Femblossom Heat - clitoral vibrator by Emotional Bliss - review by Alicia

Femblossom Heat

Clitoral vibrator by Emotional Bliss

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The Heat is on, unfortunately it wants everyone to know it..

The Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss would make a great choice for both beginners and seasoned toy users. The instruction booklet is informative, not just about the toy itself, but about female arousal in general. The heat feature is nice, it adds a little extra something to the experience, it just take a while to warm up. It is rather noisy though, so if you're bothered by noise I wouldn't recommend trying out the Femblossom.
heat, rechargeable, many vibration modes, antibacterial agents in rubber coating
extremely noisy, takes 10-15 minutes for heat portion to warm up, doesn't hold a charge long
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extremely useful review


The Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss is ergonomically designed to cup against the clitoris and labia and offer clitoral stimulation with it's vibration modes as well as the heat feature. The heat is really what makes this product stand out from other clitoral stimulators. The uses for the Femblossom Heat don't just end with the intended use though. You could easily use this to cup a man's testicles and it also cups around the neck and shoulders really well and can be used for a massage in these areas. If you want to use the femblossom as a full body massager you can do that as well, while it won't cup all areas perfectly you can still use the tip as a pinpointed massager. This works extremely well for getting into tired and sore muscles. Again, with these uses it's also the heat that makes the Femblossom really stand out.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
    • Temperature play
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • All over body
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The Femblossom Heat is made out of plastic with a rubbery coating on the inner cupped portion. This portion of the toy is textured with curved rows of small rounded nubs and then at the base of this cupped portion is a bullseye of sorts. This rubber coating is actually infused with an antibacterial agent that is actually pretty awesome. When the Femblossom's material comes into contact with moisture the outer level of this plastic antibacterial property releases silver ions into the surface. This starts a cycle with these layers of one layer being released while another is hydrolysed. I have to admit it's all way too scientific for me to really understand but the booklet explains that it's kind of like an onion-when one layer is peeled back it exposes another. These silver ions are 99.9% effective against a wide range of micro-organisms, how awesome is that?!

The rest of the plastic on the toy is pretty standard, it's nothing fancy, just white hard plastic.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this product was definitely made with a woman in mind. One look at the Femblossom and you'll understand why. The way that the tip curves in and forms a cup fits perfectly against a woman's labia. The tip is slightly pointed and it curves in perfectly to either stimulate the vaginal opening or the clitoris, depending on which way you hold the Femblossom against your body. The handle is also rounded to allow ease of use. Even the buttons are ergonomic and your finger rests easily on them while controlling the toy. They do not get in the way and they are hard to push by accident, just rubbing against them does not change the setting.

Emotional Bliss puts a lot of time and thought into their designs. From the shape of the toy, to the size and the motor, Emotional Bliss has researched what works and what doesn't and then puts those findings directly into play with their products.

To the innocent minded viewer this toy is extremely discreet. I say that because while I would not be worried about my children finding this, anyone who is older and has sexual thoughts will take one look at the Femblossom and think "hmm..I bet that'd feel good there..." because while it's a discreet massager like design, it's also very sensual and as soon as I saw it I knew where it'd feel good and I think most others will too. Of course it would be easy to play it off as "what that's a next massager, get your mind out of the gutter!", while that isn't really something you can do with something shaped like a penis or something with a rabbit attachment and spinning beads...
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Femblossom has quite a few massage modes. Each mode is accompanied with heat, there is no way to separately control the heat. I personally find this a flaw, as the heat takes about 10-15 minutes to heat up and you have to have the vibrations on during that time as well. Emotional Bliss recommends leaving the massager on high for that length of time before using it so that the heat has time to catch up. Which, is kind of annoying because first off, the massager is pretty loud, and secondly because that means you have to prepare for using this toy. If you want to use the heat function this is not a grab and use toy. The booklet also says that you should not leave it running under a pillow or blanket, which blew my idea for leaving it under a pillow to muffle the sound while it warmed up!

There is nine different modes though, which is pretty awesome. The heat is figured out on a color scale pertaining to each mode. There is three heat levels. Which are basically a low, medium, and high and therefore correspond to the low, medium, and high vibration levels.

