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Traditional vibrator by Orion

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Not As Smarty As I Had Hoped

The Smarty is a small and compact clitoral stimulator that packs a mighty punch for its size. It is very travel friendly, and easy to operate, making it a good choice for a wide variety of people. It is rechargeable, however the charger it comes with is only made for Europe.
Compact, Travel Friendly, Rechargeable, Easy to use
Not very informative packaging, Comes with wrong charger for North America
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Smarty is best used as a clitoral stimulator because it has a nice broad, ridged surface area that will fit nicely against the vulva. Even though the product page says 2 inches insertable, I can see it being very painful for some, and is best for external stimulation. You can also use it to explore other areas of your body, or your partners body, if you don't find the ridges to be too irritating.

This is not a waterproof vibe, so don’t take it in the shower or tub. There is only a tiny flap covering the charging port, and it probably won’t keep water out.

Material / Texture

The Smarty is made mostly of plastic, but the buttons appear to be covered in a thinner plastic, and there is a piece of rubber material that goes around the entire toy.

There are little ridges along the part that rests against your vulva, but the entire backside and around the control buttons is smooth. The little ridges provide some extra stimulation without being too overwhelming. If you like a lot of pressure on your clitoris, the ridges and hard material can make applying pressure quite painful if you aren’t careful.

Design / Shape / Size

The size is very small and compact, making it great for travel. It is great for taking on the go if that is what you like, and it won’t take up much room in your purse or handbag.

The Smarty is 5” inches in length, and 1 ½” wide at the largest part. This is a great toy for anyone, from beginners to advanced users.

The shape of this vibe allows it to fit comfortably in your hand while using it. You can also just tuck it in your underwear while going about your daily tasks or while watching your favourite porn.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls of the Smarty are incredibly easy and comfortable to use. The controls consist of two buttons, a power button and a button which cycles through the settings. The buttons light up when the power button is pressed, and stays lit when you are using the toy. This is a great feature to have when you are operating it in the dark. The power button allows you to quickly turn off the toy, no matter what pattern you are in, should the need arise. A really handy feature if you have children or roommates. The toy is fairly quiet, but still might be heard through a closed door if you have nothing on to mask the noise.

In order to get the vibrations going, you have to press the power button, and then press the other button to start the patterns. Smarty has 7 vibration patterns:
1. Low steady vibration;
2. Medium steady vibration;
3. High steady vibration;
4. Slow escalation;
5. Pulsation;
6. Faster pulsation;
7. Short-short-short-long pulsation.
There is no back button, so if you skipped a pattern you like, you have to cycle through all the patterns or just turn the toy off and start over.

The vibrations are in the middle, not very buzzy, and not very rumbly. They can be felt throughout the entire toy, however they are mainly focused on the ridged area. This isn’t the strongest clitoral vibe out there, but are powerful enough for its size. It can make the fingers feel tingly after extended use, should you choose to hold onto it.

The Smarty is rechargeable, but I didn’t get the proper charger for North America, so I have no idea how long it needs to charge, or what it does while charging, i.e. blinks or if a light glows a different color. No extra information is given on the packaging, accept that it is rechargeable, and battery included. Luckily the Smarty came already charge, and that lasted for about 2 hours, which is enough for most people to get one or possibly two uses out of. If you have the proper converter, then charging this won’t be a problem for you.

Care and Maintenance

You can clean the Smarty with soap and water. I recommend just using a wash cloth since it shouldn’t be submerged. You may have to use an old toothbrush to scrub between the ridges since stuff can collect there.

Feel free to use water based or silicone lubes with the Smarty, however avoid oil based lubes. The package recommends storing it away from toys made of different materials, but it should be fine wherever you place it. Just store it away from moist areas and out of direct sunlight, and it should last a long time.


The Smarty came in a flimsy cardboard box that is really not great for storage. If you open the magnetic flap, you can see the Smarty through a little window. The Smarty and charger rest in a plastic tray. Included is a little pamphlet with customer service information, however it mainly talks about batteries and stuff that doesn’t apply to the Smarty. No storage pouch or anything else was included.


I love rechargeable products, in fact that is one of the first things I look for when considering a different product. I was surprised when this product came with a charger I can’t use here. I tried to see if any of my other chargers from We Vibe, Lelo, Jopen, even Vibratex would work with the smarty, but they were all too large. My Nokia cell phone charger was too small, so I am completely out of charging options. I gave it three stars, which is generous, considering I will probably never be able to use this product again. The product is good, however it’s not ready for marketing in North America yet.
Follow-up commentary
I was never able to get a proper charger for this so I just ended up getting rid of it. Yeah it's tiny and discreet, but I have so many other toys like that.
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  • - Kira -
    Thanks for the review. Sucks about the charger...
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Yeah, that's really odd.
  • Lucky21
    Thanks for the review.
  • Shellz31
    Can't you purchase a plug adaptor that will convert it so it can be charged????
  • Eva Schwaltz
    If I choose to travel more, then maybe I'd consider getting one, but Orion should be aware of where they want to sell their products, so it should be up to them to send me the proper charger.
  • Danielle1220
    Nice review!
  • Boobs and Lubes
    standard travel kit should do the job, but who wants to be messing around with plugs and stuff
  • NaughtyNikkie
    Thanks for the review! Sucks that it can't be charged, Eden should refund you for the fact you can use it in my opinion!! That's not fair to be stuck with something that doesn't work right..
  • Eva Schwaltz
    I already got it as a free assignment, and I don't think Eden's responsible. If I receive a new charger, or happen to get a travel kit in the future, which I might have to anyway, I'll write a follow-up review on how it charges.
  • toxie m
    Weird about the charger. At least you got enough use out of it to be able to review it! Sounds like an intriguing toy otherwise.
  • Ryuson
    Aack! At least it was a sponsored assignment! I was curious about this one, but I don't think that it's for me!
  • Diabolical Kitty
    Yuck about the charger. Call Eden Customer Service, honestly they are the best ever. I bet they'd find a way to help you! Nice review.
  • mh11
  • The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
    Wow... Comes with the wrong charger... amazing... You really have to wonder about the quality of a product when it shows up with the wrong charger. Thanks for the review. Not gonna bother with this one.
  • Breas
  • BobbiJay
    That sucks about the charger.
  • Do emu
    Thanks for sharing!
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