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Whose body is shaped like that?

I'm not exactly sure whose body is shaped like the body form vibe, but it definitely doesn't fit my body shape. The tapered tip is handy for anal insertion, but doesn't feel so great when you're thrusting it vaginally, but it is waterproof!
Strong vibrations in the tip, can deliver deep internal vibrations, affordable price, waterproof
Cannot use silicone lube, contains phthalates, tip hurts when thrusting, rubs collect residue
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I decided to try out the body form vibe by Topco Sales for a few different reasons. The Body form vibe is a waterproof, multi-speed vibrator. It's controlled with a clear dial base that serves as the battery cover. The body form vibe takes 2 AA batteries. It is 8 3/4 inches long with a 5 1/2 inch circumference. Its unique shape definitely caught my attention. The curves to it made me sinfully curious to know how it would feel inside of me. It has an elongated egg shape for the head, that narrows out and then blossoms back into a thick shaft. At the base there are three 'ribs' which are thicker even still.

The packaging is a clear plastic that boasts this is toy is from the "Penthouse mode collection. Hi-style for modern love". It also says it has "feminine shape and intelligent design to live up to every expectation." Which I really have to say that this isn't exactly true, and I'll explain why.

The body form vibe does have a unique design, that isn't altogether bad. The back of the box says "powerful vibrations in the tip deliver focused sensations". It's true the tapered tip delivers medium sized vibrations with accuracy. However it says that it is "Curvy to fit a woman's body perfectly". Now while I doubt there is any toy that can fit a woman 'perfectly', this toy doesn't come very close in my opinion. Sure it's nice, but it's rather long and wide for starters.

Not every woman can or enjoys taking such a large length inside of them. For some women, it's painful. What is painful to me, not so much the size but the pointed tip. I can't really thrust this inside of me without it either just not feeling right or being uncomfortable. Maybe that wouldn't bother some women, but it bothers me. As a dildo, this thing isn't an outstanding option to me. Which is fine, it's not a dildo, it's an insertable vibe. It's meant for more than thrusting.

I already said it has three ribs at the base, right above the turn dial base that controls the vibration power. These ribs never do anything for me, texturally, because I can't insert that much inside of myself. They also collect residue, which you don't notice until after it's dried. Taking a fingernail and running it around each little dip usually gets rid of this, but it's still annoying. I also find that residue gets trapped in the ridges of the textured turn dial control, not only with this toy, but with every textured turn dial I've used.

Washing this thing isn't stressful because it's waterproof! I might not recommend full water submersion, but I've had no problem with it and water yet. I must say though, this waterproof tag is also part of what makes the design not so intelligent.

The Body form vibe is made out of Jelly, an extremely porous material that usually smells strongly of rubber and is created by mixing PVC and rubber. It's one of the cheapest sex toy materials to make, which makes it affordable. You get what you pay for though, because while jelly is easy to clean and store, it tends to get 'sticky' when you wash it and becomes a lint and dirt magnet. Even more alarming is how it contains Phthalates! Because of that, you should definitely consider using a condom over this, and any other jelly toy you have or purchase in the future, considering phthalates are linked to serious health issues, including ADHD and Autism.

But what was neat about the body form vibe, and I noticed it right away, is that instead of a shiny, sticky surface, it feels matte. The box describes it as "Translucent with a satin touch that looks good as it feels". It is a rather satiny feel, which is texturally pleasing, and keeps this vibe from being a dirt and lint monster. Now I said that waterproofing this toy wasn't very bright and that's because Jelly can only be used with water based lubricants. If you don't get it, that means using it in the shower or bath tub would prove more difficult, since water based lubricants are soluble in water! Now while it isn't impossible to use this toy in the shower without silicone based lubricants, silicone lubricants -are- ideal for water play.

For my pictures of the BFV, click here
In overview, it can be used as a teaser vibe, and a semi-awkward dildo. It can be used in the tub, but not with silicone lubricant. It's made of Jelly, and contains phthalates, which are shown to be harmful to your health. It cannot be fully sterilized, but you can wash it with soap and water, or a bleach and water combination- or of course, sex toy sprays and wipes. It feels satiny, with a matte finish. Storing it is a bit easier, since dust doesn't seem to collect on it like it does my other jelly toy, which has a semi 'sticky' texture. Not exactly sticky in the sense that candy is, it's more of like when you rub your fingers down the edge, you meet resistance. Also, the bullet is at the head of the BFV, so when fully inserted, the vibrations are deep, or you can use it to tease your clit, nipples, whatever. But if you're going backdoor, don't forget the condom since jelly is ridiculously porous and can keep bacteria even after washing.

The Pros : The pros about this in my opinion is that it's vibrations are in the head and with the pointed tip, it's like a vibrating teaser wand. It's also rather nice in conjunction with other toys. This is also an affordable toy and is waterproof. The body form vibe also has a matte finish which keeps it from being a dirt collector like toys of the same material.

The Cons : While it is nice for stimulating, the same could be achieved by a bullet. A bullet would probably be an easier alternative. It can be washed with soap and water, or a toy cleaner, but I notice that build up always gathers in the bottom three rings, or in the turn dial that controls the vibration level. You won't notice until it after washing, when it dries. Then you see the icky residue. While this toy is water proof and made of jelly, so you can't use silicone lube which is ideal for water play. It also has yucky phthalates, which means you should definitely use a condom over it. It cannot be fully sterilized either. If you want it to double as a dildo, it might be uncomfortable or even painful with the pointed tip.

In conclusion, I feel overall this toy has very little to redeem its bad qualities. While it's only $24.99, I think that there are much better options. I don't love it, I don't hate it. I'm pretty indifferent, so it probably will not be something I pull out much.

I would definitely suggest buying a Bnaughty Deluxe bullet instead, for better vibrations, easier to control vibrations, and a load of different vibrating patterns.

If you want strong internal vibes, I'd also suggest something else. This gives internal vibes, but also has a pretty long list of cons that make it fairly obvious that another option would be better. I do love the color though, such a pretty minty/aqua color. But most people don't buy sex toys based on color.
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