Luna Beads Classic, Mini & Noir

LELO does not disappoint with the Luna mini. I've been using Kegel exercisers for about 5 years, and these are by far the best. They're comfortable, and I love the interchangeable weights. With body-safe materials and versatility, beginners and advanced users can love this set. I feel like I get an actual workout with these. The amount of movement never lets me forget that they're there! You'll find the differences from the classic, mini and noir set in this review!
Body safe materials, Interchangeable weights, Easy cleaning, Easy storage, Most beneficial
Cord should be silicone
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The Luna pleasure bead system by LELO is the origianl set they started offering. The only difference between the classic, mini and noir set is the size. Everything else is the same. The classic set has the largest beads. They're a great option for those who find the Smartballs too big, the mini set too hard to keep in, the noir set not rumbly enough or if you're just starting out!

The pleasure beads are designed for arousal, and most of all, Kegel exercises. Kegel exercisers are also known as pelvic floor exercisers. Kegel exercises consists of repeatedly contracting the pelvic floor muscles; it's the same as any other weight lifting, except it's in your vagina! Kegel exercising can help prevent urinary incontinence, as well as the prolapse of the pelvic organs. One of the best benefits of Kegel exercises is the sexual function. Using them can create arousal while you're wearing them, but it can also help you achieve better orgasms through long term use. Also, they can help you feel tighter to your partner. In the fifties, Dr. Kegel reported that the women doing his exercises were orgasming more frequently, intensely, and more easily! Imagine if they were using weights like Luna beads!

These are meant to be inserted vaginally. When you move about, the motion causes the inner balls to move, creating a vibrating sensation that stimulates the vaginal muscles. While they're in there, you have to squeeze those muscles to prevent them from falling out. Some people might not have any trouble keeping them in, but the high amount of rumble to the beads will surely remind you to start squeezing. There's a cord on this set, which helps you take them out easily. These shouldn't be used anally, however, because they can easily get lost in there!

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Material / Texture

With the Luna Beads, we're working with a few different materials; silicone, plastic and nylon.

The white harness that the beads rest in is made out of high quality silicone. Silicone rates as a 10 on the safety scale. The harness is extremely flexible and velvety. It's easy to slip the beads in and out of the harness, but it's still extremely secure. The beads won't pop out of it due to how secure it is.

Each bead is made of ABS plastic, which rates as an 8 on the safety scale. The beads are very hard and smooth, except where there is a seam. There are weights inside of each ball. It seems like the balls encased inside the plastic are metal. I think that they're surrounded by a rubber-like material.

The white retrieval cord is made from nylon. Nylon is hypoallergenic, and it offers a good resistance to oils, greases, and solvents. The cord is extremely strong; it's secured very well to the beads. Some types of nylon are non-porous, but I'm pretty sure this one isn't.

The Luna Beads have no smell or taste to them.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design and versatility of these beads. The fact that you can adjust the weights makes it a winner over many other sets of Kegel balls. I'm completely okay with the beads being made of plastic rather than silicone, because it's clearly effective with what it's supposed to do. The thin plastic shell is what makes the difference with these. Some of my other sets are just too big or too thick, and the rumble of the inner ball is just lost through the material. Knock on a piece of rubber, then a piece of plastic. Same thing. Here's some specs for the classic, mini and noir.

Each bead is the same size. 35mm/1.3 inch diameter or 4.5 inch circumference. That's 1 inch larger in diameter than the mini and noir set.
The retrieval cord is 3.25 inches. Same size as noir cord, but 1 inch less than mini cord.
The harness is 3.75. Quarter inch longer than mini and noir.
Length from end of harness to cord is 7 inches. 1 inch longer than noir, 2 inches longer than mini.
Pink beads are 28 grams(1 oz)each. Same as mini.

Blue beads are 37 grams(1.3 oz) each. Same as mini.
The noir comes with only 2 black beads that equal the weight of the two blue beads.

