Wonderland - The white wabbit - clitoral vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Beck

The Only Time You'll Want To Be Late.

The Wonderland White Wabbit is a silicone vibrator meant for clitoral stimulation, but it isn't limited to that usage. It has a wide variety of functions with moderate, buzzy vibrations. Considering the White Wabbit only requires one AA, it has decent vibrations. The cute bunny design is meant to allow the vibrations to travel through the ears, but this doesn't work so well. The White Wabbit does make a slight beeping sound, but overall is a quiet vibrator.
Silicone, variety of functions, cute, requires only one battery, quiet.
Moderate vibrations, buzzy, vibrations don't travel to ears well.
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extremely useful review


Doc Johnson brings you the Wonderland Collection. The Wonderland collection is based off the movie Alice In Wonderland. There are five current vibrators based off characters or objects in the movie. This review is the White Wabbit.

The White Rabbit is the character Alice follows down the hole. This begins the Adventure into Wonderland. He appears on and off in the book and/or movie. He's known for being late and carrying a pocket watch at all times. Quoted on saying: "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say "Hello, Goodbye!" I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" Depending on what you are watching or reading, the White Rabbit has many faces.

The White Wabbit is designed to be an external vibrator. The vibrations from the shaft are meant to travel up the ears, so the ears can lightly apply stimulation to the clitoris, nipples, testicles, or the shaft of the penis. However, the vibrations stick mostly to the face of the rabbit. Luckily, the White Wabbit is not limited to external stimulation. It can also be used internally, because nothing about the design would be uncomfortable for internal stimulation. The design is also well fitted for G-spot stimulation. The face of the White Wabbit applies moderate vibrations directly to the frontal wall of the vagina with the potential to stimulate the G-spot. There is no flared base, so the White Wabbit shouldn't enter the back door. If you decide you want to use him anally, you need to use extreme caution. Toys without a flared base can be sucked inside the anal cavity. This results in the most embarrassing trip to the ER you will ever take.

Material / Texture

According to the box, White Wabbit is made of ABS plastic with a silicone coat. Silicone is a man made semi-organic polymer with a safety rating of 10 out of 10. It has the ability to retain heat, so if you soak a waterproof silicone toy in warm water, it will give you a nice warm sensation. Silicone is known to repel dirt and bacteria, but most importantly it is non porous. It's hypoallergenic because it doesn't contain any allergy causing ingredients like Latex or phthalates. Silicone has a wide range of stability and can hold up to friction, but should avoid sharp corners because it's easily cut.

There is a slight new smell with this silicone, but nothing that doesn't wash anyway after a few uses. The smell doesn't transfer over to taste. The silicone coat is squishy with a velvety feel. Places like the ears, nose, and tail are the most squishy, but the rest of the vibrator is firm under the silicone coat and you can feel the ABS plastic. Silicone is usually a lint magnet, but the White Wabbit doesn't seem to have this issue too badly.

Sharing is possible with silicone toys. To properly clean your silicone toy for sharing you should wipe it down with a 10% bleach and 90% water solution in between partners. This will completely disinfect your silicone toy. Although usually silicone toys can be boiled or put into the dishwasher, it is not recommend that you do that to White Wabbit because this can damage the motor. Should you want to avoid using bleach on your toy, you could use a condom for internal usage or a dental damn for external usage. Remember, these warnings are for your own safety.

The silicone has a velvety soft feel to it and is virtually texture free except for the ears, nose, and tail of the bunny design. The nose and ears are nubs that are raised about 0.25" from the shaft and have a diameter of 0.5". The ears are connected together with the ability to flex. They are 1" long, 0.75" diameter, and about 0.5" thick.

This texture won't overwhelm someone who is new to texture. It's not enough to please texture queens, but it's effective in its purpose.

Design / Shape / Size

White Wabbit is a very basic but classic looking vibrator. It's designed to be petite and non-intimidating. It starts off with two bunny ears that aren't split, but do flex. The body shape to the rabbit is like the letter D on top of a traditional vibrator shape. There are two nubs on the Wabbit's body, one directly under the ears to mark the nose and one on the back side, at the bottom of the body, to mark the tail. It appears to be virtually seamless, but along the side of it is a really fine seam. Measuring only 5.5" in length, it's about as long as a fine tip Sharpie. At the Wabbit's thickest it's comparable to my finger. This Wabbit has a 3.25" circumference at its fullest. It is completely white except for the gold colored plastic ring that separates the battery compartment from the rest of the toy. Below this plastic ring is a rubber ring for the waterproof seal. After this rubber ring is the split point for the battery compartment. The cap twists and pops off, and only goes back on one way. On the bottom of this cap is a single push button to control the vibrator. There is a ring around this push button that shows off the LED lighting that occurs when the vibrator is on.

This is a fairly petite toy that is easy to hide and great for travel. You just need to remember to take the batteries of it prior to storing it for travel. It's an appropriate sized toy for all users for internal and external stimulation, but those who like size to their toys may not find much use for Mr. Wabbit.

