Stormy's strobing stimulator - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Cinnamon

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Stimulation That's Trippy!

This toy has been in my collection for a long time. It is fun to use, and has really cool strobe lights that speed up with the intensity of vibrations. It has an awesome fine-tuning turn dial base, and is made of firm but flexible jelly material. I enjoy it most for solo play, but it can be fun for couples. This is a great toy for first timers to add a fun trippy addition to their bedroom adventures!
Strobe lights, turn dial base, great for beginners, easy to use.
Loses sweet smell, jelly material, may not have intense enough vibrations for some.
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This vibrator is fantastic for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration. I especially enjoy this toy when I am craving some intense anal play. I don't really enjoy it for vaginal penetration. My personal favorite use of it is for clitoral stimulation. The vibrations are definitely strong enough they go through the entire shaft of the toy, and provide a very nice continuous vibration all the way through. The tapered end of the shaft helps to reach in between the lips to hit the sweet spot just where you want it! The tapering also also allows for seamless insertion into all those intimate holes you want to stuff!

This toy is fantastic for beginners, or less adventurous couples, who are just starting with experimentation. The vibration may very well not be enough for the more advanced toy users or those who are into more extreme forms of sexual play. This toy has been in my arsenal for several years now, and while I don't use it much any more, it is still a classic I turn to during a laid back masturbation session. It definitely has staying power for those who prefer a more traditional design. After a while, it does lose that nice smell due to porous jelly material.

Material / Texture

It's made of jelly, which is porous, and should absolutely be used with a condom for hygienic reasons, as it can not be sterilized. Not a toy for sharing if you decide to go bareback. When you first get this toy, it does have a very nice smell, however it fades after time. The texture is very smooth and great for rubbing the ever sensitive clitoral area! It is quite firm, but soft and flexible enough that it gets to the hard to reach g-spot in the right position. It does very well with most lubricants, and the smooth texture leaves room for some lube fun, if you like the lubes that give sensation in and of themselves. It's texture is great for any kind of experimentation with different condoms.

Design / Shape / Size

The traditional design is suitable for everyone, even the newest of vibrator users. It would be great for a first toy. The girth is large enough to feel exactly what's going on, but not so huge that it leaves you sore the next day. The length is fantastic for deep penetration to reach every part of you. The long length makes it very easy for those who have shorter arms to reach where you want as well. It tapers almost to a point at the end, but it's rounded enough that it gets in all the grooves you want it to be in with incredible ease.

This toy is rather bulky, and not one you really want to take on your business trip with you. I used to keep mine in a drawer beside my bed so I didn't have to dig around in my toy suit case, however it's large enough that a quick peek into the open drawer while putting away laundry, it did not escape the glimpse of my daughter who immediately told me she knew what it was! "A back massager!" She had seen a massager my brother bought, thank goodness, although of course, the shape was different, she thought she had it pegged. Needless to say, it is now safely locked away in my toy case, along with my whips and ropes. Was my face red? YES!

Functions / Performance / Controls

One of the big upsides to this toy is that it's waterproof, so you can take the fun into the shower with you. It works great in the shower for me, and it's quiet enough that you can not hear it over the sound of the water running. As a matter of fact, you can't hear it through a closed door either, so there are no issues using this toy while there are little ones in the house.

It has a bottom twist dial, that I really like. It makes for easy fine tuning as to how much vibration you want, and that is great for those sensitive individuals who may find the highest setting a little intense. However, more advanced toy users may find the highest setting quite lacking in intensity. It's very easy to control, and the turning mechanism is stiff enough that it doesn't have any issues with changing settings unless you specifically turn it. I like to use the lowest setting starting out, and ramp up the intensity as I get more turned on. It makes for explosive orgasms. This toy is also great and easy to use for couples during sex. It doesn't confuse the mens with the easy turn dial base! Kidding, kidding. All in all, the performance and functions of this toy are fantastic.

It has a really interesting function that surely deserves mentioning, it freakin' has strobe lights in it!!! The stronger the vibrations get the faster the lights flash! It is very fun to use with the lights off. This alone makes the toy worth buying as that is pretty unique function to vibrators!

Care and Maintenance

Unfortunately, I go through batteries for this toy pretty fast. So you will definitely add batteries to your monthly budget. I'm thinking this may be due to the strobe lights. I wash mine with warm soapy water, but I do not completely submerge it. Since it is made of porous jelly, I use condoms with mine, because you can not sterilize it. I allow it to air dry and store it in a ziplock baggy( it does collect dust and lint very easy), and store it in a locking suitcase that I use as a toy bag, to keep prying little eyes out.

Disclaimer: If you choose to use condoms with your jelly products, make sure that you use only water based lubes. Silicone based lubes will destroy condoms.
Follow-up commentary
I actually had this toy for a long time before I reviewed it. I have extended my toy collection, and I really haven't touched it since. It's great for beginners, and is still probably a fun toy to less experienced people, but I have found way more fun things.
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  • Darling Dove
    about your disclaimer- Silicone lube is fine with latex condoms, it's oil based lubes that aren't good with condoms. Also, you might wanna make a note that it shouldn't really be used for anal cause there's no flanged base. While it is long, the fact that some people favor deep insertions means it might end up slipping somewhere it shouldn't be and that would lead to an awful emergency room visit.
  • Cinnamon
    Thanks for correcting me on that. I feel dumb now.Winking
  • Alt
    Probably just as long as you don't insert the whole thing, then everything will be fine.
  • Cinnamon
    Thanks Alt. I always hold on to it when I play with it anally, but Darling Dove had a good point.
  • Maiden
    I agree that SOMETHING should be mentioned about the toy not being "ideal" for anal play... but not EVERY toy needs a flared base to be used for anal play. I see this comment a lot, and while it IS possible to lose a toy in the anus, I'm sure most people can judge what is too far. As long as you put a warning statement about condoms, no flared base, etc., it's fine. To come right out and say "SHOULD NOT BE USED IN THE ASS...EVER" is just misleading. I agree with Alt on this issue.
    Cinnamon girl! I like your style and am glad you are in the community.
  • Cinnamon
    Thank you so much Maiden, it feels great to be welcomed! In love
  • Maiden
    I look forward to more reviews from you!
  • Darling Dove
    Maiden.. I agree, but you would be surprised what people will stick up their ass, and how far, if you do not warn them against doing it. If people were good judges of how far is too far then there would never be anal ER visits.... and there are plenty.
  • Alt
    But the rectum is only 4-5 inches in length...
  • Maiden
    I do think there should be a warning about the absence of a flared base not making it "ideal" for anal sex. That being said, we are not responsible for what people do with their toys when they get them. If Cinnamon likes to use this is in her ass, then she should say so. That is what these reviews are about, to give your personal experience with the product.
  • Lady Neshamah
    wonderful review
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