So, two pinks together make a weight of 2 ounces, two blues together makes 2.6 ounces, and one blue and one pink makes 2.3 ounces. Since one ball of each color has a cord, you have the option to only wear one ball without the harness.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design


They are quite discreet and can be worn anywhere. I've read lots of reviews about some people not wearing them out because they were so rumbly that they could be heard. While they are louder than other sets I've worn, the only time anyone has heard them was when I was in a quiet room making someone listen. I wear them to work every day, and no one has heard them. My co-workers and I have quite an open relationship, so it's quite likely that they'd tell me if they heard sounds coming from my vagina! I have noticed that the farther they travel upward, the more muffled the sound becomes. So, in my opinion, the sound is nothing to worry about.
The Luna beads system is not the heaviest set that I own, but it's surely the rumbliest. I've never had any trouble keeping any set in, so the rumble factor is very important to me. I can feel these ones with even minimal movement. I find the classic set rumblier than out of all the Luna sets. My theory of why that is the case is because there's more room for the inner beads to bang around in.

I never need lube to insert these; they have no drag whatsoever for me. That might not be the case with everyone, so a dab water-based lube should do the trick. LELO advises against using silicone in their manual, as it can make the harness permanently tacky. However, if you are only using the beads without the harness, silicone lube would be fine. Be sure to insert the crown bead first, allowing the string hang out. It should be inserted so that it rests in the same area that a tampon would. I expected these to be too filling like Smartballs are, but for me, they really aren't.

These beads are just awesome. They're the only ones that I don't forget are inside me after an hour. Every movement I make, I can feel them moving around. I have no trouble removing and inserting the beads from the harness, and they line up easily.

    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

The harness can be fully sterilized by boiling it, but the rest of the set can't be boiled. The beads do have a seam, so I'd suggest making sure you line the seam up with the harness so it prevents anything from getting trapped in it. The set can be cleaned with a mild soap and water, or with a toy cleaner. I use my favorite California Exotics toy cleaner on these. The beads should be separated from the harness, so that everything can be cleaned individually. I saturate it in a cleaner and let it sit for about 30 seconds, then I rinse them with warm water before air drying or patting them dry with a chamois towel. Never use cleansers that contain alcohol, petrol, or acetone! They can be stored in the great black box they came in. The box has a velvet insert, so they can lay nestled inside. The box is only 6 3/4 x 3.5 x 2, so it's small enough to fit most anywhere. The box is solid white with only the Lelo logo on it, so it goes unnoticed.

If you don't want to use the box, or if you're traveling, LELO supplies our beads with a little 3" x 5" black pouch! I think that this is awesome; it allows me to just toss them in the pouch if I want to remove them while I'm out and about, rather than carrying around a box. They should never be stored in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Overall, the Luna beads are very low maintenance.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

One of my favorite things about LELO is that you can register the product and get a warranty on it for a year. After the first year, if something happens to them, they can be replaced for 50% off the cost.
I'm extremely satisfied with my Luna beads. I get no discomfort at all with these. I'd recommend them to beginners because of the smaller size, and advanced for their weight and the amount of movement. If you've ever had pain or any issues with larger balls, these are the way to go. I'm easily giving these 5 stars because of their performance, size, and safe materials. I feel like my muscles get an actual workout with these. I've been using Kegel exercisers for about 5 years now, and I've had so many different ones. I'll continue to be faithful to these. Also, if anything ever happens to them, I will surely replace them with the same ones. I wear kegel ball during menstruation and I can't do that with the Luna Beads because of the nylon string. It will stain it. Really, that is my only grievance.

Remember, to really see results with these, you have to keep up with it. It's important to incorporate it into your daily routine and stick to a regular program. I recommend using them for at least 30 minutes a day. I wear mine for about 8-10 hours!

I'd recommend the classic to:
-People that thought the Smartballs were uncomfortable
-Have a hard time keeping the Mini set or classic ben wa balls in
-Want different weight options
-Need the rumble factor like I do

I'd recommend the mini set to:
-Thought the classic set is too big and want all the same benefits of the classic

I'd recommend the noir set to:
-Same as above
-Thought the cord on the mini was too small
-Thought the Mini set was too noisy
-Love the mini and want a sleeker looking set
-Experienced users that wanted the highest weight for a lesser price

I find myself using the mini set and noir the most of the three. But if I had to pick one to recommend, it'd be the mini.

Follow-up commentary
I ended up preferring the classic set over the mini and noir. They're more effective for me because of the amount of rattling the inner beads create. I've become somewhat desinsitized to these, but I suppose that's to be expected when kegeling every day for years. Even still, the Luna Beads are my favorite. The only thing I don't love is the seam.
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