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Hippity, Hoppity, VROOM! (Oh-my!)

When it comes down to it, Vivid Bunny is a toy that I would use more so than my other toys despite some of its flaws. I find this toy thrilling especially when using other jelly toys with it. Despite its noise, it works well during showers. When finding little ways to work around this toy for a little satisfaction, it doesn't take much to get where you want to go. I love this toy.
Strong multi-speed vibrations, easy to clean, little to no odor, compatible with other jelly toys
Does not come with batteries, can be noisy if in a bedroom, needs to be stored in separate packaging
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The Vivid Bunny is about the size of a folded envelope but bigger than a regular cell phone,
and it has little to no smell when you first open the package. It's one of my favorite toys to use despite its size. It can do more than enough for me and sometimes in less than 5 minutes.
size difference
This toy is mainly used for clitoral stimulation, but I have tried other options for curious purposes. I had been curious enough to try it for vaginal penetration and anal penetration, but the outcomes were not as great compared to using it just for clitoral stimulation. It was still fun to experiment for the most part. You'll see in the picture what the other jelly based toy looks like of which I chose to use during the vaginal penetration.
compatibility with other jelly based toys
I find this toy is best used for solo pleasures only because of the strong vibrations. It can get me off quickly. It can also be used with couples for foreplay or some after sex fun.
This toy is also compatible with other toys. The one I tried was the non-vibrating cock ring tickler. It is a soft, purple jelly based material that is used as a penis sleeve for additional clitoral stimulation. The benefit with using this toy is when I am in the shower and also wanting to have a little fun! Because of it being waterproof, it can be quite the entertainment even if you're only gonna be in there for 10-15 minutes. With this little blast of power, that may be all the time you'll need. Because of the pressure and noise of the water of the shower (from what I discovered), you can have this toy up to its highest volume and not hear a thing! If you're really paranoid about someone hearing you, just put on some music that puts you in the right mood for the right type of fun!
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The texture of this toy is a very hard jelly. If you look further into detail about this toy's material through EF, you will find that it states that it is "a soft, rubbery material frequently made using a combination of PVC or polyurethane and a number of other chemicals; officially, it has no standard list of ingredients". When you read the package, all it says is "Rubber Jelly". It's pretty basic information.
I think this toy can be used for beginners as well as advanced users. For advanced users, you could have a creative mind and add to the toy specifically like how I did when I wanted some extra fun.
Like I said before, this toy is made with a hard rubber jelly. It has a smooth feel to it, but it is mildly sticky to the touch. If using it, I would suggest lubricant that is water based or just using it in the shower to avoid that effect. There was a very mild scent to this toy when first opening up the package but nothing that was too extreme or that made me turn my nose up. It smells like a fresh rubber toy (you all know the one). When you first use this toy, you'll notice the smell on your hands. After washing it down, the smell is no longer on your hands and is barely noticeable unless you put your nose right up to the toy itself.
This toy also has very little flexibility. The only place you will be able to bend the toy at all is at the "ears" as shown in the pictures below:
bendable backwards bendable forwards

slight bend between the ears
This could be a benefit or a design flaw, I suppose it varies from person to person depending on what one intended to use this toy for, but I managed to find ways around its form. For vaginal penetration, you could have the toy faced up with the ears facing the ceiling for that extra curve benefit to hit the G-spot. With the vibrations mostly being felt through the head of the bunny, it could be a faster outcome for orgasm when finding the perfect level of stimulation.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