Yellow - 95 degrees Fahrenheit/ 35 degrees Celsius
Orange - 107 degrees Fahrenheit/ 42 degrees Celsius
Red - 122 degrees Fahrenheit/ 50 degrees Celsius

The vibration modes are as follows:

1. Low Constant Mode - yellow
2. Medium Constant Mode - orange
3. High Constant Mode - red
4. Low Pulse Mode - yellow
5. Medium Pulse Mode - orange
6. High Pulse Mode - red
7. Saw Mode - orange (Most people will be familiar with saw mode being called escalating or step mode)
8. Strong Triangle Mode - orange (This one is a rollercoaster pattern of escalating and de-escalating)
9. Very Strong Pulse Mode - orange (This one is a short-short-long pulse)

As I said above these modes are LOUD. They're strong too, but they don't seem quite strong enough to justify the noise they make. Forget through a closed door...this massager could be heard through a whole house. Ok, maybe not the whole house..but it's loud. REALLY loud. My husband even joked that if we leave it going too long the neighbors are going to knock on the door to see if someone is running a chainsaw in the house. He was being facetious, but only a little! It definitely sounds like a kitchen appliance, and a loud one at that. Actually, the sound comes closest to the loud hair trimmer that we have. Last night we were popping some popcorn with a hot air popper (and if you have one of those you know how loud they can be) and you could still easily hear the massager on over that noise.

The vibrations themselves are strong, but they kind of feel more like surface type vibrations and they feel a little "cheap". It's hard to really explain what I mean, but I think it's the plastic material of the massager that makes it feel cheapish. The whole massager kinds of rattles with it. If you focus strictly on the ones that come through the rubbery finished part they are better. And that is, afterall, the place that really matters since that's the area that will be against the clitoris or other erogenous zone.

The heat is definitely a nice touch and it's really nice to have the warmth against sensitive skin. Much better than the feel of cold plastic against the body, it's very soothing and arousing. I didn't find it too hot, it was the temperature of a hot bath, not anything irritating or painful. After trying the heat of this toy I wish more of my toys would heat up!

The Femblossom Heat is rechargeable with the included AC adapter. The instruction booklet says that it should be charged for 12 hours to provide a full charge and that it will not hurt the motor to be charged longer. The booklet has a section for the Isis and Chandra in which it says that those should not be left without a charge, but it doesn't specify if that is the case for the Femblossom as well. It does tell you that if you don't allow a full 12 hour charge it will not last nearly as long. To be on the safe side I have been plugging mine in after each use since it won't hurt it to do so. This is most likely what will happen for most anyway, since the charge is not all that long lasting. After maybe 30 minutes of use it's to the point that if you leave it for a few hours and go back to it it won't turn on. It dies pretty rapidly and without much warning, which is pretty disappointing.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Not discreet at all
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

The Femblossom is not waterproof and should just be wiped down with a damp cloth to clean. Emotional Bliss recommends not using a cleansing wipe as it could break down the plastic over time. I would imagine the same goes for spray on toy cleaners, as most of those are made with the same ingredients that a cleansing wipe is. This makes it kind of a little more high maintenance I think, as it requires different cleaning than my other massager type toys. It also specifies that the massager should not be cleaned while it is charging or while it is turned on.

I am fairly certain that both water based and silicone based lubricant can be used with the Femblossom. I say fairly sure because while rubber should be ok with either, I am not sure if there is anything special about the antibacterial agents that would react poorly with silicone. Since the instruction booklet, which is so detailed, does not warn against it I will have to say that either is fine.
    • Easy to store
    • High maintenance


The Femblossom comes packaged in a cardboard box with a separate inner box for the charger. In the box is a booklet, which I've mentioned in other areas, and that booklet is extremely informative. A lot of times the booklets just give a little information about the toy and that's it. Emotional Bliss not only provides information about the toy itself but also gives you some information about female arousal and orgasm as well as some tips on how to enjoy the massager both alone and with a partner. They give detailed ways to set the scene and enjoy yourself. They even go as far to tell you how to use the massager to bring yourself to orgasm. Because of this I would absolutely recommend this, or any other Emotional Bliss product for a beginner. I think that someone new to toys would really benefit from the time and effort that Emotional Bliss has put into their product and packaging.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Very informative

Personal comments

Honestly, I'm torn on the Femblossom. There is so much that I like about it but then there's the noise factor. I want to just ignore the noise but this is so loud that it makes it hard to do so. I've found that playing some music rather loud and keeping the Femblossom under covers helps, but it does mean that I don't use it often for partner play because it's just too distracting and my husband really hates the sound, it gives him a headache.


I've found a couple of ways to use the Femblossom that work well for me. The first is to hold the handle and point the cupped portion down. Then, a nice rubbing/rocking motion feels really nice. You can also sit on the femblossom and rock your body over it. That way works with either handle in front, which you can hold onto to guide yourself better, or with the handle facing the back. If the handle faces the back you have a little less control, but the pointed tip feels nice against the clitoris.

The Femblossom also feels really nice as a back and body massager, with or without the heat and vibration. The tip feels really nice on the back and can really work into sore muscles. As a neck massager it works nicely with the heat and vibrations on low, it's just very relaxing, and the noise isn't as bad when the massager is on low.
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