Pleasure beads? OH YES!

Eager to try my first set of vaginal balls, I scooped these up. I absolutely love these balls; they're high quality, they're effective, and they're comfortable! I really like my pelvic floor muscles are getting a work out from these, and I don't even need to remember to do my exercises (as long as I'm active while wearing them).

These balls are amazing, and they fit me well. My only real issue with these balls is the little string that's attached to them -- I'm just not sure how safe it is...
Multiple weight choices, Silicone harness, Movement is pleasurable, Works my muscles when I move!
Not sure what that string is made out of!, Some users may feel that they're too big
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Lelo's Luna Pleasure Bead system is a high quality set of vaginal balls -- and as such, they're meant to be used by women. The set includes one silicone harness, and four different balls: two pink, and two blue. The balls are different weights, with the pink balls weighing 28 grams, and the blue balls weighing 37 grams. The fact that this set includes multiple weights, and a silicone harness for the balls, is great, as it allows you to increase the weight as your muscles become stronger.

Now, you might wonder why a woman would want to use a set of vaginal balls. The reason is simple: exercising your pelvic floor muscles tones them, and gives a woman more control over them. Women have different reasoning for wanting to tighten their muscles, so I will just tell you my reasoning: I wanted to be able to "grip" my boyfriend better during intercourse. Using these balls enables me to exercise my muscles, giving me a better ability grip with those muscles.

It should be noted that I have not had children, and I am fairly tight anyway. I just have never enjoyed doing Kegel exercises. To me, Kegel exercises feel awkward when I do them without any toys. These little balls, however, make Kegel exercises highly enjoyable. If I wear them when I'm being active, I find that I don't need to focus on clenching my muscles, as the movement of the weighted balls helps to clench my muscles. I also find that I get incredibly aroused from using these balls.

As a disclaimer, I have to put that these are not suitable for anal use. PLEASE do not put them in your bum, they may get stuck! Can you imagine how humiliating that trip to the hospital would be? So... yeah, just don't do it!

Material / Texture

This set is made out of different types of materials.

First of all, there is the silicone harness, which holds the beads together. Silicone rates as a 10 on Eden's safety scale, as it is hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex free, and phthalates free. The silicone is smooth, with no drag. The harness does feature a slight seam, going across the little white connector part that connects the two circles. This seam cannot be felt when the balls are in use, though. The silicone harness is also quite flexible, which helps make it comfortable to use.

Next up, we have the balls themselves. The balls are made out of plastic, which rates as an 8 on the safety scale. Plastic is hypoallergenic, latex free, phthalates free, and non-porous -- so it is a rather safe material. The plastic is very smooth, and it feels extremely durable. There is absolutely no give to the plastic balls, so you won't be able to squeeze them at all. The balls do slide rather easily into the flexible silicone harness, though.

The plastic balls do feature a slight seam going around the center of it. Those of you that are extremely sensitive to seams may be able to feel it during use, but I couldn't.

Finally, there's the retraction cords. One retraction cord is attached to a pink ball, and the other retraction cord is attached to a blue ball. I have absolutely no idea what the cord is made out of, as the packaging doesn't really say. I was really surprised by the cord, as I expected higher quality from Lelo. Don't get me wrong, the cords feel secure, and I do feel like they'll hold up well. I just worry about the safety of the cords -- especially since I don't know what it's made of. It feels like some type of nylon, though.

None of the materials feature any odors, or tastes -- not that you're going to be tasting these much, anyway.

Design / Shape / Size

The silicone harness measures 3.5" in length, and slightly over an inch in width. Each ball measures about an inch in size. For me, the overall size was nice and comfortable, but some people might feel that they want something a little smaller. To those individuals, don't worry, Lelo has considered your needs! Lelo has made a mini pleasure bead system, which is also available on

As for this set, though, I love that it comes with four different balls. Each ball has a little weight inside of it. The two pink balls weigh 28 grams, and the blue balls weigh 37 grams a piece. One ball of each color has a retraction cord attached to it.

The fact that the Luna pleasure beads come in different weights is fantastic, as it enables you to chose the weight that is right for you. If you're new doing Kegels, you can begin with one pink ball without the harness. If you choose to use just one ball, make sure that you select the one with the retraction cord.

Once you've gotten used to the single pink ball, you can switch to a single blue ball. This means that you'll go from 28g to 37g. Once the 37g is comfortable for you, you can use two pink balls in the harness -- make sure that the retraction cord is going through the little hole on the silicone harness. Doing this will put you up to 56g. Next, you can use a pink and blue ball, which will have you at 65g. Finally, you can increase to two blue balls, which will equal a total of 74g.

As you can see, the Luna Pleasure Bead System really allows the user to experience a wide range of weights. For this reason, this is one set of vaginal balls that is really likely to cater to most individuals needs.

The balls are fairly discreet, as they don't really look like a sex toy. I would have no issue leaving this out when company is over, as I don't feel that this product would really attract a lot of attention.


I really hated doing Kegel's before I got these balls -- now, I love them! I love that the weight inside of each ball kind of bounces around, enabling me to feel it. It's not only pleasurable, but it also helps me remember to clench my muscles. In fact, if I am working out while wearing these, I find that my muscles automatically clench, due to the movement of the balls.

I really love these balls, but I wish that the retrieval cord was made out of a better material.

Care and Maintenance

The harness portion of this toy is silicone, which means that the toy is not compatible with silicone lubricants. For this reason, I would suggest using just a drop or two of water-based lubricant with these amazing balls.

To clean these balls, you have multiple options. You could use antibacterial soap and water, or you could use a toy cleaner. You could even use a toy wipe. Pretty simple, right? Once the washing is done, be sure that you either allow these to air dry, or that you dry them with a lint-free cloth.

As for storage? I personally keep these in the little pouch that Lelo including with the vaginal balls. You could also use the box that Lelo uses as packaging. Or, if you don't like either of those options, you could store these in a Ziploc bag. However you store them, the balls are small, so stashing them away should never be an issue.


This is my very first pair of vaginal balls, and I don't think I could've picked a better set to try!

The first ball that I chose was a single pink ball. I wore this ball for about 10 minutes, before I decided like I needed more. Not thinking, I jumped right into using two pink balls -- which was a little uncomfortable for me. So, I quickly switched out one of the pink balls for one of the blue balls. This felt amazing! I wore them like this while I went for a long walk around my neighborhood, and while dancing. I really felt like my muscles were working without having to remember to work them! I also felt very stimulated from the movement of the balls.

I really loved that no one around me seemed to be able to hear the little balls moving inside, and now I feel confident to wear them out, even to busy public places.

I love this system!
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