One little thing I noticed that was very cute about this toy is the pose that it has. The benefit of the hard plastic base at the bottom of the toy is the fact that it's completely flat. This means that if you really wanted to, you could put your Vivid Bunny on display on your night stand, bathroom shelf, etc.
it can stand on its own
Even though it is capable of standing up on its own, it will fall easily if the object it is standing on is bumped into. It's still weighed down in certain areas. With the slight bend angle it has, this toy has little stability. Another issue is, if you do happen to leave it laying around your house, be prepared to wash it almost everyday. This toy is definitely a dust and hair collector. If you happen to own pets like a dog or a cat, it is probably a bad idea to leave your toy laying around the open (not that you should anyways). I had a toy out less than two hours after using and washing it down, and our cats got into grasp with it. They thought it was a chew toy!
I find this toy's design interesting because it doesn't really look like a sex toy per say but more so like a flashlight or some type of glow stick meant for raves. I think, if you had this thing in some other type of packaging that was compatible, you could trick people into thinking otherwise of its uses. I do believe it's discreet at least terms of its design.
This toy is 7" in length with a 6" insertable length. It has a 5 1/2" circumference and a 1 3/4" diameter. Now, with that information out there, this toy could be perfect, too small, or even too big for some people. With me, it's just right. I don't even need to use the entire toy for vaginal penetration because my G-spot isn't that deep. I'm lucky to get maybe like 4-5 inches inside, but that's right for me. Some may need more and if so, there's still that extra 1-2" to cover! If looking for full vaginal penetration, I suppose this may not be the toy for you. I can guarantee that this toy will get you off with clitoral stimulation if you're looking for a "quick fix".
Now, for anal penetration? Well, I was curious enough to try. To be honest, I'm not really one for any type of anal insertion. However, I figured I'd cover all basis. The shape and design of this bunny is clearly not meant for that purpose unless somehow you were perfectly capable of making it work. For me, that wasn't really the case. I practically drenched the thing and my anus in lubricant. With quite the amount of patience, caution, and determination, I was able to get very little in. I have a picture with a pen at the amount I could insert:
the amount i was able to insert during anal penetration
I would like to say this toy could be travel friendly, but I'm not overly positive on that. Due to its shape, you'll need to find something that will be compatible to store it in if you do plan on traveling. I personally just use a zipper bag, and I call it my "party bag". All of them still being in their separate packaging, this bag is always in my bathroom. This is convenient for me because my bedroom is connected to it, so it is never noticed unless by my boyfriend and I.
    • Beginner
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Vivid Bunny is a vibrating toy that takes 2 AAA batteries of which you insert at the bottom of the toy by twisting open the clear knob. This is also the controls for the multi-speed option for the vibrating feature on the toy.
battery location dial base turning knob

