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Luna beads are good quality vaginal balls that in my experience can help to increase ones receptiveness to sex. It won’t affect your hormones exactly but it helps to bring awareness to your sexuality. And can encourage slacking sexual desire.
Can be use to enhance sex and also to tighten vaginal muscles. Very discreet.
Satin bag leaves lint on silicone girdle.
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I was so excited to get to finally try out the Luna pleasure beads|Vaginal balls: Luna pleasure bead system by LELO. I will admit I had an ulterior motive for wanting to use them. Like many women my libido can swing anywhere from some amazing highs to very depressing lows. My hopes were that by using the Luna bead system it would raise my lows. My wish is to be able to have more control over these hormonal changes with out resorting to medical intervention. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

The first thing I noticed when I received the Luna beads was the very nice storage box they arrived in. It has the feel of a high end toy. I opened the box and found four lovely balls; two pink and two blue, and a “girdle” for holding the balls in place when in use. These toys actually come with an instruction manual which is pretty straight forward on how to use the beads.

The first time I put the Luna beads in I immediately noticed how different these are to other sex toys. There is this movement that I have never experienced with any other toy. And I can control this movement simply by my movements. Very interesting!!

I can’t say that I became fully aroused just by wearing them around, but I can say that they did make me very aware of what was going on down there. I also noticed that when I took them out I was very wet and felt tight, something I wasn’t necessarily expecting right away.

So the next day I put them in again, and when I told my husband he started to get excited. Well it didn’t take long for him and the Luna beads to have me so excited. We experimented with different things while using them, and I can say that oral sex and anal sex can be much enhanced while using the beads.

It’s also something you can wear while going out. Not something you can do with most sex toys|Sex toys for women. The only complaint I have at this time is the pretty satin bag that it comes with for discrete storage in you purse leaves lint on the silicone girdle. So I had to rinse it off after taking it out of the bag before I could use it again.

I think these are very high quality vaginal balls, and with care can last a long time. I would recommend to anyone who is seriously looking to get some to seriously consider the Luna pleasure beads.
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  • Contributor: Minxy
    Hello bdfpgirl,

    How strong is the retrieval cord ? I really want to try these! I love the Fun Factory Smart Balls. Is the retrieval cord on these silicone or fabric (nylon, cotton)and if so is the cord impervious to liquid? You're input is greatly anticipated.
  • Contributor: bdfpgirl
    Hello Minxy,

    The retrieval cord is nylon so it isn't completely impervious to liquid, and it can also stain.  It is quite strong though, and I completely think they are worth trying out.
  • Contributor: Minxy
    Thank you so much for responding  I've been curious about that string for so long and could never find the answer until now. It's nice to have someone to ask.  Think I'll give these a shot.
  • Contributor: bdfpgirl
    Not a problem.  Enjoy!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    How easy where vaginal exercises with these?
  • Contributor: bdfpgirl
    I would recommend you start out with the lighter weight balls first, otherwise they may slide out. Other than that they were quite simple to use. Basically you just insert and enjoy. It's just a matter of keeping them in. Once you get use to wearing them then you can try the heaver balls or maybe one of each. You are quite aware of them being in place, and you do not necessarily have to leave them in long (maybe 30 minutes a day) to strengthen your muscles, but you may also find that you want to keep them in longer.
  • Contributor: Ladygaga
    Great review!
  • Contributor: freda
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: karenm
    Thanks for your review!
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