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Luna Beads by Lelo are the single most arousing set of kegel balls I have ever owned! They provide quality, versatility, and challenge to all levels of users. Kegel health is incredibly important, and this set of balls will keep a large number of users satisfied. Minute downfalls can easily be overcome with the innovation of the design and the movement you will find from the inner balls. Easily a 5 star product!
+ variety of options
+ High quality
+ Excellent Storage
+ Arousing
- questionable cleanliness of sting material
- Not 100% steralizeable
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Today's review is on the amazing Luna Beads by Lelo. If you don't know much about kegel balls, read below! If you do, let's go over why Luna Beads are the way to go! Luna beads are incredibly awesome because they offer crazy versatility. Luna beads offer both a single ball option, a dual ball option, and a variety of weights to increase or decrease the amount of intensity! Luna beads are great for beginners to advanced users with all of their options.

Fortunately, I own both the mini and the regular sized Luna beads! Read the Size and the Personal Comments section, or watch my video to have a comparison of the two different products! In these sections you will also get a brief comparison with the Smartballs products, which I also own! Now, that being said, all of these products totally rock, it's all about what will be best for you!

Kegel Information

Kegel balls are used to tighten and strengthen your vagina. This occurs by encouraging you to remember to do you kegel exercises. Doing this builds up muscle on you vaginal walls, tightening your vaginal canal. It also intensifies your orgasms, make childbirth easier, and so much more.

A quick note on kegels for real beginners: For your first acquaintance with your PC muscles (the ones that strengthen your orgasms, make you feel tighter, and strengthen your vagina overall), it is suggested that you stop your urine stream while going potty. Feel those muscles? Learn to isolate them. Learn to squeeze them. Learn to be aware of them. You'll likely notice them when you orgasm once you are aware they exist. Not quite ready to buy something to get these muscles in shape? You can exercise them with reps just like at the gym. Squeeze your newly discovered PC muscles for 10 seconds at a time, then release and repeat. The greatest part about PC exercise is they can be done anywhere and no one will know. All the while you are going to be improving the quality of your orgasms, childbirth will be easier and your vagina will be tighter as the muscles strengthen and add bulk. You will feel super sexy knowing you are improving your sex life.

Some women find it really hard to remember to do their kegel exercises. Others can find it difficult to isolate the muscles necessary to do their exercises.
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Material / Texture

Luna beads have three separate materials (unlike Smartballs, which are solidly silicone).

The first material found in Luna Beads is Silicone. This silicone makes up a "girdle" type section for your Luna Beads (check out the picture below). It is high quality, like your normal Lelo products. The silicone has a velvety finish a minimal amount of drag. This high quality silicone, paired with a bit of water based lube, causes pretty easy insertion for you Luna Beads!

Plastic is your next material, and each of the four balls are made of this. The plastic is cute colors, a light blue and a light pink. The plastic appears to be made of high quality material, but each ball does have a seam. The seams can be felt internally if you do not line them up to sit underneath the silicone girdle.

The third material is the string. The material of this retrieval string is not listed...but it kinda has the quality of a normal piece of string. It is advertised as "hygienic," and I am willing to take Lelo's word for it. Two of the four balls will have this string. The stringed piece is obviously the bottom ball, facing outward. I worry about how hygienic this string is, especially in comparison to the all silicone string of Smartballs. The pro of the Lelo string is that it is less likely to poke out of your shorts or panties because it is shorter and more bendable.

There is not much feeling internally of the silicone fading in to the plastic balls. The texture is smooth which neither adds nor takes away from the experience of the toy. There is no odor or taste to any of the materials in this toy. With the mesh of silicone and plastic you have a Eden Safety rating of about a 8, pretty solid!
    • Flexible

Design / Shape / Size

Now, I have had a lot of success with my Smartballs, but the Luna Beads have an entirely different feeling, providing a lot more movement! So basically, this is a product that not only reminds your PC muscles to contract, but it also provides you more sensation so you FEEL like it's working. Why? Because the weights have an immense amount of movement inside their plastic casings, which you can physically FEEL.

Besides the movement, Lelo Luna Beads kicks butt in their design. You get 4 balls in your set. The pink ones are the lighter in the set at 28g a piece. If you are a total beginner you could insert just one of these balls to start (use the one with the retrieval cord!) Your blue beads are 37g. In your Luna Beads harness/girdle, you can mix and match any set of Luna Beads to get the ideal weight for your skill level. Your maximum weight exercise will be 74g, with tons of different options for other weight combinations.

Have you had issues with Kegel Balls being too big before? Than stick with the Mini! Lelo advertises that mini bead system is most suitable for those under 30, who have never experienced childbirth. However, I am under 30, never had babies, and work on my kegels regularly, and the classic size kegel ball works best for my body type. Maybe it's just because I like the "full" feeling of the bigger balls. That being said, the Mini is a kegel kicking option, rocking the same weight, and a much smaller size (even smaller then the Smartballs Uno, with more options).

