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High School Reunion: The Sex Toy Edition

This is a great first vibrator for those on a budget. For those that prefer stronger vibrations this toy may not be suitable, as at maximum speed it produces a solid "medium" level vibration. Still, it is a reliable vibe that is as easy on the eyes as it is the wallet.
Non-threatening, quiet, decent vibrations, very inexpensive, easy to clean, adorable!
Too large to use during intercourse, a little too slick for my tastes, no gradual speed increase.
Rating by reviewer:
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The very first vibrator I ever owned was from Spencer's. I was so nervous to buy it that when I got to the store I picked the first one that came to my hand without looking. The apathetic clerk rang me up without even making eye contact. Mission: accomplished? Not really. When I got the vibrator home, I discovered it was a tall, algae-yellow number that took two C batteries. It produced a sound not unlike a car missing its muffler, and in a few weeks it was already broken. Since then I have steered clear of hard plastic vibrators, convinced they were all awful. However, recently I discovered this being sold for $18 and decided to revisit hard plastic vibrators and give them a second chance. Glad I did!

Pink Jr. is powered by a single AA battery, but it packs a pretty decent punch considering. It's also pretty quiet for a hard plastic vibe. It can be heard through a blanket but not a thicker door. Way to go, Junior! As for the vibrations, don't expect miracles of Hitachi proportions, but for women that prefer medium intensity vibrations this toy can and will deliver! Its dial presents a bit of a problem, as it essentially has two speeds: low and full blast. Between "off" and "high" there is only about an inch of turning the dial, so it doesn't quite have the capacity to key in on more subtle gradations of power. No matter, I usually want it on full blast, anyway.

Junior is made of very smooth, phthalates-free hard plastic, so it's body safe and easy enough to clean. It is less porous than many other materials such as jelly, but I would still recommend a condom when sharing. This toy is not boilable like silicone toys, but warm water and antibacterial soap will tidy it up just fine. I know that it's touted as waterproof, but I've had bad luck with dial-tops and water in the past so I haven't tested it in this capacity. I stick to rinsing the shaft under water and using a damp washcloth for the dial.

This toy works excellently during solo adventures, just be advised that it is VERY slick. There is very little traction, especially when used externally, and when the juices get flowing it can be a little slippery. When using this on my clit I have to do quick, mini "clean-ups" of the area to keep it from slipping. Other than that, it's easy to use and gets me off just about anytime I break it out. It does not have a flared base, so it is not safe to use anally lest you lose grip and it slips away from you. A more textured toy with a little more width (and a curve!) is my preference for internal use, vaginally and anally.

Use during intercourse is not an easy task for this one, but it's not impossible. I am a slut for vulva pumping, and when I'm engorged with blood like that this toy is totally fine to use. Those with naturally fuller clitorises will not likely have any trouble using it during penetrative sex. Those with smaller coochies might be better off with a bullet. It's not too shabby for use during SOLO penetration either, but when you get a real live person with all their cumbersome body parts (how rude of them!) stickin' it in you find your clit quickly crowded.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I have mentioned the shortcomings of this toy in the interest of full disclosure, but for me none of them are big drawbacks. For its price, this toy does a great job as a clitoral stimulator. My man candy (yes I just said man-candy) also loves the looks of it and often uses it on me before sex to get me warmed up. For those just introducing toys into their relationship, this is a very non-threatening option as well, just another plus!
Follow-up commentary
Still love this simple, sturdy little vibe. The only problem I've noticed with it is that over time it has begun to buzz a little louder --it sounds like the motor is rattling inside a bit. It still works like a charm though and has held up to fairly vigorous use quite well. The pattern on the outside has not chipped at all! Overall I still think this is a great buy and I still use this toy pretty frequently.
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  • her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!
  • Owl Identified
    For those that voted "somewhat useful", could you elaborate on what was lacking with the review and what I could improve on?
  • Femme Mystique
    Well, I have not voted on this review, but here are my impressions. I thought your review was very entertaining, but the general rule of thumb with reviews here seems to be that little anecdotes are fine, but full stories are unnecessary. No doubt, your first vibrator story was fun, but it doesn't really pertain to this particular product. Second of all, you called it by its Babeland name, which is somewhat confusing. The third thing I think you're going to get into trouble with is suggesting it for anal use. Because it doesn't have anything really to keep it from going up completely into your rectum (depending on the size of your rectum), it's probably not a good idea. Overall, though, I thought it was a pretty well written and helpful review. Thanks!
  • Alt
    I thought she said she doesn't recommend it for anal use?
  • Owl Identified
    I didn't recommend it for anal use, I very specifically stated that it was not a good idea to use this anally. I also am calling it by the same name (or playful variations of) the name used here and most other places: Houston's pink leopard junior. I sometimes called it "Junior" or something like that, but that's just a little take-off of my own, not Babeland's.

    The anecdote can definitely be whittled down or even taken out, and as soon as I get a chance I will definitely re-work it. Thank you for your suggestion.
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