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Luna pleasure bead system reviews

74 reviews
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74 reviews

This product does not have flashy lights or vibrate you to your toes. However, it is worth the investment for yourself and your partner. Medical evidence supports the positive benefits of using kegel balls for exercising the vaginal and PC muscles as well as improvement to sexual health and wellness. Few other devices have the medical evidence which supports this claim.

These kegel beads are an excellent addition to one's sex life, whether because of the pleasure they bring or because of the improvement on your vaginal health. The inclusion of different weights allows you to adjust the Luna beads to your preference, making this perfect for beginners and more experienced kegel users alike.

This is a great side-toy to keep handy. It can be combined with other activities (excluding penetration). Not the most exciting thing on its own, but can be used to up the excitement of a sexy situation. They also work out your kegel muscles with zero concentrated effort, so props for keeping those lady parts fit!

These are the best kegel exercise balls that I have used. Very easy and discreet to use. Can be worn anytime and anywhere. They are just fabulous and should be on every woman's wish list.

Being able to change the weight of the beads you use per use is awesome. You can go light one day and heavy another or go in between. That should help with your kegal experience.

Leave the open box with empty spots for your partner to wonder where they are. Anticipation and these little "heavy Weights" will give your later play time some good vibrations :)

Overall I think that this is a great product to buy, even though the price will set you back. I believe that it is high quality just like all of Lelo's products. This is the number one toy for exercising your kegels and for strengthening your vaginal muscles. I would recommend this toy for any woman who wants to see results and be able to notice them!

Personally, I love this product. While it's not going to take you to the moon and back, it certainly will help to improve your kegel muscles over time all while making it enjoyable. While this product can seem quite pricey, overall, I believe it to be worth every penny. Both thumbs up for the Luna Lelo Beads! These are definitely one of my favorites.

The Lelo Luna Pleasure Bead System is a great investment, since it provides both healthy kegel exercise and discreet personal pleasure, and can be used by beginners and experienced users--and carry beginners though the process of becoming experienced users. The modular system adjusts to your experience level, as well as to your changing needs and moods.

While I think this was not really 'for me' I do believe that other people would like it. It is beginner friendly, and comes in nice packaging.

This is a great toy because it is functional, but also adds a bit of spice to everyday life. While cleaning the house, put in these beads and enjoy a bit of pleasure while working your kegels and doing the chores. The small weights inside will make your insides hum! If you and your mate are into spanking, slip these babies in right before and feel them bounce with every smack of the booty.

I had high hopes for the Luna Pleasure Bead System. However, the reality was that they provide only the mildest stimulation and I actually forget I am "wearing" them during long periods of use. This is truly just an exerciser and not a "sex toy". If that is what you need, then it is perfect, just don't expect to have orgasms walking around wearing this inside you.

I love these beads and I love Lelo! I am very happy with them. The beads work well for strengthening and tightening my pelvic floor muscles. I also enjoy their small size, which can be easily hidden away. I like the size of this bead system. If you prefer smaller toys -- try the Mini beads! Lelo is a high-end company and it shows in their products. I definitely recommend using these beads!

For the price, these beads worked out and gave us the desired outcome. My husband loves when I wear them; it's a part of our foreplay and it's awesome! We have no regrets about buying these beads!

This is a great starter for Kegel exercises, and for the price of the kit, it can't be beat. Not to mention the warranty makes it well worth it. This product is made for the user to grow into it at their own pace and time.

I really like these beads, I just wish they were heavier. I'd recommend them to others and am even considering buying the smaller set.

The Luna Pleasure Beads can be used both for vaginal exercises as well as during sex. The different weights allow for customization to your comfort and experience level and the little silicone sling for the balls makes insertion and removal easy and fun.

I got quite a bit of value out of this wonderful system. The pieces are interchangeable, to suit your needs at that particular time. I love this product, and would recommend to anyone. It's worth the price!

If you have had children, you want this toy. If you have not had children, you want the mini pleasure beads. The brand is great and the product is well made so it is worth the money. Try it!

The Luna Beads are quick to be recommended to those looking for an easier way to do their vaginal exercises, and it's not hard to see why. They're redesigned ben wa balls with an internal weight that reminds you to give attention to a very important muscle in your body. In time, having more control of this muscle can lead to stronger orgasms, and a myriad of other benefits.

