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Supersex pleasure vibe

Traditional vibrator by LoveHoney

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For those looking for a small, discreet vibrator to toss into a purse or pocket before a fun evening out, the Supersex Pleasure Vibe is ideal. Its moderate diameter and petite length mean that a wide range of vibrator aficionados will find something to appreciate. This is a fine choice for getting your toes (or other body parts) wet in the world of vibrators. It's also perfect for combining with other forms of stimulation or as a warm-up for more intense activity.
Discreet, waterproof, size makes possible a wide range of uses.
Plastic material is porous and may develop odors over time.
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The Supersex Pleasure Vibe is a traditional vibrators that those of us above a certain age (ahem) might remember from perusing the sex toy shops back in the mid-80s. In other words, it's a classic that has been updated with contemporary materials and excellent craftsmanship.

The insertable portion of the vibrator is slightly longer than your middle finger and it is just thinner than two fingers. It packs quite a punch in terms of vibrations. This combination makes the vibrator useful for clitoral stimulation, anal stimulation, and shallow vaginal penetration.

This toy is an all-purpose generalist. It's size makes it easy to throw in a purse for some fun later in the day. It's discreet and can be used almost anywhere and anytime. Those who are new to vaginal penetration would benefit from the length and width. Those who are looking for something small and convenient will enjoy the discretion that the size brings along with it.

Because it is powered on a single AA battery, this alone would not be a vibrator for those who require strong vibrations to climax. It can be great when used in combination with other forms of stimulation, but don't rely on this as the be all and end all in your vibratory arsenal if you ordinarily require more powerful vibrations.

Material / Texture

Continuing with its old-school styling, the Supersex Pleasure Vibe is made from a velvety smooth plastic that feels an awful lot like some of the more high end silicone vibrators. Out of the box it is completely odorless and remains odorless after use and proper cleaning.

When combined with lubricant, the texture allows for a silky smooth feeling against the skin. Vaginal insertion is effortless and the vibrator glides easily against the clitoris, anal area, or any other body part that may need stimulating.

The material presents no particular challenges or obstacles to either beginning or advanced users. There are no rough edges or surprises in terms of material that inexperienced users would find unpleasant or unexpected. More experienced users will recognize the material and texture from other toys in their collection. Those along the entire spectrum will find something to enjoy from this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The design is simplicity at its best. The Supersex Pleasure Vibe is a stiff, pink, plastic shaft combined with a black plastic base that can be rotated to adjust the level of vibrations. Keeping in mind the vibrator's simplicity, the design unquestionably achieves its aim. It provides a rigid shaft and strong vibrations that are ideal for multiple types of stimulation.

This is a toy designed to be ideal for beginners yet its size and vibrating power are features that advanced users can also enjoy. The size itself is not in the least bit intimidating. If you are sexually active and a partner has comfortably inserted two fingers into your vagina during sex play, this is a vibrator that will not surprise.

By the same token, advanced users may be more interested in a vibrator that can be used internally during oral sex. The Supersex Pleasure Vibe fits that bill as well. The width is almost entirely uniform along the width of the shaft, allowing users to focus on the sensation of friction at the entrance to the vagina rather than that sense of fullness deeper inside that comes from a thicker shaft.

Because of its diminutive size, the Supersex Pleasure Vibe is very discreet. It's perfect for travel and can fit easily in a pocket or a purse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are focused primarily at the head of the shaft, but can be felt throughout. This is more a product of the short shaft rather than the power of the vibrator itself. When placed on the clitoris and applied around the anal area, the vibrations are strong and easily felt.

The back of the box touts the Supersex Pleasure Vibe as providing "sheet-clutching stimulation." Unless you are extremely sensitive and only require moderate stimulation to achieve orgasm, your mileage may differ in practice. Those who require vibrations on the more powerful end of the spectrum to achieve orgasm will find this toy a fun warm-up rather than the path by which they'll reach the promised land.

The range of vibrations is impressive and the controls are easily adjusted. At its lowest settings, the vibrations are a subtle hum. At its highest setting, the vibrations are comparable to the medium settings on most vibrators that are powered with two AA batteries.

The vibrations are surprisingly powerful considering that it runs on a single AA battery. At the same time, it runs on a single AA battery. Those who require more powerful vibrations to orgasm would be better served combining this toy with other forms of stimulation (hand, oral, additional vibrators, etc.).

The control dial at the base of the shaft is responsive and easy to manipulate. The dial is firm enough to not allow for accidental increases or decreases of vibration intensity. At the same time, it doesn't take a herculean effort to adjust the dial to a higher or lower setting. Thinking about the size of the vibrator alongside the ease of the dial's adjustment, it is easily possible to adjust the vibrator settings with one hand - a useful feature when that other hand is busy doing something else.

The vibrator is certainly quieter than others on the market, but it is not "super quiet" as claimed by the manufacturer. On its highest settings in complete silence, it can easily be heard through a blanket or on the other side of a closed door. In the context where there is more white noise, the vibrator can also be heard. In those situations, it's less clear that it's a vibrator making that buzz and the hum fades more easily into the background (great for you exhibitionists out there).

The Supersex Pleasure Vibe is entirely waterproof and there is absolutely no change in performance or function inside the water or out.

Care and Maintenance

Because the toy is completely waterproof, it can be cleaned under the faucet with soap and water. It can also be cleaned with toy cleaner. Due to its vibrating functions and plastic material, boiling the vibrator or placing it in the dishwasher is not recommended.

Plastic is porous and, over time, vaginal and anal odors may penetrate the toy. It is odorless right out of the box, but that may change with more frequent usage. If sharing this toy with others or if you are interested in preventing that vaginal smell that many plastic toys develop over time, use the Supersex Pleasure Vibe with a condom.

Being made from plastic also means that the vibrator is compatible with all lubricants. Its silky soft, smooth texture holds lubricant well and provides a great basis for an easy glide.

The Supersex Pleasure Vibe can be stored in its packaging or with other toys in the toy collection. There does not appear to be any sort of issues of warping or melting when storing this toy alongside others, so put it where your heart desires and rest assured it will be just fine in its new home.
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