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Turtle Power!

The Turtle is an absolutely adorable twist on an old standby-the traditional style vibrator. Unlike some of the traditional styles, the Turtle will bend allowing for comfortable use. Not only is it comfortable and cute, but it's also silicone. While the vibrations may not prove to be strong enough for everyone, its features might make up for that. The seam free ridges provide fantastic stimulation while the shape of the shaft is surprisingly erotic and this Turtle truly is waterproof too!
Silicone, adorable, easy to operate and waterproof.
Rattling and popping on occasion in the vibrating portion.
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The Turtle, by Papaya Toys, is a refreshing twist on an old standby traditional vibrator. Not only is it Non-porous, phthlate free and hypoallergenic, which would make it an excellent choice for those affected with allergies, but it's sensuously curving shaft with subtle ridges will make you want to use it simply because it feels good. The fact that it's cute and green don't hurt a bit either!

The shaft of the Turtle is flexible too so those who don't like a hard, unyielding material should appreciate that as well. Trust me, it can make all the difference when you're trying to manipulate a toy into just the right position! It won't stay in the position you bend it into but at least it flexes in case your partner is the one in control and they get a bit too eager.

The Turtle didn't do too much for my g-spot but it's shape did provide me with a unique sensation that I truly appreciated. I could feel the vibrations stemming from the bulbous tip internally while the wider base provided me with a nice full feeling.

The tip measures in at about 1 1/2" in diameter that tapers down to just a little over 1" in diameter before increasing back up again to about 1 4/5" in diameter. That means that the Turtle might be a good choice for those who want to try a bigger toy but aren't sure they're up to it just yet. With the Turtle, you can gradually take in what's comfortable for you at your own pace.

Material / Texture

The Turtle is made from silicone which is not only smooth, but also non-porous, phthalate free, latex free and hypoallergenic. It's also scent free and taste free, so you won't find any noxious fumes here! Just pure, scent free silicone!

The texture of this silicone is very matte yet velvety and provides a good drag against your skin. That's also true of the battery cap which is also the grip or handle. It's very easy to hold on to, even when lubed up, so there won't be much accidental dropping of this one!

The Turtle also sports some fancy ridges down the shaft that somewhat resembles the pattern of a tortoise shell. It's probably named Turtle for that reason, but I can't picture a turtle no matter how long I look at it. I can tell you that the ridges do provide added stimulation, and that they feel fantastic when you twist this toy inside of you. During thrusting they are pretty subdued for me but I can feel them much better during some twisting action.

Design / Shape / Size

I really enjoyed the design of the Turtle because it doesn't place too much girth deep inside of me during use. I don't really enjoy the heftier diameters thrusting deep inside of my vagina, but I do enjoy a wider diameter lower in my vaginal canal. The Turtles 1 1/2" diameter tip, tapers down to about a 1" diameter neck area, before tapering back up to about 1 4/5" diameter on the lower shaft. That makes its shape perfect for me! The thicker, lower, shaft was able to provide me that fullness I enjoy, while deeper inside of my vagina I experienced no discomfort from a larger size. It's really a unique and exceptional design!

The silicone the the Turtle is comprised of does tend to go through a fair amount of lube. For some reason I needed to reapply frequently in order to keep it nice and slick. Of course there are those who would enjoy the extra drag that the silicone has to offer, but for those who like it slick, be prepared for reapplication.

The battery cap at the base is fairly large and easy to grip. It's plastic that has been coated in the same matte silicone as the shaft so you can really get a good grip on it. It's easy to twist off and twist back on to access the removable battery holder. Just pop in your two AA's and you're ready to go. Simple as that!

The Turtle probably isn't the best suited as a travel vibe. It's total length is 9 1/4" long with a 6" insertable portion so it would be a challenge to conceal this one in your purse for a quickie while you're out. Of course, your purse might be bigger than mine and if so, I'm jealous!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Turtle is equipped with three functions to provide you with some variation. The first of these functions is a relatively fast pulse pattern. That's followed by a pulse pattern, that consists of a longer pulse followed by four shorter, faster pulses. Lastly the Turtle provides you with my personal favorite; steady vibration. These are easy to cycle through via the hourglass shaped button on the battery cap.

The left button not only turns the vibe on, but also allows you to cycle through your three options. You can also push it and hold it down to increase the intensity of all three options. The right side of the hourglass shaped button will decrease the intensity for you if you push it and hold it down, but it will instantly shut the vibe off if you simply press it and let go.

The vibrations on this one originate in the bulbous tip, but don't seem to travel down the shaft very well. The vibrations are easily felt down to about the middle of the vibe but they weaken from there on down the shaft. The vibrations do have a good quality to them and they aren't extremely buzzy, but I personally would have preferred a little stronger vibration. They did prove to be adequate for me to reach orgasm though.

