C-shape vibrator for couples
by We-vibe

We-Vibe Never Fails Me

Final thoughts?
I love everything from the material the toy is made from to the versatility of the app. While the vibrations are not and will be strong enough for me, those are not deal breakers and I greatly enjoy incorporating this into mine and PolyHubbys play.
* Waterproof
* Able to use with a partner
* Rechargeable
* May not be strong enough for some
* Needs a lot of lube
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extremely useful review

How it works

The day the We-Vibe Sync arrived I was very excited to the point that I think I even squealed. I quickly unboxed it and showed it to PolyHubby and our roommates. I made everyone clip it over their hands and feel the vibrations. I explained to the roommates that you have to clip it onto your hand in order to get the full experience because the toy has two motors. PolyHubby and I explored the various vibrations, patterns, and other options in a non-sexual, completely clothed way until the toy died.

Since the We-Vibe Sync had died, and we could no longer play with it, we put it on the charger and left to run some errands. Of course, the entire time we were out, all I could think about was the Sync. My new toy, sitting at home, waiting for me to come to play with it; I spent the entire time running errands incredibly horny. Two hours later we came home, unplugged the toy from its charger, cleaned it up, and headed straight to the bedroom. With the roommates no longer fawning over the toy and a closed door between us and the rest of the world, we pondered over how we should use the toy first. Our first time with the Sync was rushed, and we didn't get to fully explore all that it has to offer.

The We-Vibe Sync is a remote or WiFi/cellular data (I will just refer to it as WiFi from here on out) controlled couples toy. It is shaped like a C and 'clips' into the g-spot and over the clit. The arms of the toy are adjustable making it perfect for most body types. Couples toys that I have checked out in the past only open and close like a clip, whereas the Sync functions more like a human jaw. You can pull the top back, push the bottom out, open and close it. The design really makes the toy completely customizable to your body!

The Sync connects to a simple four-button controller or an app on your phone via WiFi. The controller allows you to cycle through various preset vibration patterns and intensity settings. The WiFi app has various preset vibrations patterns with customizable intensity, or you can create your own. My favorite feature with the WiFi app is the ability to get off with your music. If you have a song (or playlist) on your phone, you can sync it up with the Sync, and it will vibrate, pulse, and get you off to the beat of your music. You can also create a vibration pattern via your mic, using your own voice to create the waves, pulses, or escalation.

How it feels

As I mentioned in my introduction, the Sync has two motors. There is one in the clit portion and one in the g-spot portion. Each one is controlled separately via the app and can be set to different patterns or intensity settings. I love this because I need to get off first with an escalation of intensity via my clit before playing with my g-spot. With the Sync, I was able to start off with the g-spot portion on low enough not to feel it, and a low setting on the clit portion of the toy. I then cycled through the intensity settings as I needed and got off that way before turning on the g-spot portion and enjoying dual stimulation.

PolyHubby, who usually doesn't like vibrations, said that this toy was not irritating like other vibrators we have played with and that he actually enjoys the sensations he received while using this toy when he was able to feel them (more on this later). With other toys that we have used in the past, we have to hold them in place, with the Sync there isn't the fear of a too pointy bullet poking him in the dick when I can't seem to get it on just the right spot.

You can connect your Sync to a phone that is in the same room as you or to a phone continents away. Connecting is simple; you can follow the directions when you first download the app and are in the same room as the toy or you can send an invite to a partner across the world to connect to your toy.

How big it is

I'm going to add my own questions here, rather than answering "How Big Is It?"

What's so special about it?
As mentioned above you can get off to your music, customize your own vibration patterns, and it is completely adjustable to your body. Beyond that, the Sync is waterproof, easy to store and use, and has deep rumbling vibrations. The remote can be used up to 3 meters away, and the app is not limited by distance, just WiFi connectivity. The app, also, lets you know the battery level on your toy, so no more surprise dead toys while getting it on.

