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The Luna beads have been the most motion friendly beads I've tried. They are less noticeable when stationary however, so you'll have to decide which feature you're looking for. Beginners and advanced users will be able to use Luna beads due to the adjustable weights with the four bead options. The string is potentially a bacteria factory, so germ freaks beware.
Adjustable weights
Good length and width
Can feel movement
Questionable string
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Luna beads are an aid for strengthening your PC muscles. Beginners can start with the lighter weight balls, and more advanced users can move right up to the heavy weights. The general concept is to contract your muscles around the balls in reps. Repeatedly doing so results in tighter muscles and potentially stronger orgasms. Ball exercisers can aid in the exercises by both reminding you to do them in the first place, as well as giving you weight to contract around.

These balls can be used for extended periods of time. You can use them daily, all day long if you like. I hear reports that some women use these during sex, a feat I have yet to accomplish successfully.

The main reason most women use vaginal exercisers is to strengthen muscles, but an added benefit to the Luna beads is that you can feel the weights move around as you go about your day. For some, this might provide added stimulation or arousal.

There may be a temptation to use these anally. Do not do this. The string can easily rip and these would be very difficult to remove once the string is detached.

Material / Texture

Luna beads are made of three separate materials. The "girdle" (the part that holds the beads together) is made of silicone. The beads themselves are made of plastic. The strings is made of...well, for the life of me, I can't get an answer to this. The box says "hygienic retraction leash" but doesn't mention a material. An internet search just yielded that no one else seems to know either. It looks like plain old string to me.

The silicone is regular Lelo quality, which is to say velvety and with no drag. It's incredibly smooth and surprisingly easy to insert for vaginal balls. The plastic seems to also be of high quality. There was no smell to either of the materials upon opening nor was there a taste.

My only qualm with the material is the string. I'm not buying Lelo's "hygienic" claim on what looks to be supermarket string. It seems like a total bacteria breeding ground to me. I see no mention of some overlay product that keeps it from attracting germs, nor does it look like there is a coat to it. I'm a germ freak, so I might be overreacting about this. It still completely squeaks me out.

There is no real texture, but the words "Lelo" are inscribed on two of the balls, and all four of the balls have seams on them. The "Lelo" cannot be felt upon insertion. I have been very careful to line the seams up with the silicone girdle when placing the balls in, because I have a feeling that the seams themselves would be something you could feel and not in a good way.

Design / Shape / Size

The Luna beads come with four balls; two blue and two pink. The pink balls weight 28g and the blue balls weigh 37g. You can mix and match these or use only one ball to suit your individual needs. This way beginners can start out with lower weights and work their way up. I think this is a great idea, as many other exercisers come in only one size or weight and have no way to work your way up. Luna offers versatility across all experience levels. Despite researching these before buying them, I still ended up thinking "how do I pick what color I want" when I placed the order. Ditzy. So one more time, you get all four balls.

The Luna balls are perfectly circular in shape. The girdle follows suit, making a perfect circle around them. These are more in the style of traditional Ben Wa balls that some of the newer oval shaped balls. I quite like the rounder shape, but they are less filling in my experience. I notice them slightly less than my oval balls when I'm stationary.

Each ball is about 1 inch. The entire system is 3.5 inches. The balls and insertable length is larger than traditional Ben Wa balls, but smaller than other systems I have tried, notably Smart Balls. This size is probably more accommodating to the average user than some of the lengthier or wider systems out there. I have what I would consider an "average" canal length, and I still had room once these were inserted. I would think that even those with shorter canals would be able to comfortably wear the Luna balls.


Full System In Hand:

One Ball In Hand:

The Luna beads are quite discreet as I think most people are unaware of vaginal balls in general, and even less aware of newer versions of the traditional Ben Wa balls. I'm not creative enough to think of what you could play these off as, but sex toy will likely be the last thing someone would guess. Because they aren't vibrating toys, they are easy to travel with.


It is my non-professional opinion that vaginal balls work because they remind you to do Kegel exercises, more than the fact that the weights are playing a big role. When I don't use my balls, I probably remember once a week or so. With balls, I usually do reps ten or more times a day. With or without balls, doing reps that often will make a difference. When you have something inserted in you all day with the sole purpose of strengthening muscles, you get the constant light that goes off saying "do reps!" So yes, since using these, my PC muscles have strengthened. I just don't know how much of that is attributed to the balls themselves, and how much is attributed to actually remembering to do Kegel exercises.

If your secondary goal is for a heightened state of arousal, I found that these worked better than any other beads I have tried to date. More in the experience section, but I could feel the movement on these balls more than other brands. In that sense, Luna outperforms other vaginal balls.

As mentioned, you can change the weight of these as you progress. I think that's another area Luna really shines. I've pretty much mentioned all the details already, but you can come up with lots of combinations depending on how much weight you want to make these tailored to your needs.