I'm happy to report that this Turtle can swim! When submerged in water, the battery cap end floats keeping the Turtle from sinking to the bottom. It also stays dry inside, so feel free to tote it along with you into whatever wet location you choose to frequent! Just remember that silicone based lube cannot be used with the Turtle! You don't want to hurt it!

Unfortunately, I have varying opinions on whether or not the Turtle is quiet. My first impression was that it was horribly loud, but then I read another review of a similar product from this manufacturer that stated how quiet it was. That's when I began to manipulate my Turtle. I only did this because I knew that it shouldn't be that loud! It could easily be heard through a closed door or even under a blanket AND through a closed door.

After reading the other review, I took action because mine sounded like two plastic vibrators rattling against each other. During my pulling and bending of the Turtle, I heard a popping noise and immediately thought, "Uh, oh!" I thought I had broken it, but when I turned it on, it worked the same as before but was truly quiet this time! There was no loss of power either. It did eventually make the loud rattling noise again, but I simply pulled and bent it again to make it quit. I just wish it would stay quiet! At least I didn't break it though.

Care and Maintenance

The Turtle is made from wonderful silicone that is non-porous, phthalate free, hypo-allergenic, latex free and sterilizable! It also retains heat to an extent, so try soaking it in some warm water before use to give you a different sensation. Just keep in mind that your best bet for sterilization is wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution followed up with a good rinse. If there's no need for sterilization, simply wash it off with antibacterial soap and water, or use your favorite type of toy cleaner.

Water based lube is the lube of choice on this one! There's a chance that other lubes may cause damage to the material so be safe and definitely stay away from silicone based lubes! Silicone adheres to silicone, so you don't want any strange reactions going on with your new toy. If you must use a silicone lube, try it out in an inconspicuous location that won't affect your use before slathering it on. That way you'll know for sure if it's safe.


I didn't find the packaging offensive at all. It's a simple, pink cardboard box with a thin plastic insert to hold the vibe in place. There are some designs on it here and there, as well as a couple paragraphs explaining that the Turtle is German engineered and made in China.

I wouldn't suggest using its original packaging as a gift or storage box though, so make sure you have something to wrap the Turtle up in when you're not using it. That will not only keep dust and lint off of it but also keep it from coming in contact with other toys. You never know what might cause a reaction sometimes, so just wrap it up in a washcloth or something to be on the safe side.

There is a very small instruction sheet included in the packaging that will help you to insert the batteries correctly as well as informing you on proper use. Make sure when you're unpacking your new toy that it doesn't fall out and get lost, before you get a chance to read through it. I know because I dropped mine and it took quite a bit of searching before I found it hiding between my mattress and bed frame.

Personal comments

The Turtle really is a great design that is so close to being the perfect toy for me. If it were just a bit stronger on power and it didn't make that rattling noise, I'd have no complaints! There just seems to be some sort of defect in the vibrating portion of mine that makes it rattle and pop. Because of that, I'm really unsure of how reliable it will turn out to be. Other than that, I love it!
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  • Ashly Star
    Very detailed review! I love details and I love when so much is covered that I don't have to ask any questions. =o) I love the colors and it does look adorable. The rattling and the lack of power turn me off of it though.
  • Oggins
    Thanks Amorous Rocker, I'm glad you liked it! Hopefully a redesign will take place soon and it will bring some wonderful changes to make the Turtle as wonderful as it's capable of being. I can't wait to see what they come up with! Winking
  • TinyTease
    Weird that you bent it and it "popped" into near silence. So odd. Sounds like a really fun vibe, tho! It's so damn cute.
  • Oggins
    I know TinyTease! It is pretty weird but the best I can figure is that it's popping into place where it's supposed to be? I really can't be sure though. I am glad to hear about the upcoming re-design though and hopefully that will take care of the problem. It's worth it too cause you're right! Just so damn cute! Big smile
  • Maiden
    The noise level turns me off too, but I would be willing to try it!
  • Oggins
    I hear ya Maiden and thanks for your comment! Smile
  • Liz2
    Curious how bendable this toy is. Rigidity is an issue for me esp. during partner play. Looks like an awesome toy.
    Great review!!
  • kck
    Great review, Oggins!
    And LOVE the title, lol
  • FruityCloudPuff
  • TdotY
    Great review!
  • Allison.Wilder
    When I saw the title for your review I started singing the TNMT theme song in my head and then of course clicked to see what you wrote about! Glad I did, great review! Thanks!
  • geekkink
    Thanks for the review!
  • Herzer
    Great details in the review.
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