Wicked Strong

Overall I love this toy. I'm very happy with the purchase, and I feel it is very worth buying if you're looking for both a waterproof, adorable vibe that can either surround your clit (or nipples) and act like a wand. It would be great if the bunny had a color selection to choose from, like teal, lilac, or a soft baby blue. I'm a bit disappointed that it didn't come with a storage bag or instruction manual, but those points don't pertain to the toy's quality.
Cute, soft, discreet, travel-friendly, (re)charges fast, waterproof, beginner-friendly, easy to clea
No instruction sheet/manual or storage pouch, ears get hot in 10min of use, buttons are hard to pres
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First impression

Opened Cardboard Box

I ordered a handful of toys from EdenFantasys - all the products came in a plain, discreet cardboard box - the sender was marked as "Web Merchants, Inc.". Although the other toys came shrink-wrapped/sealed, the Wicked Bunny did not. The box itself is colorful and appears playful; pleasant to look at. Inside, it houses the bunny vibrator itself & a USB charging cable, each within the plastic cutout/mold. This can be used for storage if you don't have any spare covers, as it does not come with a storage pouch. There was no instruction manual in the box, either; see below for my notes on how to use the toy. It came pre-charged, but I plugged it in anyway to make sure it was ready to go when I needed it.

The first thing I noticed about the Wicked Bunny - and all the other Eden products, actually - is that the silicone material is exceptionally soft. I actually gushed about the softness to one of my friends who happened to be on the phone with me! The texture is much softer when compared to my other (non-eden) silicone toys, and it's pleasant to simply handle. Silicone products are ranked 10 on the safety ranking system and it means the toy is hypo-allergenic, latex-free, non-porous, & free of phthalates.

Its ears are very flexible, but the entire toy feels rather firm when I tried to squish it in my hand. It's also much larger than it seems in the pictures; I was expecting it to be about 3/4 of its actual size. The photo shows it next to a standard Rubik's Cube for easy size comparison.
Rubick's Cube Comparison

This toy does not look anything like a vibrator, and I would deem it appropriate (for lack of a better word) for beginners or for those that are shy when it comes to sex toys. It's absolutely precious; it looks like an adorable paperweight that doesn't really stay in place (it rolls around). If one didn't know its purpose, one probably wouldn't figure it out, because in order to power the device on, you need to press and hold the nose hard. I would assume that most people would just short-press each button once or twice, and when it wouldn't turn on, they wouldn't think of it again and leave it be. However, due to its adorable nature, I would try to keep it away from children, as they might go and do something that kids do with it, and I doubt anyone would want to deal with that.

First Use

The first time I decided to use the Wicked Bunny was solo in the shower. I tend to always do everything of that sort in the shower. I powered it on (the buttons are a little difficult to push down) and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer strength of the first setting. It actually put my Lelo Smart Wand (medium) to shame in terms of power. This toy is borderline buzzy, but still remains on the rumbly side for me. After shuffling through the remaining vibration modes (which there are 10 of), I ended up settling on the 2nd & 3rd settings rather on the intermittent ones.

The toy isn't meant to be inserted, but if there's a will, there's a way. I liked using one ear within myself, and the other pressed upon my clit. Depending on your anatomy, you can probably use this toy as a clit & g-spot vibrator, as I did.

The bunny's body acts like a wand. It's quite broad, and the vibrations are strong. It will probably be replacing my Lelo Smart Wand soon, as the bunny's "lowest" setting is an easy 4-5 setting on the Lelo wand, and the "highest" setting is probably like a 11-12 (Lelo has 10 speeds, and this bunny is stronger). Sadly, I have no Hitachi to compare it to.

Further Experience

A few days after the initial test in the shower, I took it to the bedroom. This is where I checked its noise level. Depending on how its used, it makes different amounts of noise - I can't officially give different bee ratings for the 3 different motors, but I'll note them below:

- Ears on their own: 2 bees
- Body on its own: 3 bees
- Ears & Body: 5 bees
On their own, the ears make some noise; they can be heard under the covers and might wake your partner up. I left the toy running on my bed, closed the door, and couldn't hear it. The body itself could be heard behind a closed door if I focused on trying to hear it, but otherwise wouldn't be noticed. However, if both the ears and body are powered up, the toy can be easily heard through a closed door, especially if the ears are in certain positions.

