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Not the best for a traditional vibe...

This is overall a good arousal product with plenty of potential. If time is taken and the setting is on the highest point, orgasm can be achieved. It's a good price for a toy and worth the money. However, if you are into strong vibes, soft materials, interesting shape or a realistic design, you may not be so into this toy.
simple and classic design, attractive-looking, easy to clean, easy to use, good price
weak vibe, lose battery chamber,
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Most traditional vibes lack a lot in shape and size seeing most are about 5-6 inches long and smooth with a slight taper. As plain as this sounds, I really like traditional vibrators for their simplistic design. I also like other complicated toys, but the classics have their own positive side as well. Although this toy is by no means a bad toy, it was not my favorite traditional vibe. It has a lot to offer, but could be stronger at the same time.

I used this mostly with another partner of mine and we both felt the same about it. We like how smooth it was and how easy it was to clean, but felt it wasn't quite strong enough to fully satisfy our needs. And yes, it is easy to clean. As most traditional vibes are. It's also cool and smooth on the surface, offering a different sensation than jelly, or a realistically shaped vibrator. And although I'm not always in the mood for this, I do appreciate it. It works well, by itself or with other stimulation. It's phthalates-free so if you're using the toy by yourself without any anal stimulation, a good toy cleaner would suffice for maintaining this plastic.

It's quite pretty for it's style with the iridescent coloring and classy hues. Perfect for someone who doesn't go for the glittery and brightly colored items, but wants more than flat and boring. The shape veers off a bit and for some this may be great. My partner loved it, but I did not. I like the tapered feel on vibes, but the way it's slightly off felt a bit annoying to me. I'm not even sure why. It seemed as it turned it was uneven in stimulation and really just didn't suit me at all. However there are ridges along the shaft of the toy that offered an interesting feel.

The dial base is convenient in the manner of slowly building up to higher speeds. However I'm not positive that this was supposed to be the case in this vibe. The varying speeds weren't so noticeable. Perhaps it was intended to simply turn on and that's why it didn't seem to have much of a range in vibration strength. Also, the battery case is in the same compartment and unscrews with the same motion. It came loose a lot during use and was a bit of a hassle to keep in place after awhile. It didn't seem like so much of a problem initially, but over time it became difficult to keep shut.

The vibrations stayed the same and the product was quiet and stayed so through the experience I had with it. No complaints on that score. I think they are enough to get off if used on the highest setting, but if the batteries get weak the product is harder to work with. It is possible to obtain a decent orgasm, but it definitely takes time. It's not super quiet, but it's not at all loud on it's highest setting. You could use it in the bedroom just fine, but I wouldn't use it in the same room as someone you want to be discreet around.

I would give this toy a rating of 3 because generally, I liked it. Aside from the kinks with the base and the fact that it isn't super powerful, it's also super cheap and worth the money. It doesn't drain batteries as some products do and it seems pretty durable. It's a good item if you want something affordable and classic to add to your toy box. I think most women would enjoy this toy at least for an arousal item.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still not entirely pleased with this vibrator. Since I've been super pleased with other toys, I haven't bothered to take this one out more than a couple times. The coating is starting to rub off, but I will say that it lasted longer than the iridescent coating on another toy I have. It's lasted through at least 10 uses and 20 washings as I clean my toys before and after use. Considering the other products I've seen rub off after only a couple uses, this one wasn't too bad on that score. I've grown to like the ridges, but they can only really be felt when the product is twisted. However, this does feel quite nice once the movement is mastered. I'm not as annoyed by the shape of the taper, but I do feel it would be a little more comfortable for me if the tip were straight. My opinion of the product in general hasn't changed much but I feel it's best feature compared to other traditional vibrators would be ridges at the bottom. It's still at the bottom of my toy box.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    I don't think I would have noticed the ridges in the picture if you hadn't mentioned them. They run the length of the toy, right? It is interesting how the lack of symmetry in the tip can be so bothersome. Have you had any trouble with the finish coming off at all? Thanks for the review.
  • Red Riding Hood
    Yeah it's hard to see with the color of the product. They're quite nice. I'm not sure why the tip bothered me so much. My partner LOVED it. So I don't know what the problem was with that and myself. I never noticed any problems with the surface of it. No chipping or rubbing off. And yes, the ridges do run along the length.
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