Luna Beads Are Lame

The Luna Pleasure Bead System seems like an excellent idea, and I had high hopes for them – but alas, my explorations were met with disappointment and perhaps a hint of bitterness.
Two interchangeable weights of balls.
Can't be felt, don't stimulate.
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Luna Beads come beautifully packaged (as Lelo products always do) and include a one year warranty to boot, which is lovely to have for the piece of mind of knowing that you're covered if your beads somehow break open.

There are two different types of beads: pink, weighing 1oz a piece, and blue, weighing 1.4oz each. In each color, one bead has an attached string, and the other is a simple free sphere. The beads are meant to be placed in the included white silicone girdle which is flexible, and with ease securely accepts the beads.

The idea behind the two weights is one of pussy strengthening and development. Start with the pink, and when your pussy starts feeling pretty buff and strong, switch to the blue beads to continue the development.

Materials wise, the girdle is silicone (so boil away!). The beads are made of hard ABS plastic, which is nice as they can be cleaned and/or disinfected quite well. The retrieval string is a simple, thin, absorbent looking synthetic string.

Now this is all good, a Luna Beads user can use the heavier or lighter beads depending on mood (or hey, even use one of each for some asymmetric fun), but unfortunately the beads are completely spherical and don't really stimulate well or feel like anything when inserted for that matter.

The only way to feel a rumble when wearing these beads is to do decently intense physical activity like jogging, jumping jacks or vigorous anal sex. Otherwise, the Luna Beads are seemingly non-existent when inserted. Compared to other options on the market such as Fun Factory Smartballs, the Luna Beads are, well, lame. This is surprising, given the dizzying array of positive reviews about Luna Beads, but it's sadly the case.

In general, I find the Luna Beads small, so maybe it's just that I have a cavernous vagina. Or, perhaps my vagina is so strong that the puny little Luna Beads are simply no match for my corded steel PC muscles. Or, maybe I'm taking crazy pills.

If not used as pussy balls, what could you do with your Luna Beads?

* Luna Beads could be used a juggernauts in an intense game of marbles – be the envy of all the kids in your neighborhood!
* They'd also be excellent as a colorful accent beside an olive in a stiff martini.
* If you're looking to throw something amidst a hissy fit, Luna Beads would be much more controllable and effective than a porcelain figurine.
Follow-up commentary
Recently, I have read some reviews of Luna Beads suggesting that not all Luna Beads are created equal. I'm not sure how this works exactly, but it could be that I have a dud set or older model? At any rate, I still don't like them as they still don't do anything for me.
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  • Contributor: Lovely Lola
    I saw these and thought it would be great to get these instead of ben wa balls but I guess I will get the balls.
  • Contributor: Jujubee
  • Contributor: RJBuckeyes
  • Contributor: EmuLove
  • Contributor: cardstock12
  • Contributor: Carlie2010
  • Contributor: Loquatious
    Too bad. Hoping the mini's will work.
  • Contributor: Sbmsvschoolgirl
    Interesting, I've heard a lot of good things about these...
  • Contributor: kristina0121
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: kristina0121
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: doowop
    Thank you! I'm sorry they didn't work out for you, but thank you for the laugh at the end of your review.
  • Contributor: doowop
    Thank you! I'm sorry they didn't work out for you, but thank you for the laugh at the end of your review.
  • Contributor: doowop
    Thank you! I'm sorry they didn't work out for you, but thank you for the laugh at the end of your review.
  • Contributor: Pumpk1nPatch
    Loved this review!
  • Contributor: wicked48
    Very helpful information. Thought this was the brand I would purchase but now I will check out the other options available like the smart balls that you mentioned.
  • Contributor: mailroomorder
    Thanks for the review! I read it before deciding if I should purchase it or not.
  • Contributor: samanthas
    Thanks--I'm trying to decide between these and another brand
  • Contributor: karenm
    Great review, thanks!
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