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The Big, Soft & Pink

The Candy Stick is a cute, well made vibrator. The material and texture feels nice, the vibrations are steady, and the settings are good. It was a little large for me, but it definitely gets pleasure points for being waterproof too.
Texture, steady intensity, plush material, waterproof.
A bit large, a storage bag would be nice.
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The Candy Stick is a "German Engineered" adult toy and can be used externally as a clit vibe, or internally for vaginal penetration. It is bright pink, and a very fitting shade for the name, with a blue plastic band where the shaft meets the control base, which is also pink.

My first impression of the Candy Stick was to be in awe of the size. It is a much larger, girthy toy than I had anticipated. It's ten inches long (insertable 6 1/2) and has a circumference of 5 3/4 inches. (it could be compared to... the size of a half dollar, widening at the base to a... cucumber.) My pussy surprised me though and, with very little warm up, was willing to welcome the swirled candy pink shaft.

Now, I'm not an anal girl, and this toy doesn't have a flared base, so I wouldn't suggest using it that way. However, it is ten inches long so it's really your call, you know what your body can and can't take hostage.

Material / Texture

I credit my pussy for being able to handle this toy, to the softness of the material. It's medical grade silicone, and surprisingly plush with a lot of give. There's no funky smell or taste to it. The last inch or so of the shaft is actually incredibly flexible too, and my G must have been pleased because I did squirt. Go figure.

There is a blue plastic divider between the shaft and the base, but other than that, the base is also silicone, which makes this a safe bath time toy. It seems pretty dependable, the base (which also houses the two AA batteries) screws in tightly, and there's a little band of rubber to ensure a water tight compartment.

Design / Shape / Size

The swirled texture of the shaft is what makes this toy truly wonderful, they are gently rounded but not so pronounced that they cause discomfort, and swirl the entire insertable length of the toy. The Candy Stick appears to be a well designed and thought out toy (while a tad large for me) the material and waterproof qualities are quite nice.

For those unaccustomed to sizable toys, the Candy Stick would certainly appear daunting, and I wouldn't recommend it as an insertable to those just getting started. However, as a clit vibe it isn't nearly as intimidating, and someone interested in the Candy Stick could most definitely work up to it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Candy Stick can also be used externally for clit stimulation. The controls are located on the semi-flat surface of the base, a raised shape... like a bow, or a dog bone. This raised area houses two buttons, left and right. The left turns it on, and once on, controls the patterns. The right turns the vibration off.

There are three patterns:
1. A quick pulse
2. A "Vroom-thrum-thrum-thrum-thrum"
3. A solid vibration

(At any time during use, the power can be turned off with a single press of the right button, and also at any time the intensity can be adjusted or the setting changed.)

What I found unusual is that there are no defined intensities. Once turned on, the left button held down will increase the power, and the right held down will decrease the power. They range from a barely detectable buzz, to a steady and impressive (but definitely not Hitachi style) hummm.

As for where the vibration originates, I really can't tell for sure. It seems like the tip gets the most power, but there is no bullet in the flexible part. The material transfers the intensity of the vibration extremely well, there is no sweet spot, the whole toy just buzzes happily along.

Concerning noise, I actually found the Candy Stick to be surprisingly quiet, especially for the power it provides. I think some of this can also be attributed to the soft material, as it absorbs quite a bit of the noise the vibes create, especially while in use. The highest setting was almost completely muffled by a normal comforter.

Care and Maintenance

Because almost the entire Candy Stick is made of Silicone, you should steer clear of silicone lube. Opt for a nice water based instead so you don't risk melting or deforming the toy.

It can be washed with soap and warm water, or wiped down with toy cleaner. I'm not sure I'd want to boil this one, but if you want to sterilize it for sharing, you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Or you can skip the hassle, and cover it with a condom.

For storage, just be careful to keep it away from other silicone toys, so you don't get any funky chemical reactions in your toy bag (it's not a science lab y'know), and you're good to go.


The only complaint I can really make about the Papaya packaging, is that there is a shockingly tiny amount of actual information displayed. The side shows some "Go Us" paragraphs, in English as well as German, and the website is listed on the bottom, but that's all. (Inside there is a tiny folded paper with battery instructions and basic explanation of the controls, again in English as well as German- so you aren't left completely in the dark!)

As far as aesthetic appeal, there's nothing really spectacular, or disappointing about the Papaya box. It's pink (though this may be to match the pink Candy Stick) with some cute designs on it, and the toy in a clear plastic clamshell inside. It's classy and clean cut, but it could stand to be a bit more informative.
Follow-up commentary
While I don't reach for the Candy Stick very often, it is a well made, nice toy and has held up pretty well. For me, it's just a little too girthy and I only really use it after I'm good and warmed up, and have enough time to work with it. If you like bigger toys though, this could really be a perfect 10.
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