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The Luna Beads, for me, turned out to be the ideal vaginal ball system. The ability to gradually increase the weight being used makes them more effective, the short length makes them easy to accommodate. The quiet yet stimulating inner balls require very little movement to be felt - which not only feels good but reminds you regularly to clench around them, working those pc muscles.
Easily cleaned, stimulating and effective, body safe, varied weights, short length.
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The Luna beads, from LELO, are hands down the best vaginal balls I've tried yet. Round, with multiple weights to choose from, they're both stimulating and a superb workout for the pc muscle. The inner balls rock and spin with even the slightest movement, which is not only pleasurable, but causes your interior muscles to contract and release around them, effectively "forcing" you to do your kegel exercises. Because they come with interchangeable balls in differing weights, you can start with one, light ball without the girdle and work your way up to two of the heavier balls, making this a great system to gradually tone those muscles while still feeling very, very good.

Material / Texture

The Luna Beads themselves are see through ABS plastic; two pink and two blue. They come with a white silicone girdle.

The plastic is firm and smooth but not hard. It does have the slightest give to it. The silicone girdle is flexible; squishy and soft and bendable any which way when the balls are not placed inside it. It's typical, matte LELO silicone with a velvety feel to it.

The girdle holds the balls in place fantastically though they can be slightly difficult to insert as the silicone is so soft and pliable that the center connector bends easily.

Neither balls nor girdle has any real texture; they're smooth to the touch and non irritating when inserted, even with extended wear.

Design / Shape / Size

The Luna Beads are 3.5 inches long with a slightly less than 1.5 inch diameter. Because the length is an inch shorter than the Smartballs I'd previously tried, this design worked exceptionally well for me. The balls are round, which I also found felt really nice.

The inner balls are fairly quiet as they spin and move around inside the exterior balls, which they do effectively and with very little movement - also unlike the other balls I've tried where I felt I had to run to get any sensation. Each pink bead weighs 28 grams, the blue 37 grams.

Each set of beads has a crown bead (top bead) and a foundation bead (bottom bead). The foundation beads have a retrieval string connected to them, which is threaded through a hole in the girdle for easy removal of the product.


Because you can use a single bead, work your way up to two of the lighter beads in the connecting girdle, one of each or two of the heavier, blue beads, the Luna Beads make a great system to gradually tone your vaginal muscles and prevent you from growing bored with the same sensation all the time. For me, this is one of the best things about this product.

I haven't had the Luna Beads long enough to say whether they make a noticeable difference in the strength of my pc muscle, but they definitely feel better than the others I've tried and have a more noticeable "vibration" from the inner beads.

They also stay put a bit more easily because their shorter length allows them to fit properly inside my vagina. In order for them to work effectively, LELO says the bottom bead should sit above your pc muscle, not below it at the entrance of the vagina.

Care and Maintenance

Luna Beads can be cleaned by washing with soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes.

When using the girdle, however, it's best to take everything apart and wash each piece with a good antibacterial soap under running water. The seams created by the balls resting in the girdle collect all sorts of goo and you don't want to leave that on there, collecting bacteria.

The silicone girdle can be boiled, placed in the dishwasher with no soap or soaked in a ten percent bleach solution for sanitizing.


Like all LELO toys, the Luna Beads come packaged exquisitely.

Black, subtle outer box with the beads resting happily inside when you open it in their own little "stage". Lift the plastic stage and you find a silky drawstring bag, your warranty information and a very thorough and multi-language users guide.

Personal comments

People kept telling me that the Luna Beads were better than the Smartballs. I kept crinkling my nose and thinking they were full of it. I was wrong. (Thank you, Epiphora and Miss Kiss This :P )

The Smartballs were simply too long for me, and didn't fit comfortably inside me. They hurt where the string connects to the balls as they were constantly sitting right at my vaginal entrance. I also felt like I had to jog to make the sensations noticeable.

The Luna Beads, however, fit perfectly with their shorter length. They sit where they're supposed to and actually DO, for me, what they're supposed to do. I'm incredibly glad I took the chance and ordered them.

Pictures on my blog.
Follow-up commentary
It's funny...

I forget to use my Luna Beads, even though I love them.

When I first got them, I left them out on my desk in their little white bag and I used them quite a bit. Then I started storing them in their box, on a shelf in my room, and the only time I remember to use them is when I'm going thru my review list and see I need to do a follow up on them.

So I wasn't going to do the follow up, figuring if I did, I'd never remember to use them!

But, instead, I've put them back in their bag, on my desk.

Because they really are excellent vaginal balls and deserve to be used way, way more than I do.

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