LELO does not disappoint with the Luna mini. I've been using Kegel exercisers for about 5 years, and these are by far the best. They're comfortable, and I love the interchangeable weights. With body-safe materials and versatility, beginners and advanced users can love this set. I feel like I get an actual workout with these. The amount of movement never lets me forget that they're there! You'll find the differences from the classic, mini and noir set in this review!

I wish I knew what all the hype is about. I don't find these to be beneficial at all, so I'm massively disappointed that I wasted my money. They're far too big for me to be comfortable, and they just don't work my muscles. Oh well, at least the packaging is pretty.

LELO's Luna Beads are a great system for building up your kegel routine. They provide different weights that can be mixed and matched to suit any level of intensity. I would recommend this set to anyone out there who's looking to get into kegel exercises. Because of the variety of the weights they're great for establishing a routine. Even if you're a more advanced kegeler, this can still be a great set for you.

Lelo makes a great toy that can last you a really long time whether you're a beginner or an advanced user. I don't see myself buying any more kegel exercisers (unless they are the Lelo mini luna balls)

Luna Beads by Lelo are the single most arousing set of kegel balls I have ever owned! They provide quality, versatility, and challenge to all levels of users. Kegel health is incredibly important, and this set of balls will keep a large number of users satisfied. Minute downfalls can easily be overcome with the innovation of the design and the movement you will find from the inner balls. Easily a 5 star product!

I started with the two lightest balls and wear them around my house while cooking or cleaning or whatever for about an hour and a half. I can feel them working! I dance while I cook so that adds a nice layer of pleasure to the whole experience. I'm very pleased that I got these but I think if you're looking for some serious PC work-outs and you already have strong PC muscles you just need to look for something a little heavier.

The Luna pleasure bead system is a great kegel exerciser for beginners and veterans. If you're looking for something to strengthen your vaginal walls with a variety, Luna pleasure beads are the perfect choice. Other beads look intimidating and don't always include a string for easy removal. But these aren't intimidating, although trying something new can be. When you receive them, you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't!

These are a great addition to a sex toy collection. Because of the graduated weight sizes they are a great toy for both beginners and those who are more experienced with the concept of kegel exercisers. The other benefit of these is that the inner ball moves around which you can definitely feel when you are wearing them!

The Luna beads pleasure system is a luxurious way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while doing nothing but going about your everyday routine. Since using them, I've found that I have stronger, longer orgasms, more control over my muscles, and overall, I just feel great down there. With a little patience and consistent use, these kegel exercisers are well worth their price tag. Best of all, I no longer have to worry about remembering to do my kegels. I'm glad I made this purchase.

I love my Luna pleasure beads and use them at least once a week. They have quickly became my favorite purchase from Edenfantasys. I've worn them both at home and out and about. Haven't worn them during any actual foreplay, but hey when you're wearing them all day long it's always foreplay time!

Overall the Luna beads are a fun and effective way to add some spice into play and my work out routine. They're a high quality, attractive and versatile toy that can be used and taken anywhere!

For the sake of the workout of the muscles down there, I think these are a great thing. If you are using them for straight sexual arousal purposes, then you might want to consider something else.

The system is not very exciting. It is a great purchase if you are wanting to strengthen your pelvic floor, but otherwise, it's not a toy for the bedroom.

If those kegel exercises are not working for you and you need something you can do whenever you want, even intense your orgasms the luna bead pleasure system is for you!

Eager to try my first set of vaginal balls, I scooped these up. I absolutely love these balls; they're high quality, they're effective, and they're comfortable! I really like my pelvic floor muscles are getting a work out from these, and I don't even need to remember to do my exercises (as long as I'm active while wearing them). These balls are amazing, and they fit me well. My only real issue with these balls is the little string that's attached to them -- I'm just not sure how safe it is...

A very versatile toy/exerciser. With the Lelo quality and warranty, you cannot go wrong! Every toy box needs a set. One of my favorite implements!