Another thing I noticed was that the ears always get almost-alarmingly (but not painfully) hot after about 10 minutes of use. I don't know if this is normal or if I should worry about it, as some toys do heat up on purpose. The body of the toy does not get hot like the ears do.

I have not used this toy with any lube; it wasn't necessary for me - I've plenty of natural lubrication & the toy isn't event meant to be inserted. If you choose to use lubricant, make sure it's water-based to prolong the longevity of the toy. The bunny's cheeks light up while in use (according to the vibration pattern you select), while charging (blinks), when it's done charging (steady), and when on (but no vibration pattern selected yet). One charge lasts me about 2 playtimes, which total a bit over an hour. Depending on which speed & how many motors you use, the total runtime will vary.

The toy can be cleaned with warm soap and water or standard water-based toy cleaner, but you need to make sure to get in the bow's creases - those don't clean easily. The point in which you insert the charger appears very well sealed off, but I don't want to risk using it while submerged in a bathtub, despite it claiming to be waterproof. Because of its 3-second press-the-nose requirement, I would deem it travel-friendly.

Vibration Map

After about half a dozen uses, I noticed I was using this toy completely wrong. I had been powering all 3 motors on (both ears & body), and unnecessarily so, because you cannot use both the ears and the body on oneself (at least not in solo play; I could see them being used simultaneously in couple play). I thought each ear was powered by each eye, and that the body vibrating was just a by-product of the ears' vibrations. This had caused my hand, which was holding the toy, to go numb from the powerful vibrations on multiple occasions. It was a nuisance. Once I figured out how to properly turn it on/use the bunny, it made using the toy much easier. This could have easily been avoided with an instruction sheet. You will find my notes on that below:

The bunny's head houses 3 buttons - two oval eyes & a heart-shaped nose:
> The nose turns the toy on and off (press and hold for 3sec)
> The left eye turns on only the body's motor
> The right eye turns on both the ears' motors
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I really, really struggle with orgasm; I thought it was impossible until earlier last week, when I finally reached my first (yay!), and I've been trying for over 12 years now. I'm still teaching my body how to build it up using different toys, and only one has managed to help me reach that peak - and it wasn't this one, at least not yet. That said, this is one of the more-pleasant toys that I own (10), and I'm confident that it's just my body refusing to give me what I desire. It's taken its place amongst my top 3 favorite toys because of the sheer vibration strength it can dish out upon my clit, and if I so choose, my g-spot. Of the 4 eden toys I own, this one is my favorite. I'm sure it will help me reach orgasm with practice, as I've gotten quite close on multiple occasions with it. If it succeeds in making me orgasm, I will make sure to note that in a follow-up review.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is continuing to hold up pretty well. It consistently gets me to squirt (easily), and managed to pull one very weak orgasm out of me (again, it takes a LOT to get one out of me, so do not underestimate the power this toy has). It still gets hot after a short amount of time, but it's not something that'll burn you.
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  • Contributor: Sclava
    Great detail, putting on my wish list =)
  • Contributor: iovys
    @Sclava: Thank you~
    It's certainly something worth wishing for!
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Can't wait to get mine, now! Hope the orgasm 'training' is proceeding well. I also need toys with a lot of power, so I understand how frustrating it can be when, as you so eloquently said, that it's your body refusing to give you what you desire. I call it 'losing' an orgasm when I'm close to peaking and my body 'retreats' (for lack of a better word). Great review! Thanks!
  • Contributor: FunLoving6086
    I never gave this one a second looked cause it looks like a child's toy but I am gonna put this on my list of things to try for sure!! Great review!!
  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Cute toy and a great review! That is a good camouflage toy. Hidden in plain site.
  • Contributor: frisky069
    I always love reading your reviews!
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