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THE Golden Bullet?

While this bullet may be a great option for some, it was a huge miss for me. I found that it was unable to get me to orgasm and sadly quit working after a few uses. I had high hopes for this to be the golden bullet of affordable sex toys, but alas, my hunt continues.
* Inexpensive
* Waterproof
* Common Battery
* Quit Working
* Not Strong Enough
* Very Buzzy
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First impression

I've tried a lot of bullets and eggs in my time. I love the power of a wand in the size of something that slips so easily between my labia. I've even been around for a good bit of Eden's bullets, from their Xtreme pack G-spot bullet to the Elektra plus vibrating egg.

When I was offered to review Gold Play, I was more than ecstatic. It arrived in a plain, discreet cardboard box from "Web Merchants." The bullet itself was in a plastic bag with a folded oversized mesh, drawstring bag labeled "EdenFantasys." I have a lot of these bags and just tossed this with the plastic bag that the bullet came in.

Knowing how bullets work, I opened the cap on the Gold Play and removed the paper that prevented the battery from making contact with the lid. I replaced the lid and turned the toy on, nothing happened. I took the lid back off and found that I had to unwrap the battery. While doing this, I realized that the battery is a triple-a! Which is great, I hate getting non-rechargeable toys because usually they take odd-sized batteries, I am grateful that this one does not!

After doing that, I put the lid back on and pressed the button, and... nothing happened. At this point, I was a little frustrated, so I took the battery back out and saw that there was another piece of paper wrapped around the tunnel that the battery rests in. After I took that out, the bullet turned on just fine.

TL;DR - Always take the battery completely out and inspect the battery compartment so that you know you've got all the trash out that keeps the battery from dying during transit.

After I finally got the toy on, I cycled through all of the settings and was pleasantly surprised at the speed and strength of the vibrations, but worried about the buzziness - I'll touch more on this later. Other than my battery mishap, upon receiving the Gold Play bullet, my only real concern was that the gold paint would fleck off. I've had issues with painted toys in the past, so this has been in my list of things to look out for lately.

First Use

The vibrations are, predictably, buzzy. While this isn't usually my thing, I did find that using the bullet over my panties helped to lessen the bite of the buzz. I used it alone, over my panties for the first time, and was, sadly, not able to get off. I have a hard time getting off with toys that are not incredibly powerful, such as a wand, or that do not offer no-contact stimulation, such as the Satisfyer Penguin.

The next time I used the Gold Play Bullet was with a partner. We tried it in missionary, doggy, and girl on top. I found that missionary was the best position as it was hard to keep in place once things got slippery. I also found that it didn't compare to the Tango, but I never expect a battery-powered bullet to stand up to that beast! Oddly enough, though, I was able to get off using the Gold Play Bullet when paired with a partner.

Further Experience

Again, the paint has been a concern for me, but it hasn't started to chip on me yet. I just have a lot of experience with toys that are painted, and they almost always flake. The toy does have 10 functions, these consist of steady vibrations, escalations, and pulsations. I'm not usually a fan of patterns and mostly stuck to the steady vibrations.

Other features of note include waterproof, memory recall, and the single button operation system. As for the waterproof abilities, the Gold Play Bullet stood up to any test I threw at it. Just ensure that the cap is on correctly. The one button operation system was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I'm spoiled on toys that offer at least three buttons! You can turn the device off by going through all 10 settings or holding the button for a few seconds. Turning it off without going through all 10 settings will start you off on the last setting you were using during your previous session.

Sadly, mine quit working after 6 or 7 uses.

Vibration Map

The vibrations are very buzzy, which isn't something that I can usually handle. But as I said, over the panties worked very well for me. The vibrations are strongest in the middle and become buzzier, but less intense near the tip. This worked great for me as I like to lay the middle of the bullet I am using along the length of my labia. Using this method with this bullet put the strongest point of vibrations at my clit.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I couldn't get off using the Gold Play Bullet by itself. I found it easier to get off when I was using it with a partner, but due to the buzzy vibrations, that was still difficult for me. This might be best used for people who can easily get off. Personally, I liked to use it as a warm-up toy before moving up to something stronger or with deeper, rumbling vibrations.
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