The Luna Beads, in comparison to other vaginal exercisers, do a great job. They are easy to insert, use, and can truly assist in developing your kegel muscles for stronger and more controlled orgasms. Give them a try if you're active and don't mind the wait for long-term benefits.

These are beads with smaller balls inside of them to provide some vibration; which they do an excellent job of. These are great to do Kegel exercises, although I use them to get myself aroused!

I purchased Lelo's Luna Pleasure Bead System to upgrade the ben-wa balls I already owned, and they are definitely an upgrade. These plastic beads in a silicone girdle allow for many weight and size combinations. They create a gentle stimulation that is silent inside the body, and because you can disassemble the set, they allow for a higher standard of hygiene.

I've tried cheap ben wa balls in the past that did nothing for me, so I was pleasantly surprised with the Luna Beads. They provide a pleasant sensation and allow you to do kegel workouts on the go, so they are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle, or anyone who needs motivation to exercise.

The Luna Pleasure Bead System by Lelo are a great way to exercise vaginal and pelvic floor muscles while going about your daily routine. They have varying degree of weights that can be combined using the silicone girdle. They are also easy to clean, and can be stored on the box they came in or the included satin pouch.

The Lelo Luna balls can be used in a unique manner to create a thrusting sensation during strap-on sex. They worked great and provided my girlfriend with additional stimulation, making the experience more fun. I would definitely recommend them as an additional toy to strap-on sex.

I would highly recommend these balls for Kegel exercises because they make getting them done very easy! All in all I did feel my vaginal muscles tighten a bit and my boyfriend noticed the difference too. These are definitely keepers!

If you're in the market for an instant gratification pleasure device, go for another device. If you want to see long-term results in your urogenital/sexual/prenatal wellness, Luna's your girl.

The Luna bead system by LELO is a nice way to give your kegel muscles an exercise without doing any work! Once inserted, go about your day as normally, and the balls will cause your muscles to contract and strengthen without you noticing after some use. You can wear these when you're just sitting at work, going for a walk, jogging, or even swimming.

I think these are a great beginners set that will last you your life. I personally do not think I will need another set of kegel balls because I feel that with all the variety these beads provide, I can constantly challenge my muscles. They feel great to wear and even though you may not feel them working, once you've had them in for awhile, your body will feel "tired" and you know they've done their job.

These things are really cool and I expect great results if I continue to use them. It's fun jumping around and feeling the inner balls rolling around inside of you (inside the outer balls of course). I think it's a great system since it allows you to work your way up without having to buy new, heavier weights every time you think you're ready. This us definitely a great choice for kegel exercisers.

The Luna Bead System is perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen thePC muscles. You can change the weight of the beads so that you can build up strength at a pace that is best of you. The Luna Beads come in simple packaging that is perfect for storage, as well as a small pouch that can be used for travel storage. The beads are smooth and easy to insert but lube is suggested. Overall the Luna Beads are a great product that I would suggest to anyone that wants strengthen their PC muscles.

The Luna Beads have had an amazing impact on my kegels and my sexual health. Both the “health” part (avoiding incontinence) and the “sex” part (better orgasms and enhanced arousal overall). Yep, they’re pleasure beads.

Overall, I would purchase these again. They do exactly what they are supposed to do, and do a good job of it!

The Luna beads have been the most motion friendly beads I've tried. They are less noticeable when stationary however, so you'll have to decide which feature you're looking for. Beginners and advanced users will be able to use Luna beads due to the adjustable weights with the four bead options. The string is potentially a bacteria factory, so germ freaks beware.

These are the Ultimate in Ben Wa Balls. They offer lots of stimulation, the option of using any two weights among four different balls alone or in pairs. They come with detailed instructions, are super easy to clean and body friendly, and you even get a warranty! These are amazing, and have gotten me really hooked on Lelo. <3

Overall, I give the Luna Pleasure Bead System 5 stars. Absolutely marvelous product that I am sure to be using for a long time. Pleasureful, good for your body, easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to use. What could be better than that? All the qualities of a great toy!

The Luna beads are pretty easy to use and they're effective if you take the time to use them regularly.

As a Kegel exerciser, Ben Wa balls, etc., these rock. If you want sexual stimulation, buy something that takes batteries.

