taught me about my body!

This is a great beginner toy because it has multiple uses so you can get a taste for a few things in one package. Try it as it was meant to be and let the ribbed sleeve stroke your sensitive areas on the way to climax. Or use it without the sleeve to have a standard vibrator or dildo. You can even use it as a clit vibe and be blown away by its power!
removable sleeve, multi-speed vibe, multiple uses.
girth, noise level on highest speed.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
When I first opened the package, I was immediately intimidated by the size of this toy. I remember thinking, "Aww, crap. I should have gotten the other one…” In the end though, I think I made a wise choice for a first time toy because of its versatility.

I wanted a vibe with a bit more excitement to it. I love ribbed textures. This was a good investment, except for the fact that with the ribbed sleeve, this toy's girth is too much for me to comfortably handle, unless I've been more active. So I wouldn't recommend this to a petite person. But if you can handle the girth (some extra water-based lube may help!), brace yourself! It will definitely send waves of pleasure through you, since it massages sensitive areas in a way that no other texture can.

Thankfully the sleeve is removable, so I can use this toy as a standard vibe or dildo if I have not been able to be active with my partner. Then both the girth and length is just right, and the vibe is satisfactory enough to make up for the smooth texture.

Quietness is important to me, and thankfully on its lowest setting, this toy is quiet enough to do the job. Sadly, it can get quite loud easily, especially on its highest setting. The dial is very easy to use and doesn’t distract from playtime. But oooh can this baby pack a punch! It makes my body shake uncontrollably; and loud, unstoppable gasps pour from my mouth – even before orgasm!

I discovered that I can hit my g-spot with this if I angle it sharply, but that is definitely not what this toy was intended for. If you can’t help yourself from applying pressure to your g-spot, just be careful as to not harm yourself – you’ll most likely be pretty sore the next day.

I’m not sure exactly how “waterproof” it is, but will be trying it in the shower eventually. I would not dare to try this in a bathtub, because there is no seal to protect the batteries. The end simply screws on and off.

Cleaning is a bit more difficult with the ribbed sleeve, so just take your time and be patient. It may help to remove the sleeve for washing. The vibrator itself is really fast and easy to clean.

All in all I’m glad I took the plunge. This toy has taught me a lot about myself that I didn’t know before.
I decided to give this baby a shot in the shower. I made sure to warm up really well beforehand, so when I stepped into the shower I was well prepared and quite excited.

My hour warm-up still wasn’t enough to insert this with ease. Slowly, I managed to get it inside me and was saddened with the realization that I wouldn’t be able to pull it in and out repeatedly without feeling discomfort, so I had to play shallowly.

Even so, the ribbed texture combined with vibrations was amazing against my walls and made me curl my toes. I wasn’t able to use very firm pressure however, because the silicone is rather stiff and can be too rough if you aren’t careful. I enjoyed myself this way for a while; adjusting the angle and speed of my shallow thrusts. Playing with myself this way still felt like a tease, and eventually I wanted more.

That’s when it REALLY got good!

I removed the silicone sleeve and immediately reinserted it. I turned up the speed and explored myself: touching all my walls and g-spot. I thrust it deep until I couldn’t take it anymore. Just for fun, I finished off with the vibrator against my clit on full power. It’s extremely strong and I actually can’t handle it directly on my clit – I can only use this on my hood. Pulsing it there by applying varying amounts of pressure, I was able to orgasm in no time at all.

In the end, the size of the head is too large, but this is so great without the sleeve! It held up fine to its waterproof label, but I’m still hesitant to submerge this.

Expect my follow-up in a few months!
Follow-up commentary
This toy doesn't see use at all anymore. At times I would take it out just to experience its powerful vibrations on my clit, but there are other toys that are far more powerful and suited for that exact job.

The major deciding factor in this toy's retirement was acquiring better quality toys which also suited my anatomy better. However, this toy may still bring a good amount of satisfaction to someone who can handle the circumference and extreme texture of the sleeve.

On the main page of this product there is a "Better choice: same features, higher quality" tab with safer, higher rated vibrators that don't cost much more. I suggest saving money and looking at other options before deciding on this toy.
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  • Rockin'
    You mentioned you can take the sleeve off and play with just the vibe itself. I've never owned or used a vibe before or had a toy with a sleeve. What is the material underneath the sleeve? Also, you said it can get quite loud, but the description of the toy says it's "one of the quietest," and you gave the toy a rating of 2 bees. I'm a little confused. Is your bee rating for the quietest setting or are there just a lot of quieter toys out there? (don't know if that's a silly question but I have no comparison)

    Nice review! ^_^
  • Lithaewyn
    The material underneath is hard plastic.

    I should change that, because I should base that on its highest setting instead of lowest. And actually, after having the toy for a while now and becoming further educated about vibes, I've come to realize that this toy isn't very quiet at all. So I will be adjusting this. I was going to wait until my follow-up review but I don't want to mislead people.

    I actually don't have other vibes to compare it to, but have watched video reviews of other vibes and whatnot. So, if you're looking for a really quiet vibe, I would not get this toy.
  • Kayla
    Ick. I hate hard plastic. Smile Sorry to hear that you don't like it anymore, though.
  • Lithaewyn
    It's fine; I really had no idea what was best for me when I started out. This toy was my gateway into better sex and masturbation, and at only $15 I can't complain. Winking
  • lamira
    Good review, thanks!!
  • SapphirexIce
    Wonderful Review!
  • Lithaewyn
    Thank you!
  • N&M
    Really good review, thanks
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • Kdlips
    Thanks for the review
  • LoveDove
    Thanks for the review!
  • terry62
    Great review
  • FHeemz
    Lovely review. I hate noise too, this might not be for me.
  • Do emu
    Glad to see that the sleeve is removable. I'll pass though. Thanks for sharing!
  • ellieprobable
    Great review.
  • BabyTara
    I looked at this one, but decided to go with the clear.
  • Upyourreviews
    Thanks for the review!
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