Care and Maintenance

The Luna beads come out of the girdle making it three pieces, if you don't count the extra two balls. When cleaning, I recommend taking the pieces out to make sure nothing gets stuck in between where the plastic meets the silicone. The detachable feature is quite nice when it comes to cleaning. I feel like I'm sure there's nothing getting stuck in there, and that I'm not missing any spots.

As for the dubious "hygienic" string, all I can say is to go extra heavy on the antibacterial products. I use at least five to seven sprays of my antibacterial toy cleaner on the string alone, and two to three on the rest of the Luna beads.

Some have mentioned that water can seep through the seams of the beads and get trapped. I haven't had this issue personally, but apparently it can happen.

The girdle is silicone, so be sure to use water based lubes only if you are going to use lube for insertion.

Lelo provides two lovely options for storage; the box itself or a pouch. If you choose not to use either of these, just watch that you keep the silicone girdle away from other silicone products as sometimes they don't play nice together.


Lelo never fails on packaging. I swear it's half the reason I continue to buy stuff from them. Every time I get a Lelo package, I feel like I've won the lottery of sex toys. Lelo packaging is sleek and minimalistic. Nothing about it is obscene, just pure elegance.

The Luna beads come with an outer white box that says "Lelo" on the front, and contains some general information on the sides such as weight of the beads and materials. The back has a picture of the beads, though it makes them look purple instead of pink. Inside this white box is the traditional black Lelo box that simply says "Lelo" on it. When opened, the four balls are displayed with everything else tucked underneath.




This beautiful packaging is perfect for storage. I have this placed in my bathroom with the two balls I'm not using placed inside of it. In case you decide not to use the packaging, Lelo includes a high quality white pouch as well. The only issue with the pouch is that it's not large enough to hold all four balls at once. I'm assuming it's mostly for travel use of the two balls you're using and the girdle. I carry the pouch with me on days I'm using my balls, in case I decide to take them out.


Lelo always seems to have a tendency to overkill the instructions. I guess I'd rather that than non-existent instructions, but I swear I have a migraine every time I read a Lelo manual. The English section is 11 pages. That's insane. All it really needs to say is "thread string through hole." Instead you get two pages explaining how to thread said string and multiple pages of specs. You even get a page diagraming the female anatomy. You'll likely end up more confused reading this than you would just figuring it out on your own. It is nice that they include them though.


After using my Smart Balls for a while with good results, I found I was missing a certain something. What I really wanted was to feel the movement of the weights when I moved around. With the Smart Balls, I could feel the balls non-stop, but I couldn't feel any movement. I was told that Luna was best for actually feeling movement, so when I found a sale on these, I jumped at it.

Upon receiving my Luna beads, I rolled them around in my hands. I noticed immediately that I could feel the weights moving in my hand more than I could with my Smart Balls. The noise was noticeable, but not so much that it would be anything you would hear once inserted.

I weighted these up against the Smart Balls, and decided that one blue ball and one pink ball was the closest in weight. This was my starting point. I did the blue weight towards the back so the lighter weight was towards the entrance, hoping that this would prevent any fallout. Since the Luna beads are smaller in length and width than the Smart Balls, I was able to go up in weight in about three days.

I found that at the increased weight, I could feel the movement increase as well. While I could feel movement with one of each color, it seemed to almost double once I upped the weight to the two blue balls.

I wore these out to a DJ set and the bass did not set them off as I had hoped. Kinda sad about that. I also noticed that extremely vigorous activity such as dancing will offset the movement, and I won't be able to feel it. Slight movements, however, such as walking or riding in a car, produced the best results. The car ride home has never been more fun! Final word is that these are really noticeable during everyday movements. For me, this creates heightened arousal during the day. It's like a little sexual secret that no one knows about. It's something that is a huge turn on for me, thus the search for balls that I could feel more prominently.

These were much easier to insert than my Smart Balls. Lelos encyclopedia of a manual says not to overuse the lube when inserting. Coming from the Smart Balls, I totally didn't listen and drenched the Luna beads down. Turns out Lelo was right and the Luna beads were going all over the place and trying to slip out. Every other time I've needed only one pump of lube to get these to insert with no issue.

Luna beads are also easier to wear for extended periods. Where my Smart Balls made me feel like I had a bladder infection if I had to use the restroom with them in, I have no issues with my Lunas. I can comfortably wear these the entire day.

The only downside of these compared to my other balls is that, when sitting stationary, I do not really notice them. Since I mostly do my Kegel exercises when I'm sitting, I feel like I ended up doing them more often with the Smart Balls as I was reminded in my more natural position for doing them. I'll take this slight downfall due to the many positives of the Lunas.

I haven't noticed that my PC muscles are any stronger with these than using any other balls. But like I said, I think it's more about remembering to actually do the Kegel exercises, more than the weights or the balls being there. For actual strengthening power, I'm not sure than any bead is going to be better than another. I think it comes down more to comfort, and if you want to be able to feel the movement.

A fun thing I also like to do with my Luna beads is to keep them in while using a clitoral vibrator. This way during orgasm, I have something to clench around and it makes it more intense. I love little added perks like that.
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