Some Stats;

Luna Bead Girdle size: Classic - 89x35x16mm / Mini - 75x30x10mm

Luna Bead size: Classic - 36 mm / Mini - 29mm

Smartballs Duo Size: 38.1mm

Smartballs Uno Size: 37.5mm

Average users often use Classic sized balls. However, that is not always the ideal set up for every user. If you don't know your body well, and you can afford it, I suggest ordering both the mini and the classic size of the Luna Beads, because a variety of users will be able to comfortably use both sets. I have both sets, and find the Mini balls more of a challenge, and the Classic balls more arousing. If you've experienced issues with single balls, or even double balls in the past than the mini might be ideal for you! The mini is the smallest, most compact set of kegel balls I have ever set my eyes on. Check out the size comparison pictures below.

Both the Classic and the Mini set of Luna Beads are discreet and come with a travel pouch. There is a slight amount of rattle from the balls moving, but it is not really noticeable when stuffed in to a purse or travel bag, making your kegel balls ready to go just about anywhere with you!

When you are wearing your Luna Beads they are more discreet than your smartballs because of the narrower, more plyable retrieval string.

    • Beginner


Super Freaking Fantastic.

If you are brand spanking new to kegels, Lelo provides you some awesome instructions. The manual will state that it may take up to 12 weeks of using your beads once a day, 30 minutes at a time, to see solid results. They also mention that you shouldn't be discouraged if your put in your kegel balls and you do not yet have the ability to hold them in place yet. Keep practicing and you will see results!

For the best results, the bottom kegel ball needs to be inserted up to about the same height inside as you would insert a tampon. This makes it sit in the correct place to trigger your pelvic floor muscles and remind them to contract, strengthening them.

I find that the Luna Beads do the most for my arousal because of the interior movement. Having both the mini and the classic sets allowed me a large amount of variety and challenge.

I think that the best part about any kegel balls is the fact that they do an excellent job reminding you to actually DO your kegels! The pro of kegel balls comes with the fact that you can use them without setting aside time to exercise your kegels. They are great for providing you the freedom to work your PC muscles without having to think about them. The flaw is you have to remember to use them consistently to see results!
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

To start, only used water based lubricant for insertion of your kegel balls. It will prolong the life of your products!

Luna balls are very easy to care for despite the number of materials they are made of. The fact that the balls can remove from their harness to allow for total cleaning. Mild soap and (warm!) water or a toy cleaner can keep your Luna Beads sanitary. I suggest cleaning your Luna Beads both before and after use. I personally use antibacterial spray on the string because I do worry about the cleanliness of that!

Storage is made easy with Lelo products. You can store your beads discreetly in their small box, which easily fits in a nightstand and is smaller than a standard novel. Or, you can throw your balls in the included draw string satin pouch.

Some reviews do state that water can seep into the plastic balls, but I have not personally had any problem like that.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Tope quality, dual layer, gift ready Lelo packaging like always! A fantastic storage box, a satin pouch, and some totally stellar (almost overkill!) instruction manual makes the Luna Beads a 5 star product.

    • Good for storage
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Now, I am a Kegel Nazi, and have several different sets of kegel balls and kegel exercisers. Here's my opinion on a few things.

What to Buy if You Are Looking For:

Maximum Results (No Budget): Get the Lelo Luna Beads SET, meaning both your Classic and Mini Sizes. Unless you CANNOT handle dual, full sized beads, having both the classic and the mini version of this high movement, high arousal product will allow you different levels of intensity and different options to continue your kegel fitness long term.

Wanting Arousal?: Arousal from kegel balls comes from the interior movement, so you would want to go Luna Beads here too! Decide which set is going to be best for your anatomy and experience level? Don't know the answer to that? The average user will likely have better results from the classic size.

Cleanliness Conscious: Smartballs! The 100% silicone is boileable and steralizeable. Great for those who are very concerned about keeping things clean.

No Other Kegel Balls Have Been Comfortable: Luna Beads Mini! This is the smallest, most compact set of Kegel Balls I have ever seen! Mini balls will also provide A nice challenge for the advanced users!

An Experienced Full Sized Dual Ball User After A Difficult Challenge: Order the Mini!

A Beginner: The Luna Beads Classic and Mini set if you can! Otherwise, think about your body. Are you more petite? Narrower vaginal canal? Then go Mini! More standard, or have had children? Go Classic!

Budget Shopper who Isn't As Concerned with the Arousal Piece: Smartballs!

If you have any other questions on what product might work for you, drop me a PM or a comment and I will do my best to help you out! Luna Beads are a sensational product, packed with variety, challenge, and total awesomeness!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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