It's clear that my favorite feature is the ability to get off to music, but my husband really enjoys being able to remotely control the strength and pattern of the toy. There is no more cycling through patterns until you find the one you want, no more accidentally skipping your preferred strength setting. It's all so simple and easy to operate.

The Sync comes with a micro USB charging dock. You click the two little metal connectors on the toy into the corresponding connectors on the dock and let the toy charge for 2 hours. Two hours of charge will give you 90 minutes of play. PolyHubby and I just throw the toy on the charger when we aren't using it and have had no issues with it dying.

Furthermore, unlike cock rings that we have tried in the past, PolyHubby and I can both feel and enjoy this toy. With cock rings, you get the sensation of vibrations on your clit when the base of your partner's cock hits your pubic bone. This can be uncomfortable and irritating. With the Sync, the toy is not pushing uncomfortably into your and your partner's bits and can be felt, comfortably, by both parties.

What's wrong with it? What's the "catch?"
I don't want to write this part. Not because I don't want to tell you about the things I don't like about the toy, but because I'm sad that there are things I don't like! The vibrations go up to '10' which, according to my clit, are not strong enough. If I am going to get off on rumbling vibrations, I need them to be deep and powerful, and the Sync just doesn't have that power for me. While the rumbling vibrations do get me going and help to build up to a powerful orgasm, they can't get me there alone. According to other reviews, I have read on the Sync, though, I think my clit may be one of the rare ones that doesn't find it strong enough!

The flat shape of the insertable portion does not fit well with my body. While vaginas are made to accommodate and form around whatever you might stick in them, most things are phallic shaped because that is what fits best. The insertable arm of the Sync is more flat petal shaped, and I can easily push it out of my body if I don't focus on keeping it in. The shape of the insertable portion is designed this way to help your phallic shaped partner fit into your vagina alongside the Sync. It doesn't work well for us because PolyHubby has a pronounced head and can drag the toy out with his cock while thrusting if not careful.

When we use the Sync during sex, the flat-bottomed portion is just the right size to not be uncomfortable on PolyHubby. It is not intrusive and does not bother him if we use enough lube. He says that he cannot really feel the vibrations from the g-spot portion of the toy unless he is in a certain position and then they are not uncomfortable. If the lube starts to dry out or if we do not use enough the silicone that the Sync is made with drags across his penis and can cause the skin to break.

How do I care for it?
As I just mentioned above, the Sync is made out of silky silicone with a little drag to it. Silicone is very easy to care for, and since the toy is waterproof, it makes it all the easier. I wash my Sync with warm water and unscented, dye free soap. I don't have to worry about being careful about the water, and when it's dry, I put it in its charging dock, on my nightstand. Simple. Easy.

Is this toy for me?
I really hate this question. Yes, reviews are to help you decide on what to buy, but only you can answer this question. I can tell you all the great things about the We-Vibe Sync, and you will only know if you truly like it if you try it. If you are looking to buy the We-Vibe Sync but don't know if it's for you or not, answer these questions:
Can you enjoy a toy without powerful vibrations?

Do you like deep rumbling vibrations?

Will you remember to charge this toy?

Do you like low maintenance toys?

Does the idea of an app that can be controlled long-distance appeal to you?

Do you like a wide variety of patterns when it comes to vibrations?

Does the idea of creating your own patterns or getting off to the beat of your music appeal to you?

Do you like toys that hit both major hot spots?

Do you like the idea of a quality couples toy?

Do you keep a lot of lube on hand?

If you answered yes to even just half of these questions, go ahead and drop the money on this toy. It's totally worth it and is a load of fun to play with.
Follow-up commentary
My We-Vibe Sync is still just as amazing as it was the day I got it. I still stand by this review!
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  • Contributor: Perspicace mais érotique
    Well I answered 'yes' to half of the questions--sounds interesting! Thanks for the great review!!
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    It's really a great product, Perspicace mais érotique. But it's possible that I"m a bit biased because I love all things We-Vibe.
  • Contributor: Perspicace mais érotique
    Well, they make awesome toys!!
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