I am having fun doing kegels, and more importantly I am doing them. I think they are well worth the price. They will be in my "congrats you're a New Mommy" gift basket from now on. Will come back after the recommended 12 weeks to report my full results.

From the moment I saw the artistic photo of Luna Beads tumbling out of a black stiletto, I knew this was more than just your grandmother's Kegels. Titillating when worn during yoga, jogging, or just grocery shopping, this system is sleek and sexy like the rest of LELO's products, making them a delight rather than a chore to use. They are very effective, and the results are noticeable within the space of a week. I can't ask for much more.

Have you recently had a child? Do you want to work out your PC muscles? Then Hanz and Franz have the right product for you. It's the Lelo Luna Beads that have different weights, look pretty and feminine, and have a little surprise that encourages you to do your Kegel exercises everyday.

LELO has done it again! A beautifully made product for the depths of your lady bits. The Luna Beads are so versatile in use and weight that you can't screw it up!

If you're looking to whip your PC muscles into shape then the Luna Beads are a perfectly effective and enjoyable way to strengthen your pelvic floor. They should be a part of every girls exercise routine.

Honestly, I'm not sure that if I had to decide to buy this product all over again that I would. I think I would save my money for a higher quality LELO product. If you decide to buy the cheapest LELO product (which still isn't cheap!), it's not going to be as good as their true specialties, the gorgeous and functional rechargeable and ergonomic vibrators they're known for. Yes, those cost more, but next time I will save my money for the best.

I cannot praise these enough. Despite the occasional pinch (2 pinches in a month of frequent use) these balls deliver. My orgasms are stronger and while wearing them I do have to say that there is a bit of an extra spring in my step. They provide a tiny bit of frequent thrill which can be the beginnings of one amazing night. The multi-weight system makes these a great choice for vaginal exerciser newbies all of the way up to seasoned pros, unless you're picking up bowling balls or crazy stuff

So glad I decided to purchase these! Doing housework has never been so much fun...the subtle kinetic vibration makes you forget that you are 'working out' your PC muscles.

The Luna Pleasure Bead System may be a few extra dollars than other beads, but it's worth every penny. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat; although, I don't see that I'll need to do that too soon as it feels and appears to be of very high quality that should last a long time.

I'm in love with my Luna Beads and I don't know how I've gone this long without using some type of Vaginal Exerciser. The Luna Beads help to strengthen the PC muscles which results in all kinds of benefits from better orgasms to being able to sneeze without peeing! This set is special too because it's customizable so that you can gradually build up to heavier weight as your muscles get stronger. I joke with my husband that soon I'm going to have the vag of steel!

I think these are some of the best beads I have seen out there. You get what you pay for and these are LELO quality toys. Luna beads are great for playing or all day long or just part of the day. Not hard to clean and look like they will last.

The Luna Beads, for me, turned out to be the ideal vaginal ball system. The ability to gradually increase the weight being used makes them more effective, the short length makes them easy to accommodate. The quiet yet stimulating inner balls require very little movement to be felt - which not only feels good but reminds you regularly to clench around them, working those pc muscles.

The Luna pleasure bead system by LELO is aesthetically pleasing, simple to use and to clean. While this product is meant to help strengthen your pelvic muscles, it can definitely be used for sexual stimulation as well.

The Luna Pleasure Bead System seems like an excellent idea, and I had high hopes for them – but alas, my explorations were met with disappointment and perhaps a hint of bitterness.

Kegel exercises are important for all women and this set from Luna is a great set for those of you who are serious about working out your PC Muscle!

This is a great little kegel exercise toy, definately makes a nice change in your muscle strength. It is also a nice little toy to wear while out and about doing your daily activities that will give you some nice little vibrations.

These balls improved my sex life, both by improving my strength and by making me irresistible to my partner. I could not be happier with a product.

Luna beads are good quality vaginal balls that in my experience can help to increase ones receptiveness to sex. It won’t affect your hormones exactly but it helps to bring awareness to your sexuality. And can encourage slacking sexual desire.

I started out with using both pink balls. They were easy to put in and comfortable to wear. I got up and started to walk around, which they suggest, and hold on! Now that's weird! Each ball has a smaller ball on the inside that moves when you move.

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