Deep sea pleasure - g-spot vibrator by WHK GmbH - review by Adriana Ravenlust

Deep sea pleasure

G-spot vibrator by WHK GmbH

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This toy does not make a good g-spot stimulator as it is rather painful upon insertion; it also is a poor clit stimulator because of its size and shape. Skip it.
Cute, 10 functions, does not smell as bad as most jelly toys, good length for g-spot stimulation
functions similar, short cord, no information provided, feels cheap, uses odd number of batteries
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The Deep Sea Pleasure is a super cute vibrating dolphin which promises to be a good time with its 10 functions and waterproof capabilities. However, I found this toy to be more of a let down than an adventure. Right from the package, I suspected less than quality craftsmanship. This jelly toy comes in a plastic clam shell plastered with an image of a half naked woman and with absolutely no information so if it isn't on the package, you're out of luck. What the package does tell us is that it it 100% waterproof, made of super soft jelly, has "love nubs" for clit stimulation and uses 3 AAA batteries. From this I inferred that it wouldn't be the strongest vibrator I own and that it's not good for sharing because the porous material cannot be sterilized. I also had to specifically buy AAA batteries because I do not normally have them.

Out of the package, this g-spot stimulator did seem more promising even if I wasn't ready to dive right in. I was excited to try this mostly because I had not used a pulsating vibrator|Pulsating Strap-on vibrator before. I found it interesting that the controller and vibrator are not actually connected. Rather, the vibrator part is connected to the cord which plugs in to the plastic control/ battery pack which feels very cheap and insubstantial thus I didn't even try to use it in water. Although made of jelly, I was relieved to find it wasn't an overpowering scent and I only noticed the rubber smell if I put my nose right up to the toy which is not where I usually use it. The jelly on the tail end of the dolphin seems to be a bit loose, as though the vibrator inside is a bit too loose for the jelly cover.

The back of the battery pack lists to 10 different functions and most of them have silly names like "arouse" "zoom" and "racer" but some of the names were better in describing the actual function like "pulsation" and "vibration."

The control has a double sided button; one side turns on the vibrator and the other changes functions. A test run of the toy shows that the first 3 functions (foreplay, tease and arouse) are basic vibration and each level increases. "Zoom" is sort of a fast pulsation whereas "Wave" is a sort of fast and slow pulsation which reminds me a bit of Morse code. However, the actual "Pulsation" mode is not one which pulsates at all. It's more of a continuous rise and fall in the tempo of vibration. "Vibration" is similar to the mode before it but it adds pulsation; this seems like the function that should actually be pulsation. I'm not quite sure about random. It's not a random pick of 1 mode but seems to be made up of several. "Racer" involves more escalating and pulsation and finally "Climax" is a stronger vibration and pulsation combined but still is not super strong. As a vibrator alone, this could use more power. The sound level was about on par with the power level.

Overall, many of the functions feel very similar. I wouldn't say that most of these functions are unique enough by themselves to actually count. Most of them are similar combinations of escalation and pulsating. It's easier to understand the functions if you look on the light at the control which flickers on and off in time to the mode. Because these modes are so similar, I find paging through them to be a little confusing. Of course, I can look at the back of the control, but I think the option to only go through the functions in one direction (From Foreplay to Climax) is limiting. Furthermore, if I pass up a function, I have to turn it off and start from the beginning. I was also really confused about the pulsation function. It simply did not pulsate. Is the numbering system wrong?

I thought I'd also try this toy as a clit simulator but found that the shape and size just did not work for me because I would not apply adequate pleasure.

What's more, I find the cord of this toy to be a bit too short. It's only about 12 inches long and it could easily be doubled. I think the short cord could allow for the plug to be pulled out of the control during a session which would not be any fun. However, this did not happen to me.

Overall, I thought the idea of a pulsation g-spot stimulator is great but this toy just does not provide the pleasure it promises.
As a g-spot toy, the Deep Sea Pleasure was not arousing for me in the least. While the dolphin is cute, he has 3 fins which are rather angular. Although the jelly is soft, these protrusions (which I believe to be the "love nubs") are pretty sharp. Upon insertion, I quickly found these fins to be not only uncomfortable but painful. I tried to play and use different angles but was not finding any pleasure from this toy and was never able to actually stimulate my g-spot successfully because of that. I did put it away to try later but try as I might, I could not salvage any pleasure from this toy.
Follow-up commentary
This dolphin soon met with his demise. It was actually the first non-broken sex toy with which I ever decided to part ways. I couldn't justify him taking up space in my toy box and threw him overboard.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Ack, I just wanted to add that I did not try this in the water but would be hesitant to do so because it feels so cheap.
  • Cock Wrangler
    It really doesn't look like something designed for internal stimulation at all, because of those ridges. Too bad it doesn't work for external, either. Thanks for the good review.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    By the looks of the remote, it like its from the same company that makes the My First Bowling bullet, which I bought a while ago. If it is, I'm not surprised by this toy's lackluster performance.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Boohoo, was it "WHK GmbH" LOL
  • Airlia
    I just received this and am kinda hesitant to use it...
  • LavenderSkies
    Appreciate the review, thanks
  • sillyfishy
    thanks for the review!
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