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The zone joy

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Powerful tri-pod!

I loved this toy till I broke it. The vibrations are phenomenal, but the noise level matches.
I'm only giving this 3 stars because of the high probability of getting liquids in it and ruining it.
Nearly hands-free orgasms, POWERFUL, great packaging.
Needs water-proofing, LOUD, little too big in diameter.
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The best use for this toy is hands-free involuntary orgasms. Serious, it seems to say "don't worry, I've got this".

The Zone Joy doesn't really have the frilly angles or rotations or anything like that. It just sits there and vibrates like no one's business; use it where it'll fit. My girlfriend tried using this toy to find it too big. I only had a little trouble in the beginning (my own fault) because of the size (diameter).

The best occasion to use The Zone Joy is when you're alone, it's LOUD.

Material / Texture

The Zone Joy is made of two materials: regular hard plastic (pretty sturdy) and TPR silicone (smooth and velvety). It had a had a faint plastic smell at first, but that quickly went away. The TPR silicone definitely lends itself here. It's sooo smooth, you probably don't need as much lube as you'd think. Other than its size, this would be a great toy for beginners on the texture alone, diameter not so much.

Here's the link to the TPR page.

Design / Shape / Size

I really like the design overall. The tri-legged base just seems to make sense for a toy like this. If you're going to use it hands free (or other places), you're gonna want a sturdy base. Check. The base of the Zone Joy is also a pretty useful handle too.

I thought the diameter was great for my uses, a little too short to be filling (a little over 3"). However, it was long enough to hit the P-spot and WOW! I had an almost involuntary orgasm. The rounded head was perfect for the spot I was aiming for; anything more square or angled would've missed.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 beginner, 5 pro), the diameter was a 3-4, a girthy 2".

I like the design, but it doesn't really help in hiding or storage. It can really only stand on its base. If you try turning it or tilting it to its side, it's going to take up the same amount of space. It'll easily take up its own corner in your drawer or box.

One problems with the design is how much is water-proof and how much you cannot get wet. So, if lube (or other bodily fluids) dribbles down the TPR shaft it'll get on the controls in inside.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions/vibration controls are pretty easy to control and have a really easy learning curve. The right button turns it on and cycles through. The left turns it off. That also means you can't go back to a previous setting, it's full steam ahead. The control buttons are on the top of the base, really close to the top part that goes in. It can be a little awkward at first to find them if you aren't paying attention (which is really easy to do with a 3 1/4" jack hammer going off in you). There are steady vibrations, pulsating mini-earthquakes, and Cedar Point like roller coaster settings (2 or 3 of each). I preferred the straight up hard and heavy steady (the next one was a weaker pulse) because it was extremely powerful to me. I did find the off switch to be a real relief, one touch and it's off for easy recovery.

One trade off with the power of The Zone Joy is the noise. It was LOUD when not in an orifice. It quieted when you put it in. Also, a design bonus are the little rubber(?) pegs on the bottom. They reduced the noise when used on a hard surface (like a linoleum floor)

The Zone Joy is not water-proof, unfortunately. If they slimmed it down a 1/16th of an inch and made it water-proof, it'd be better. Next gen maybe.

Care and Maintenance

I used The Zone Joy with this and ID Millennium. I'm not 100% sure if it was "safe" to use silicone with the TPR silicone cap...but not damage was done in the end.

The insertable part is a TPR cap over a plastic stick about the size/shape of a 2" cd spindle. You can wash the TPR cap in your favourite cleaning agent, but you have to wipe the rest of it with a cloth or an anti-bacterial wipe and hope no liquid got inside.

One thing to remember is that TPR is porous. So, if you're wanting to share (HA!) you'll need to cover it with a condom or wash it really quick. If you have the patience, you can air dry it.

It's really the care and design areas that made me regretfully set this toy aside. It wasn't so much a problem with one or the other, but both together. When I used this, it got pretty messy with the lube and such. I'm pretty sure i got some liquids inside the toy and ruined it.


I loved the packaging for The Zone Joy! It came in a large round clear plastic hat box looking thing. It was like opening a Christmas present!

Personal comments

I loved this toy...too bad I think I ruined it.

I'm not kidding about the almost hands-free orgasms! I really think this product belongs in the "Mens" area, but it needs to be camo-colored or something.


My girlfriend had a problem with this product because it was a bit too big for her whispering eye. I give her credit for trying.
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  • Alan & Michele
    It looks like they had a great idea with this toy. I can see where it not being waterproof would be a problem though!

    Nice review Smile
  • El-Jaro
    Thanks you two!
  • 2BudZ
    LMAO...Cammo! Right on!
  • El-Jaro
    I wanted to clarify something though: I didn't ACTUALLY break this toy, but I didn't feel safe using it after stuff leaked into the casing. I've seen 1000 ways to die and didn't want to end up on it!
  • Sammi
    I'd love to see a toy with a base like this but much longer.
    Good review!
  • El-Jaro
    thanks Sammi!
  • El-Jaro
    I actually used it both ways (you actually have to use the bottom as a handle when you're trying to move around with it in).

    Better hands "free"...way better. The bottom is just too oddly shaped to have as a really useful handle.
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    So... I once saw a novelty condom that was cammo colored. The package proudly proclaimed "They'll never see you coming."
  • El-Jaro
    Its for tree-huggers who want to go past 2nd base Tongue out
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I think you included a lot of useful things but the review just felt choppy.
  • El-Jaro
    Thanks Adriana! I'll remember that!Big smile
  • TexasFire
    Great review; sorry to hear about the lack of water-proofness. That would be an issue with my partner, even with only a little lube. As you said, next gen...maybe.
  • verbalized
    Wow, great review -- very informative!
  • Bamagirl
    Great review thank you .. the shape of this vib got my attention however the non-waterproofness of it sent me away quickly .. they should think about makeing one completely waterproof.. Thank you again for the review
  • LittleBird
    Great review!
  • Willis2011
    Thank you for the review!
  • Acorn
    Thanks for the review!
  • Rokmai
    Never knew something like this existed. Thanks!
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