Size Comparison Images

Functions / Performance / Controls

The White Wabbit runs on a single AA battery. This is inserted once you remove the battery cap. To remove the battery cap just twist and it will pop off. Once the cap is removed, there are two grooves so the cap will only fit on one way. Be sure to line up the grooves so the toy will close properly.

One the bottom of the battery cap is a single press button. This is to control the toy's vibrations and functions. A single click starts the cycle of functions. There are 10 total. You must click through all of them to cycle back through. When you want to shut off your toy just hold in the button until it shuts off, which takes about 4 seconds. When you shut off the toy it will remember where you left off unless you remove the battery. However, it doesn't continue on the setting you shut off on. It starts with the next setting in the cycle.

The cycle are as follow:
1. High, but moderate, steady, and buzzy vibrations. 3 vrooms 2bees
2. Medium, steady, but moderate and buzzy vibrations. 2vrooms 2 bees
3. Low, steady, but light and buzzy vibrations. 2 vrooms 1 bee
4. A shaking pulsation that's buzzy. 3 vrooms 2 bees
5. A slow pulsation that works up the toy, making a light beeping nose with a buzzy sound. 2.5 vrooms 2 bees
6. A fast pulsation that works up the toy with a buzzy sound. 3 vrooms 2bees
7. A throbbing pulsation 3 vrooms 2 bees
8. Slow escalating pulsation that is buzzy. 2.5 vrooms 2 bees
9. A fast pulsation in an on/off pattern that sounds like alarm clock's pattern. 3 vrooms 2 bees
10. A slow on/off pulsation pattern that makes a beeping sound with very light surface vibrations. 2 vrooms 2 bees

The vibrations are mostly focused below the ears, which is what I call the face of the rabbit. All the vibration levels are between 2-3 vrooms. These are fairly light vibrations that aren't going to work for ladies who require power; however, they are great for those who like to tease sensual areas of the body. They might not be enough to get everyone off, but they make for a decent warm up toy. This toy is virtually silent. Some of the settings tend to make a beeping or ringing sound that is like a stop watch. Even with these sounds, there is no way someone will hear this toy behind closed doors.

During use of the White Wabbit there is an LED light indicator. This LED light changes when you change the pattern to the vibrations. If you are on a steady pattern the light is steadily on, but if you are on a pulsation function then the light will blink to the pattern. Pictured above is the LED lit up. My picture shows the whole bottom as being lit up; however, the majority of the light is around the power button.

The White Wabbit is completely waterproof. It can be submerged in the tub or used in the shower. The vibrations don't seem to muffle under water, but the sound will be muffled. There was no indication of the toy heating either after being submerged. After use under water and out of the shower, the White Wabbit should be dried and opened to make sure no water got inside. If some did, leave the toy open and allow it to dry. Water can still damage the motor if it gets inside.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is very easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, toy wipes, or a 10% bleach with 90% water solution. Do not boil this toy or put it in the dishwasher because it has a motor. That can damage the motor. If you want to sterilize your silicone, use a bleach solution.

Once your toy is completely dry, either from air drying or by using a microfiber towel, you can store it away. The White Wabbit is small enough to slide in your purse, pencil protector, or anywhere else. You should have no issues with storing it. However, it's not discreet, so you will want to store it somewhere where people you don't want to see it won't. You can use the packaging for storage if you like. It has nice placement for the toy and takes up minimal space.

It is important to remember that silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. You can opt to spot test your toy with other types of lube, but doing so could damage your toy.


The Packaging is very cute, but not discreet. It has the toy pictured on the sleeve. The sleeve pulls off and a box slides out. The box inside opens like a book. On the flap is the collection pictured, and the other side has toy placement. This packaging is very presentable to an Alice in Wonderland fan. If you are gifting, a nice bag would be the better option in my opinion, but wrapping would be fine too.


I was completely excited to own a Wonderland vibrator. I wasn't too disappointed with the lack of power because I didn't think it would be an overly powerful toy in the first place. White Wabbit doesn't have enough power to get me to orgasm as easily as some of my other toys, but I can reach orgasm with it. I am actually pleased with my White Wabbit for a warm up toy. I do usually pull out my We Vibe Salsa to finish the job, though.

I experimented with external stimulation first. I found that the vibrations are mostly located at the face of the rabbit and don't travel well through the ears. Luckily, these ears are flexible, so I can bend them out of the way and use the face. The light vibrations are nice for teasing my clit and nipples for a warm up to a more powerful vibrator. It's also fun to slowly build up to orgasm.

Even though the White Wabbit is designed for clitoral stimulation, I didn't see a reason not to use it internally. The shape isn't awkward or uncomfortable for insertion, so I decided to give it a go. I found the shape fit my shallow G-spot just fine. The face of the rabbit was able to apply vibrations right to it. While the toys doesn't apply pressure to the G-spot, it's a fun tease for a little while. And it's nice to rotate between internal and external stimulation.

Overall, I am giving the White Wabbit four stars. It's cute, has a decent amount of settings, decent amount of power, and is overall a good toy. I recommend this toy to someone looking for a decent new toy who doesn't need a whole lot of vroom to orgasm.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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