Knob and battery
To activate vibrations, turn the knob (dial based control feature). The more you turn it up, the stronger the vibrations get. Overall, this could be pleasurable or frustrating. For myself, I worked with it. In the shower, I would just use my one hand to hold as well as operate the toy by hanging onto the lower part and having it at the perfect angle for clitoral stimulation.
I found it easier to use this in a bed because you're laying down, and you would be able to be more relaxed and reach for the knob by using two hands or one (whichever you prefer). For myself, I basically used one hand to move the upper part of the toy around the clitoral area and the other hand to operate the speeds. If I wanted to use it for vaginal penetration, I would then simply just use both hands near the bottom of the toy for full support while inserting. Overall, this toy is very easy to use in my opinion.
As far as the sound, this toy is pretty loud with a buzzy like feel to it when using the vibrations. Unless you're inserting it as vaginal penetration, then the sound of it sounds more rumbly. The power is half the problem with the noise level. If I were living with a bunch of roommates and my walls were paper thin, I would be using this toy for my "alone time" experience. I would probably put some music on loud enough to drown out the noise and have the door locked. Since I'm living with just my boyfriend, this really isn't an issue. For others with this situation, the music really does help. I sometimes use this toy in the shower and enjoy music in the background even though I don't need it to mute out the toy. The shower does that on it's own.
This toy is in fact waterproof. As mentioned earlier, it can be used in the shower. As far as a bathtub, I haven't really used this while taking a bath, but I have tested it by operating it underwater.
What I did try was filling up my bathroom sink, sticking the toy underwater, and testing if it still worked alright or not. It does say it's waterproof but to what extent? Well, I can tell you it still works even after taking it out and drying it off. I didn't notice any glitches or weird off-sets. I don't think I would use this toy in the bathtub in case something did go wrong (Ex. not screwing the lid on tight enough or water magically did get in between the cap and base of where the batteries are).
I could feel all of the vibrations at the head of the toy, which is well expected due to the bullet inside. The outcome was very satisfying. You'll see this metal cylinder at the head of the Vivid Bunny, and that's where the vibrations are. You can feel the vibrations in the entire toy altogether as well, but the main purpose is for clitoral stimulation. Therefore, the vibes are mostly felt at the head and ears of the toy. Since the main strength of the vibrations are held at the head of the toy, you feel minimum vibrations throughout the rest of the toy. It doesn't mean you can't feel them at all, but it's just not enough to cause tingly numbness to your hand or irritation of any kind. The only way that I could see one causing some slight discomfort with this toy in their hand is if they held it in an odd angel. Other than that, there's no real issue from the toy itself.
little bullet
head of bunny where bullet is located
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Even though it tells me this toy is made of "Rubber Jelly", it made me wonder what was good to use with it in case I needed lubricants or wanted to combine other toys.
I started looking on other websites to find out. One site I found, it says right in the first paragraph on the top of the page what types of lubricants you can use and for what toys.
You are able to use water based lubricants for this type of material. When it comes to oil lubricants, this site had mentioned to not use oil-based lubricants on rubber jelly toys. Oil-based lubricants, however, are compatible with Polyurethane condoms (in case anyone was curious).
Then my next search was what sorts of toys is this toy compatible with? Unfortunately on any site, I could not find this information. Maybe I have poor skills. Regardless, I took a chance and just tried for myself.
What I used (you will have seen in pictures that I put up earlier) was another jelly based product that was a non-vibrating cock ring. Surprisingly, this toy did not wreck my Vivid Bunny nor did it have any damage itself.
I also kept the packaging of each toy just in case of possible damage as you will also see in this picture:
keeping toys separated in their own packaging during storage
Vivid Bunny can be used with toy cleaners or basic antibacterial soap (I have light scented, but non-scented is more recommended). Wash the entire toy thoroughly (should probably take batteries out during this event) with hot or cold water. I use warm and try to do an extra soapy clean through around and between the ears. If you're not careful you may very well miss that spot and get the krusties! I then towel dry the toy and place it back in its packaging. Then, I zip it up in my "party-bag" until used again for another blasting time!
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Packaging is very simple and mostly framed around the toy, It also describes very little of the toy's material (hence why I had to do some online searching). This packaging can also be recycled if you choose to throw out the package. However, I highly suggest to keep the packaging if you do not have another type of storing place or case for it.
front of the package
back of packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Overall, this toy is definitely one of my favorites aside from its odd controls. I've learned to work around its flaws and even have more fun doing so (in some cases). I would recommend this toy for beginners to get a good decent feel for different types of clitoral stimulation, but also to practice vaginal stimulation as well just to know what they would like in the future.
Could it do the job for advanced users? I think it could. I've used it in multiple situations and believe that it is possible especially with the strong vibrations it does come with and how long it does last. I still have the same set of batteries, and that's not even a top brand type of battery such as Duracell. This toy doesn't require much. If you're looking for something simple in maintenance, this is the toy for you. It can be a challenge for noise, but that's also easy to work around as said earlier. A good way to thoroughly enjoy this toy for its main purpose is also to have an open mind for other possible options. You never know. You may enjoy those too!
    • Optional for other uses


My experience with the toy with lubricants:
I have used Vivid Bunny with and without lubricant, and I felt no discomfort with either. I would highly advise though, not using lubricant isn't for everyone. I highly do not recommend chancing the risk of irritation.
Water based lubricants can be used with this toy. I had used the KY water based lubricant along with a home remedy lubricant that's purely organic and very healthy for you: the Aloe-Vera plant. I just cut a stock right from my plant and use the very runny, silky, smooth sap that you'll get right away.
It is very safe to use and highly recommended if you own a plant of your own. It's great for vaginal use specifically if you're one to get inflammation irritation during sex or just can't get properly lubricated. This WILL get the job done and save you from a harmful irritation. Although, if anyone is allergic to Aloe-Vera, I would recommend just using store brand products that are water based.
Follow-up commentary
I still love and use this toy often, mostly whenever I shower. It's still a great toy, and it still sends me a boost of pleasure whenever I need it!
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